• HP 10s+ Scientific Calculator

    Solve maths and science problems quickly and easily using 240 built-in-functions. Power through advanced statistics - find mean, standard deviation, variance and more editable lists. Calculate common probability functions like permutations, combinations and factorials. Perform decimal and…

  • HP 300s+ Scientific Calculator

    Solve math and science problems efficiently using 315 built-in functions. Use a full library of algebraic, logarithmic, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions as well as their inverses. Calculate common probability functions including permutations, combinations and factorials. • Solar battery…

  • Fx83gt Scientific Calculator

    • Natural text book display, recurring decimal display, verify feature function, prime factorisation function• Pack of 30

  • Texet Albert 2 Scientific Calculator

    Dual-powered scientific calculator with auto power off and protective cover.• 10 + 2 digit display• Dual power (solar/battery)• Full function memory• Auto power off• Antibacterial protection• Colours may vary• Size: 82mm(w) x 10mm(d) x 146mm(h)• Sold singly

  • Casio FX85GT-Plus Solar Scientific Calculator

    The FX8GT Plus, the UK’s best selling solar scientific calculator has the perfect specification for GCSE studies. • Natural text book display• Recurring decimal display• Solar powered• Verify feature• Prime factorisation• Classpack of 30 calculators supplied with an…

  • Texet Albert 2 Scientific Calculator

    Fraction scientific calculator with 10 digit display + 2 exponent, back space correction function. • 10 +2 digit display• Dual powered• Full function memory• Auto power off• Antibacterial protection• Colours may vary• Classpack of 10 calculators supplied in a…

  • Casio FX85GT-Plus Solar Scientific Calculator

    The FX85GT Plus, the UK’s best selling solar scientific calculator has the perfect specification for KS4 and GCSE studies and has the following new functions:• Natural text book display, recurring decimal display, verify feature, prime factorisation• Includes 1 x LR44 back-up battery•…

  • Casio FX85GT-Plus Solar Scientific Calculator

    …several new mathematical functions but still retains the features, functionality and layout of the former FX85ES, the UK's best selling solar scientific calculator.The new model retains all features of its predecessor and, in addition, has the following new functions:• Natural text book…

  • Glass Microscope Slides

    Great quality microscope slides for scientific investigations.

  • Quadrat

    A simple but effective scientific method for surveying vegetation or invertebrates in a range of habitats.• Rigid plastic-coated wire• Contains 100 squares• Size: 500mm(w) x 500mm(l)

  • Plastic Syringes

    Disposable plastic syringes ideal for a range of scientific uses.• Available in 3 capacities• Sold singly or as a pack of 100

  • Darwin & The Origin of Species Poster

    This chart explores Darwin's groundbreaking work in The Origin of Species, including the religious and scientific debates that followed its publication.• Includes teachers' guide• Size: 1000mm(w) x 700mm(h)

  • 3D Magnetic Skeletal System

    Build the skeleton on your whiteboard for the whole class to see, a great activity to test knowledge and introduce scientific vocabulary. Age: 6 years+.• Includes 15 pieces detailing the major bones• Activity guide included• Size when assembled: 1000mm(h)

  • Primary Science™ Sensory Tubes

    These tubes will help to develop sensory awareness and encourage scientific exploration. Fill them with handy everyday items to enhance sensory experiences. Age: 2 years+.• Supplied empty• Set of 4• Size: 300mm(h)

  • Tudors & Stuarts Timeline

    This timeline from 1470 to 1710 shows the accession dates of Tudor and Stuart monarchs against the backdrop of social and scientific developments of the period. • Size: 3000mm(w) x 230mm(h) (supplied in 3 sections)• Includes teachers' notes

  • Log Carry Cushions

    …in scientific topics using this pack of 6 Foam Log Carry Cushions. Designed as an engaging teaching resource and comfortable mobile seating option all in one, it’s easy to take learning with you using this handy set of carry cushions. Use as an inspirational learning aid for scientific lessons…

  • Hands on Science - Copymaster Resource Books

    …Helps pupils gain understanding of essential scientific concepts and learn new skills• Detailed teachers' notes to accompany each activity, including motivational lesson starters, easy-to-understand explanations of scientific concepts, step-by-step instructions and answers•…

  • K'NEX® Simple Machines Deluxe

    Designed to introduce students to the scientific concepts associated with simple machines- Levers, Pulleys, Wheels and Axles, Planes and Gears. As students build and investigate they are encouraged to discuss and evaluate the scientific principles in action in the set models. The set builds 60…

  • Science Labware Essentials Bulk Pack

    This collection of over 80 high quality scientific equipment provides a full set of resources for simple experiments during Key Stage 2 and is supplied in a deep tray with lid for easy storage.Contents includes:• Measuring Cylinders• Beakers• Test Tube Holders• Test Tube…

  • Straws and Connectors Set

    Build a fort, rocket, boat, tower, tunnel or bridge! Design your own scientific model, or create a unique contraption. The straws fit snuggly on the connectors, but are flexible so you can build arches and tubes. Simple to use for endless hours of imaginative play! Appropriate for a wide age range.…

  • Zoomy 2.0™ Handheld Digital Microscope

    This all in one handheld digital microscope gives early scientific study a whole new perspective and is easy for young children to use, they can analyse items close up to see the finer details and can be used with a computer, laptop, projector or interactive whiteboard via USB.• Up to 54x…