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  • Equality Readymix Yellow Ochre 600ml

    Ready to use water-based liquid paint. This top grade ready mix paint is rich, vibrant and has a thick texture with good coverage.• 600ml containers

  • The Consortium Colour Mixing Ready Mix Paint Pack

    A specially selected assortment of primary colours to teach the basic principles of colour mixing.• 2 white and 1 each of black, cyan blue, process yellow and magenta• 600ml bottles• Pack of 6

  • Consortium R/mix Paint Tur 6x568

    …concentrated liquid tempra paint suitable for use in a wide range of activities. Can be used with art mediums and PVA glues to produce textured effects. For colour mixing the manufacturer recommends the primary colours should be sky blue, lemon yellow and crimson. • 600ml containers•…

  • Glass Paint

    page455These unique water-based paints are designed to be used on glass, plastic and foil. A beautiful, completely transparent glossy finish and superior lightfastness ensure magnificent results.• Colours: clear, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, violet and burnt sienna• 50ml jars• Pack of 8

  • The Consortium Acrylic Paint

    …wood, etc. Painting tools (brushes, palette knives) can be cleaned in water before the paint dries,when the paint has dried it is permanent and waterproof. All colours can be mixed with each other.• Assorted pack of 8• Black, White, Cad Red, Cad Yellow, Ultramarine, Yellow Ochre, Burnt…

  • Fabric Paint 300ml Yellow

    …page431Simple to use for fabric painting and also screen printing, stamping and stencilling. Heat fix by ironing on the reverse side for 3-4 mins on a hot iron.• Metallic pack: gold, pearl, copper, bronze, pink and blue• Fluorescent pack: red, yellow, green, orange, pink and blue•…

  • Powder Paint Bril Yellow 9kg

    page391Powder paint is made from top quality pigments finely ground and evenly dispersed to produce brilliance and strength of colour. The powder mixes readily with water to the required creamy consistency.• 9kg tub

  • Powder Paint Bril Yellow 2.5kg

    page391Powder paint is made from top quality pigments finely ground and evenly dispersed to produce brilliance and strength of colour. The powder mixes readily with water to the required creamy consistency.• 2.5kg tub

  • System3 Acrylic Paint Cadmium Yellow

    page397Highly pigmented, free flowing range of acrylic colours suitable for all types of art, craft and design. Can be used with medium for screen printing.• Fully intermixable • 500ml bottles

  • Chroma 2 Paint Warm Yellow

    …classroom paint and for all printing needs such as block printing and lino printing.Priced to fit tight budgets, Chroma 2's paint quality has not been seen in schools before. With Chroma 2 younger children can experience texture and colour and the variety of different qualities a good paint can…

  • Paint Chromacryl 500ml Cool Yellow

    page396• 500ml and 2 litre bottles

  • Georgian Oil Paint Cad Yellow 225ml

    …England, Georgian oil offer brilliant colours, optimal pigment loads. Fully intermixable with a smooth and buttery consistency they are ideal for experimenting with different brush and knife techniques. Can be used on oil painting paper, canvas and canvas boards.• 225ml tubes• Sold singly

  • Line Marking Paint Each Yellow 750ml

    page1623This spray paint provides a hard wearing, fast drying permanent line. Suitable for use on concrete, tarmac, wood and composites. 1 can will cover approx 165ft (50m) at 2" (50mm) wide.• For use both internally and externally• CFC free aerosol• 750ml• Sold singly

  • Marabu-Glas Paint

    …or as small spots of colour, glass paints from Marabu let glass surfaces shine. Produce creative decorations on glasses, glass plates, vases and windows, also on mirrors, ceramic, porcelain or acrylic with high-gloss transparent Marabu-Glas.• Colours: yellow, orange, red, amethyst, dark blue,…

  • Washable Paint

    …colours, the paints are easy to use, giving children better control and the ability to achieve consistent colour mixing. This is a unique paint, packaged and designed specifically for children in Early Years settings and onward.• Assorted Colours: pink, peach, burnt sienna, yellow, red, green,…

  • Linotex Paint

    …fabric printing medium ideal for printing onto fabrics. Can also be used for block printing and need thinning with water for screen printing. Colours are fixed by ironing for approximately 2 minutes.• Contains: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black and White• 250ml tub• Assorted pack of 6

  • Artform Paint

    page390 page454A versatile polymer-based paint suitable for a wide range of craft projects. Can be used on virtually any rigid or flexible surface such as wood, stone, glass, plastic and paper. Mix with sand or stones to create interesting textures. Dries to a waterproof, scratch-resistant finish.…

  • Marabu-Silk Paint

    …silk paint is suitable for school, hobby, leisure use and art and craft. It has a very good light fastness and can be thinned with water. Marabu-Silk is ideal for painting on all types of silk and thin cotton fabrics. Marabu-Silk is wash/dryclean resistant after fixing.• Colours: medium yellow,

  • The Consortium Silk Paint

    page406 page432 page980 This is a great class resource paint.• Fully intermixable• Fixed by ironing• Colours: white, yellow, blue and red• 250ml bottles• Pack of 4

  • Glass Painting Christmas Decorations

    page455This set of clear plastic window decorations can be painted with glass paints. Each shape features a hanging hole.• Set includes: shapes, 4 pots of paint (red, blue, green, yellow), a brush and golden thread for hanging• 3 each of 8 different Christmas theme designs• Size:…

  • Powder Paint Flourescent 6x500g

    page391A pack of fluorescent Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Pink and Yellow.• 500g tub• Pack of 6