• The Consortium School Scissors

    …handles colour coded to identify left and right handed scissors.• 130mm long/60mm blade• 50mm rule marking on blade• Right-handed: red handles• Left-handed: green/yellow handles• Pack of 12 and pack of 96• Pack of 96 contains 84 right handed and 12 left handed scissors

  • Hardwood Scissor Rack & 32 Scissors

    …and right handed scissors with convenience of storage and easy check visibility.• Hardwood rack to take 32 pairs of scissors• 130mm long/60mm blade• 50mm rule marking on the blade• Rack includes 28 pairs of right-handed scissors (red handles) and 4 pairs of left-handed scissors

  • Soft Grip Scissors

    Comfortable, soft grip scissors with stainless steel blades.• Choice of 2 sizes: 150mm long/90mm blade and 220mm long/110mm blade• Sold singly

  • Value Scissors

    Tough ABS plastic handled scissors with stainless steel blades.• Choice of 2 sizes: 150mm long/90mm blade and 210mm long/130mm blade• Colours may vary• Available singly and in packs of 20

  • Multicoloured Economy Scissors

    Inexpensive, colourful, plastic-handled scissors. Age: 3 years+.• 110mm long/50mm blade• Pack of 24 mixed colours; 6 each of red, yellow, blue and white

  • Dressmaking Scissors

    Stainless steel with plastic soft grip black and red handles.• Blade size: 242mm• Sold singly

  • Soft Grip Junior Scissors

    Comfortable, soft grip handled scissors with stainless steel blades.• 120mm long/50mm blade• Assorted colour handles• Pack of 10

  • Special Needs Scissors

    Unique rotating clip changes use to sprung scissors to aid co-ordination skills.• Size: 120mm long/50mm• Sold singly

  • eQuality School Scissors

    Premium quality plastic handled scissors with rubber inserts for greater comfort.• 160mm (6 1/2 ") long plastic handled scissors• 75mm (3") stainless steel blades• Sold singly or in packs of 20

  • Go Green Recycled Scissors

    Go Green school scissors created using recycled material content.• Ideal classroom scissors with blunt tips • Stainless steel blades• Ambidextrous scissors have right handed sets of blades• Left hand scissors are specifically suited using left handed sets of blades• Sold…

  • Long Loop Training Scissors

    Easy grip scissors, lightweight with a continuous loop plastic handle.• Operated by squeezing gently using thumb and fingers or fingers and palm of the hand • Automatically reopens when the pressure is released• Available as right or left-handed• Sold singly

  • eQuality Multi-Purpose Shears

    Premium quality multi purpose shears.• 190mm (71/2”) long with 85mm (31/4”) stainless steel fine grinding blades• Sold singly

  • Scissors 110mm School Scissors Each

    Small metal scissors for general use. • 110mm (41/4”) long metal scissors• 45mm (13/4”) rounded-end blades• Available singly or in packs of 20

  • Craft / Hobby Scissors

    Stainless steel blades with plastic handles, ideal for sewing.• Colour may vary• Sold singly

  • School Training Safety Scissors

    Ideal scissors for training children how to use scissors safely. Double ringed to accommodate two hands enabling the adult to control the cutting. Age: 3 years+.• Double ring, plastic handle• Size: 130mm long / 60mm blade• Sold singly

  • Kitchen Scissors

    • Stainless steel with a plastic handle• 200mm• Sold singly

  • School/Office Metal Scissors

    Metal scissors ideal for general office use.• Forged steel• Chrome plated • Choice of 3 sizes

  • Tufkut Scissors

    Ideal for cutting bandages or clothing.• Size: 190mm long/110mm blade (4 1/2")• Sold singly• Angled blade• Rounded tip

  • Dough Scissors

    These modelling scissors are especially designed for use by children and are perfect for modelling activities. Age: 3 years+.• Feature easy to grip handles, ideal for young children• Suitable for use with all types of modelling dough• Size: 125mm(l) x 60mm(w) approx.• Pack of 10

  • Large Scissors

    Large plastic handled scissors ideal for general school and office use.• Shear type 260mm (101/2") long with a 140mm (51/2") cutting blade• Sold singly

  • Long Loop Scissors

    Designed so the strength of the whole hand can be used for the cutting action, the loop gives the child superb comfort and excellent control over the cutting action. Age: 5 years+.• Available as right and left-handed items• Sold singly