Teacher Scissors

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  • Soft Grip Scissors

    Comfortable, soft grip scissors with stainless steel blades.• Choice of 2 sizes: 150mm long/90mm blade and 220mm long/110mm blade• Sold singly

  • Large Scissors

    Large plastic handled scissors ideal for general school and office use.• Shear type 260mm (101/2") long with a 140mm (51/2") cutting blade• Sold singly

  • Scissors 110mm School Scissors Each

    Small metal scissors for general use. • 110mm (41/4”) long metal scissors• 45mm (13/4”) rounded-end blades• Available singly or in packs of 20

  • Go Green Recycled Scissors

    Go Green school scissors created using recycled material content.• Ideal classroom scissors with blunt tips • Stainless steel blades• Ambidextrous scissors have right handed sets of blades• Left hand scissors are specifically suited using left handed sets of blades• Sold…

  • Value Scissors

    Tough ABS plastic handled scissors with stainless steel blades.• Choice of 2 sizes: 150mm long/90mm blade and 210mm long/130mm blade• Colours may vary• Available singly and in packs of 20

  • Tufkut Scissors

    Ideal for cutting bandages or clothing.• Size: 190mm long/110mm blade (4 1/2")• Sold singly• Angled blade• Rounded tip

  • Nurses Scissors

    These scissors feature one sharp point and one blunt point to prevent injuries to a patient.• Complete with clip• Sharp/blunt• Length: 130mm• Sold singly

  • Dough Scissors

    These modelling scissors are especially designed for use by children and are perfect for modelling activities. Age: 3 years+.• Feature easy to grip handles, ideal for young children• Suitable for use with all types of modelling dough• Size: 125mm(l) x 60mm(w) approx.• Pack of 10

  • Dressmaking Scissors

    Stainless steel with plastic soft grip black and red handles.• Blade size: 242mm• Sold singly

  • Kitchen Scissors

    • Stainless steel with a plastic handle• 200mm• Sold singly

  • Dissection Scissors

    Stainless steel with fine points. Ease of grip for detailed work.• 125mm

  • Hardwood Scissor Rack & 32 Scissors

    …and right handed scissors with convenience of storage and easy check visibility.• Hardwood rack to take 32 pairs of scissors• 130mm long/60mm blade• 50mm rule marking on the blade• Rack includes 28 pairs of right-handed scissors (red handles) and 4 pairs of left-handed scissors

  • Spring Assisted Scissors

    Spring open scissors to help young hands.• Handle shaped for both right and left handers• Supplied complete with wooden storage block and 32 scissors• Sold as a set• Set of 32

  • School/Office Metal Scissors

    Metal scissors ideal for general office use.• Forged steel• Chrome plated • Choice of 3 sizes

  • School Training Safety Scissors

    Ideal scissors for training children how to use scissors safely. Double ringed to accommodate two hands enabling the adult to control the cutting. Age: 3 years+.• Double ring, plastic handle• Size: 130mm long / 60mm blade• Sold singly

  • eQuality School Scissors

    Premium quality plastic handled scissors with rubber inserts for greater comfort.• 160mm (6 1/2 ") long plastic handled scissors• 75mm (3") stainless steel blades• Sold singly or in packs of 20

  • Soft Grip Junior Scissors

    Comfortable, soft grip handled scissors with stainless steel blades.• 120mm long/50mm blade• Assorted colour handles• Pack of 10

  • Special Needs Scissors

    Unique rotating clip changes use to sprung scissors to aid co-ordination skills.• Size: 120mm long/50mm• Sold singly

  • The Consortium School Scissors

    …handles colour coded to identify left and right handed scissors.• 130mm long/60mm blade• 50mm rule marking on blade• Right-handed: red handles• Left-handed: green/yellow handles• Pack of 12 and pack of 96• Pack of 96 contains 84 right handed and 12 left handed scissors

  • Crazy Cut Scissors

    Fun children's safety scissors - cut wavy, zigzag and lots more. Age: 5 years+.• 6 different cut styles• Colour coded for easier selection• 150mm long/60mm blade• Available as a pack of 12 with carousel

  • Soft Grip Scissors Pack

    Great value pack of 3 assorted soft grip scissors.• Comfort grip, ABS plastic handles• Stainless steel blades• Contains 3 sizes: 1 x 210mm long, 110mm blade; 1 x 150mm long, 90mm blade; 1 x 140mm long, 70mm blade• Pack of 3