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  • 16 Litre SYR Bulldog Bucket and Wringers

    • Superb bucket with wringing cone and filter trap• Capacity: 16 litre• Sold singly

  • Value Hygiene Sweeping Brush Handle

    Brilliantly priced lightweight handle to fit hygiene brush heads.• Available in 4 colours• Sold singly

  • Bucket - Blue 9 Litre

    • Superb value bucket with handle• Capacity: 9 litre• Sold singly

  • Value Coloured Dustpan & Brush Set

    • Rubber lip enhances sweeping effectiveness• Hanging hole ideal for storage purposes• Lightweight and durable• Available in 4 colours

  • 20 Litre Mopping Units

    • Robust easily manoeuvrable mopping unit• Hazard warning sign on either side• Lightweight gear action wringer• Long handle provides leverage for easy use and less strain on the back• Capacity: 20 litre• Sold singly

  • 15ltr Mop Bucket Red

    A great value bucket and wringer ideal for everyday use and suitable for colour coded systems.• Detachable wringer• Strong, durable handle• Lightweight• Capacity: 15 litre• Available in 4 colours• Sold singly

  • Hi-Bak Mopping Bucket System

    The Hi-Bak mopping bucket system is a compact dual compartment mopping unit made from super tough material, running on 4 x 75mm castors. The unit comes with reversible parabolic separator plate, allowing 18 litre clean water and 12 litre dirty water to be separated in the container. The All-Mops…

  • 31 Litre Ergo Mopping Units

    …excess water from the mop. • Detachable wringer with a mop handle support which allows the mop to be held inside the bucket preventing potential trip hazards • Strong moulded grip handle• Hazard Warning sign on either side of the bucket• Compatible with Kentucky or socket mops up to 20oz •…

  • Soft Coco Brooms

    Suitable for light sweeping. The handle is quick and simple to fit and replace due to the support bracket. Supplied with handle clipped to the broom head.

  • NC-1 Dolly Mopping Carousel

    The NC-1 mopping carousel provides a 70 litre lidded waste facility which can be used with liner bags, an integral 14 litre mop bucket and drainer suitable for standard mops (approx. 200g) and a 4-litre (2 x 2-litre) compartment caddy for all the daily cleaning needs. All individual accessories are…

  • Heavy-Duty Bucket

    Heavy duty bucket with rubber grip on handle.• Black• Capacity: 13.5 litre• Sold singly

  • Safe Mop

    …Strong, light polypropylene bucket with an easy to pour spout and an ergonomic carry handle• Highly efficient gearless levered wringer with handle holder for easy storage when not in use• Starter kit includes: 25 litre bucket, 1 x MicroLite Mop Pad, 1 x UltraSpeed Pro mop frame• Telescopic handle to…

  • Flat Mop

    The 360 degree swivel action allows you to reach underneath and around furniture so no area goes uncleaned.• Ideal for laminate and hardwood floors• Dust and dirt stick to the microfibre head• Can be used dry or damp

  • SYR® Interchange Flat Mopping Mop Heads

    Good quality, washable Syntex flat mop heads for use with flat mop buckets; items: 820210, 045092, 045093 and Interchange aluminium handles, items: 040885, 040884, 040886, 040849, 015566.• 4 colours for coding• Size: 450mm/18"

  • Bucket with Lid

    General purpose bucket with lid• White• Capacity: 9 litre• Sold singly

  • Addis MEGA Microfibre Mop

    The MEGA mop cuts through dirt and grease with water alone while the super soft fibres are gentle on the floor yet tough on dirt thanks to the superior cleaning performance of the microfibre technology.• Microfibre technology attracts dirt like a magnet• Cleans and polishes surfaces with…

  • Addis Flat Mop Offer

    Buy the Addis Flat Mop and replacement head together and save over 10%.The 360 degree swivel action allows you to reach underneath and around furniture so no area goes uncleaned!• Ideal for laminate and hardwood floors• Dust and dirt stick to the micro fibre head• Can be used dry or…

  • Freedom Mini Mop 14" Green

    Looped polyester mop with coloured yarn and stay flat band to prevent cross contamination.• For use with SYR Freedom Interchange Aluminium Handles• Suitable for use with sieve/wringer-type mop buckets• Fully launderable and autoclavable to 134°C• Size: 350mm• Available…

  • Broom And Mop Stales

    • Hardwood stales

  • Washable Hygiemix Socket Mop Gr

    …blend of cotton and synthetic yarn which has been designed to absorb better and release more liquid. Looped ends with stay flat band minimises shedding of the mop head.• Longer life• Machine washable• Circular 420mm diameter• 300gm• Available in 4 colours • Sold singly

  • SYR® Interchange Non-Woven Mop Heads

    • For use with SYR Freedom Interchange Aluminium Handles• Highly absorbent non-woven spun lace mops• Great alternative to cotton mops• Size: 320mm• Available in 2 colours • Sold singly