Classroom Ideas

05 Feb 2016

Performance Poetry for KS2

Listening to a poet perform their own poem is a magical experience. The words come alive. When it is not possible to organise for a poet to come in to school, use videos to inspire your children. These ideas for performance poetry can be adapted to fit with your topic. […]

26 Sep 2016

Diwali Festival Crafts

Diwali is a 5 day Hindu festival that is also known as ‘The Festival of Lights’. It takes place between the 30th October – 3rd November 2016. Here, we have created some simple arts & craft ideas that are inspired from the colourful festival, only using a few basic materials! […]

01 Sep 2016

Superhero Pictures

These superhero pictures are a fun way to inspire children to develop and use their super powers for the new term ahead. They can be used for wall displays or to decorate exercise book covers with goals for the term ahead. They can also be used to inspire imaginative storytelling. You […]

29 Jun 2016

Exploring Emotions with LEGO®

Real life situations offer plenty of opportunities to talk about emotions, but an activity to explore emotions in more detail will allow children to practice and recognise emotions and as well as beginning to understand the reactions that could be caused by their emotions. Using the Build Me “Emotions” set by […]

07 Jun 2016

How to Make a Brazilian Rainfore...

This Brazilian Rainforest Diorama is a fun and creative way for KS2 children to find out more about an important biome with a range of interest biodiversity for them to research and discover. A biome is a 3 dimensional model of a scene. Creating a biome gives children the opportunity […]

18 May 2016

Numicon Activities: 8 Creative ...

Numicon is widely recognised as a really useful classroom resource for building maths fluency using a visual and tactile practical base to develop conceptual understanding and fluent recall. Numicon also helps to support the 2014 national curriculum by developing conversation, reasoning and problem-solving. Here we share a few fun and […]

16 May 2016

Exploring Orbit with Movement: A...

This fun activity uses movement to help children to understand how the moon and earth move in relation to the sun. Whilst it links particularly well to the curriculum for KS2, it is also a great learning opportunity for children of all ages particularly those working on a space topic. What is orbit? […]

09 May 2016

Do Aliens Exist? A Mini Debate f...

Introduce your class to debating with this simple activity for upper KS2. This is a quick and easy format for a mini debate that can be set up with minimal resources. It is very flexible and great for beginning to build debating skills. To complete this activity you will need: […]

27 Apr 2016

Phonics Outdoor Activity for Key...

Looking for new ways to prepare your Year 1s for their phonics screening check? This fun activity can be used in a PE lesson or during outdoor play and will give them plenty of practice at reading the type of pseudo-words (“alien” words) they will meet in the screening. To […]