02 Oct 2015

5 Ideas for Outdoor Phonics

The outdoor classroom is a great place for children to practice phonics skills with plenty of natural light, fresh air and space for moving around. Here are 5 fun outdoor activities to help engage children in literacy and learning. Shoot the Baddies We love this idea from Rock My Classroom […]

09 May 2016

Do Aliens Exist? A Mini Debate f...

Introduce your class to debating with this simple activity for upper KS2. This is a quick and easy format for a mini debate that can be set up with minimal resources. It is very flexible and great for beginning to build debating skills. To complete this activity you will need: […]

27 Apr 2016

Phonics Outdoor Activity for Key...

Looking for new ways to prepare your Year 1s for their phonics screening check? This fun activity can be used in a PE lesson or during outdoor play and will give them plenty of practice at reading the type of pseudo-words (“alien” words) they will meet in the screening. To […]

30 Mar 2016

Storytelling with Stick Man

Storytelling with Stick Man is a fun activity to bring literacy to life and inspire children to tell stories using natural resources and the space to move about in an outdoor environment. The activity is based on the popular Stick Man book by Julia Donaldson making it particularly suitable for FS1 and KS1 children […]

07 Mar 2016

Myths and Legends: Storytelling ...

Whether it’s fairies or folk tales, myths and legends; the ancient art of oral storytelling plays an important role within the classroom. By telling a good tale through evocative words and a strong plot will mesmerise children within seconds, helping to strengthen their understanding of language as well as enhancing […]

24 Feb 2016

Superhero Bookmarks

Using a superheroes theme can be a great way to engage children in a number of important topics, including literacy. Superheroes can inspire interest and imagination, helping to develop a whole range of skills in the classroom. In this activity, we are making superhero themed bookmarks. This is a really […]

23 Feb 2016

Mother's Day Poems: Literacy for...

Writing Mother’s Day Poems to include within a Mother’s Day card is a fun way to incorporate literacy for KS1 and KS2 into an activity to celebrate this traditional spring event. This could be a short verse (rhyming or non-rhyming), an acrostic poem or a shape poem in the form of […]

23 Feb 2016

Persuasive Writing: Roman Villa ...

Studying the Romans in Britain gives some terrific opportunities for persuasive writing. In this fun activity for KS2, the children write an estate agent’s listing for a Roman villa. What would persuade a wealthy Roman to buy their villa?   To complete this activity you will need Internet resources showing […]

05 Feb 2016

Performance Poetry for KS2

Listening to a poet perform their own poem is a magical experience. The words come alive. When it is not possible to organise for a poet to come in to school, use videos to inspire your children. These ideas for performance poetry can be adapted to fit with your topic. […]

13 Jan 2016

Burns Night: Robert Burns Poetry...

  Bring the poetry of Robert Burns to life in your classroom The understanding of different dialects in the spoken and written word can help children to develop a social and cultural awareness. Interrogation of different texts can help inform children’s understanding of the written word and the meaning behind […]