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  • Stabilo Trio Graphite Pencil

    page73The trio graphite pencil is a general purpose HB graphite pencil available in 5 bright coloured barrels. It’s the ideal pencil for writing, drawing or sketching.• Ergonomic, child oriented triangular design• Colourful barrel design• High break resistant HB graphite lead• Class tub of 72

  • The Consortium Triangular School Pencils

    page73 page86Jumbo triangular HB pencils ideal for teaching correct pencil grip and for improving writing.• Available in pack of 12 and 144

  • Staedtler Infant Learner Pencils

    page72These 8mm diameter HB black lead pencil have been specially formulated to give a strong black line with the minimum of pressure making them ideal for smaller hands.• Pack of 12

  • Staedtler Noris Triplus Colouring Pencils

    page366• Coloured pencil in jumbo ergonomic triangular shape for relaxed and easy writing• ABS - anti break system - for uninterrupted creativity• Wood from certified forests • Ideal for first writing and drawing• Assorted pack of 10 with FREE sharpener

  • Staedtler Triplus Jumbo Pencils

    page72 page86Specially formulated black lead pencils which will stand up to the toughest of treatment yet give excellent writing qualities for the younger child.• Triangular shape to encourage good writing form • Pack of 12

  • Value Student Writing Classbox

    …of writing items in a clear polypropylene box which can be put out on the table for lessons and easily checked and accounted for. Great for easy classroom use and storage.Classbox includes:• 36 x Value HB pencils• 45 x Value pencil erasers• 6 x 3 hole barrel pencil sharpeners•…

  • Big Box Writing Kit

    …range of writing products. All stored in a clear polypropylene box, ideal for easy access and convenience.Kit includes:• 100 x Value black drywipe pens • 200 x Value black handwriting pens • 100 x Value black ballpoint pens • 144 x The Consortium HB pencil• 80 x The…

  • BIC® Kids Graphite Pencil

    page73 page86An ergonomic triangular barrelled pencil with a visual guideline for correct finger positioning. Perfectly suited to be used by both right and left handed writers as the first stage of learning to write.• Proportionally designed to fit children's hands• Easy to sharpen and break…

  • Stabilo Easyergo Retractable Handwriting Pencil

    page73 page86A retractable graphite pencil in an innovative, ergonomic design - specially developed for children just starting to write.• Grip zone made from comfortable non-slip material• Extra thick HB leads - lead diameter 3.15mm• Available in 2 versions, left and right…

  • The Consortium Handwriting Pens

    The Consortium handwriting pen is designed to provide smooth, easy writing from the 0.3mm plastic tip. The barrel design includes finger grips to aid pen control.• Choice of black and blue ink colours• Available in a packs of 40