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  • The Consortium Wax-Free Polish

    Superb quality polish that removes dust and finger marks with ease from paint, woodwork, enamel, laminates, plastics and sealed wooden surfaces.• Formulated to give a fast clean shine

  • Technology Work Bench Accessories

    Complete your technology work benches with these useful accessories.• Every bench can be supplied or be retro fitted with up to 2 150mm woodworking vices, which include plywood vice liners. If retro fitted, these will require bolting to the bench (fixings supplied).• The power module…

  • Hammers

    …tool that can be used to hammer in and draw nails from timber while also using the 'claw' to lever up floorboards and other materials.Pin Hammer: Most useful for starting off tacks and small nails on tasks involving woodwork.• Hardwood handle• Forged head with polished striking face