World Map

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  • Giant World Map

    This giant map is in a clear format for children to read the detail; containing cities, roads, railways, boundaries, airports and sea ports as well as international time zones.• Scale: 1:20,000,000• Size: 1840mm(w) x 1200mm(h)

  • Drywipe World Map Mat

    A political map cloth printed on 100% cotton with a plastic coating. The map can be written on with water based markers and wiped clean.• Not to scale• Size: 910mm(w) x 710mm(h)

  • Collins Children's World Map

    This highly illustrated pictorial map is designed to take children on a journey of discovery around the countries of the world. The mapping is clear colourful and highly informative. Names countries and capital cities.• Including 70 FREE stickers• Size: 600mm x 900mm

  • Giant Blank World Map

    • These superb resources are made from sturdy Corobuff® paper• The map can be rolled up for storage and comes in a cardboard box• Size: 1218mm x 1829mm

  • Map World Rev Political/physical

    This reversible world map shows political features one side (including international political boundaries and capital cities) and physical features on the reverse (including rivers, mountain ranges, land height and bathymetric data). • Scale: 1:33,450,000• Laminated and comes with hanging…

  • Bee-Bot World Map

    Travel the world and go on a voyage of discovery with Bee-Bot and the Bee-Bot world map! Contains information about the world, including the oceans, continents, countries and capital cities. • 210cm x 120cm• Bee-Bot not included

  • Three World Maps

    An essential set of three large world maps designed to illustrate some basic geographical concepts; Continents and Oceans, Time Zones and Climate Zones, all required learning for the National Curriculum.• Scale: 1:5,000,000• Size: A1 - 841mm(w) x 594mm(h)• Set of 3

  • World Map Rectangular Folding Table

    SmartTop map table is specifically designed to bring fun, facts and awareness to the dining room. Available in our most popular 12 seat table and benefiting from the following features;•Laminated table top with tough edging and MDF core•Choice of two heights: 685mm or 735mm•Stools are 330mm in…

  • Activity Picnic Tbl Adult World Map

    • Size: 1500mm(w) x 600mm(d) x 780mm(h)• Seat height: 460mm• Choice of 12 different activity tops• Supplied in black

  • Activity Picnic Tbl Junior World Map

    • Size: 1140mm(w) x 600mm(d) x 670mm(h)• Seat height: 400mm• Choice of 12 different activity tops• Supplied in black, multicoloured tables are available upon request

  • Activity Picnic Tbl Junior World Map

    • Available in both junior and adult sizes• Size of junior table: 1140mm(w) x 600mm(d) x 670mm(h) - Seat height 400mm • Size of adult table: 1500mm(w) x 600mm(d) x 780mm(h) - Seat height 460mm• Choice of 12 activity tops • Supplied in black only- Multi-coloured tables…

  • Simple Map of the World

    A clear, basic map of the world showing country borders, capital cities, oceans, the Tropics and the Equator.• Scale: 1:5,000,000• Vinyl map size: A0 - 1130mm(w) x 840mm(h)• Paper map size: A1 - 841mm(w) x 594mm(h)

  • Collins World Atlas

    This World Atlas contains detailed reference maps of the world, its countries and physical features.• Includes country facts; flags, area, population, capital cities, languages, religions and currency• Features a map of the world's time zones• Paperback

  • Collins Primary World Atlas

    • An introduction to mapping of the UK, Europe and all major regions of the world• Reference maps are politically coloured

  • Map Poster Set

    These four posters are a fantastic resource displaying longitude and latitude, the World, Europe and the UK. • Size: A1 - 594mm(w) x 841mm(h)• Set of 4

  • Collins Junior World Atlas

    • This atlas has topographical based mapping • The atlas is organised into sections covering the UK, Europe, the World and Continents

  • Collins Student World Atlas

    …suitable for all students. Age: 14+.• Features thematic mapping, mapping skills, country-by-country statistics and index to all names on reference maps• Covers topics including tourism, telecommunications, environmental and socio-economics• Includes World Factfile CD • Hardback

  • Inflatable World Globe - Political

    This inflatable globe is a fun way to learn about the world, use it as a ball to throw around the classroom and ask questions.• Political mapping in clear colours• Size: 400mm(dia.)

  • Drywipe 30cm Colour My World Globe

    Supplied with drywipe pens, students are encouraged to show their geographical knowledge by writing and colouring on the globe. Creative use of this globe encourages the student to explore and communicate their ideas on geographical topics. Having no country or place names on the globe also makes it…

  • Collins First Atlas

    …and mapping of a local area. The atlas gradually maps through regional, national, continental and world regions with global views of the wider world. Carefully selected map labels highlight certain countries or features which can be easily identified to illustrate the concept of mapping. •…

  • Cubetto

    …to integrate. Cubetto is a cross curricular early learning resource that helps young learners develop coding skills, problem solving, communication, and creativity through adventure and play. Age: 3 years+.• 1 x Cubetto• 1 x Board• 16 x Blocks• 1 x World Map• 1 x Story Book