Papier Mache

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  • Papier Mache

    Excellent for making models of all shapes and sizes. When dry it is lightweight yet strong. Best used in conjunction with a base structure made from wire, cardboard, wood, balloons, etc. Dries slowly so that texture or collage items can be added to model. When dry it has the properties of wood and…

  • Cellulose Paste Powder Adhesive

    • A good quality cellulose adhesive that mixes with water to form a paste• Particularly suitable for covering large areas of paper• The ideal medium for papier mache and paper lamination activities• 10 x 80g bags (approx)

  • Craft Boxes Papier Mache Pk 12

    This pack of plain boxes in six different shapes is ideal for painting, découpage, paper mosaic, collage and more.• Shapes: rectangle, square, heart, circle, oval and hexagon• Size: 70mm(w) x 70mm(d) x 40mm(h) approx.• Pack of 12 - 2 of each shape

  • Craft Boxes Papier Mache Pk 12

    An assorted pack of plain boxes which are ideal for painting, decoupage, collage etc.• Shapes: rectangular, square, heart, round, oval and hexagonal• Size: 70mm(w) x 70mm(d) x 40mm(h) approx.• Pack of 12 - 2 of each shape

  • Posca Poster Markers

    …marker pens can be used on any surface including cork, polystyrene, balloons, plastic, lollipop sticks, pebbles, plastic yogurt cartons and papier mache. Water based, non-toxic and odourless pigment ink. • Colours fine markers: red, orange, white, purple, light blue and green• Colours:…

  • Colour Shapers

    An art and craft tool for painting, print making, modelling, papier-mache, etc. Ideal for creating textures. Easy to clean; simply wipe clean or peel off dried paint. Age: 3 years+.• Pack of 5 different shapes

  • Chromacryl Impasto Gel Medium

    This gel increases the body of the paint and allows relief and texture to be introduced to the painting. It has strong adhesive qualities and is excellent for attaching heavy objects in collage and producing tough papier-mache.• 500ml bottle