• Wooden Octoplay

    This set of 20 unique wooden construction shapes can be used to create various models such as a person, a dog or a tower. Made from high quality plywood in a beautiful natural finish, the pieces easily slot together. Wooden Octoplay will challenge the imagination and dexterity of children. A colour…

  • Wooden Trains

    …Supplies Train delivers crucial supplies around the railway! Magnetic coupling means it can link to other trains and compatible with most other major wooden railway brands. Age: 3 years+.• Princess train size: 365mm(l)• Supplies train size: 340mm(l)• Passenger train size: 380mm(l)• Each train…

  • Wooden Cubes

    Smooth large wooden cubes.• Size: 50mm• Pack of 6

  • Wooden Wheels

    Solid wooden wheels.• 4mm diameter hole• Available in 2 diameters• Pack of 10

  • Wooden Beads

    Pack of wooden beads in assorted shapes, sizes and colours.• Bead size: 10mm - 30mm• 200g bag

  • Wooden Dolls

    Quality sets of wooden dolls, ideal for most play houses. Age: 3 years+.• Approx size adult doll: 110mm(h)• Sets of 4 pieces

  • Wooden Letters

    Wooden letters ideal for letter recognition, tracing, making simple words, hiding in the sand - endless possibilities! Age: 3 years+.• Lowercase size: 45mm(w) x 55mm(h)• Pack of 60

  • Wooden Bridge

    This wooden bridge and walkway is suitable for outdoor use and creates a wonderful inspiring outdoor play space. Children will love to cross over this wooden bridge, play and explore. Made from solid eucalyptus. Age: 3 years+.• Units are delivered flat packed with assembly instructions• Size:…

  • Wooden Mannequin

    Our fully jointed wooden mannequin is of male design with a normal chest shape. It is excellent for developing young artists appreciation of proportion and perspective through anatomical study.• Height: 300mm (12")

  • Wooden Beads

    Great for many craft and collage projects including jewellery making these wooden beads are assorted shapes and sizes in a light and dark finish.• Bead size: 5mm - 12mm• Pack of 200 approx.

  • Wooden Cars

    Beautifully hand crafted wooden cars designed to improve senses and develop imagination. Age: 2 years+.• Little French Car size: 50mm(w) x 110mm(d) x 67mm(h)• Retro Car size: 50mm(w) x 110mm(d) x 56mm(h)

  • Wooden Motorbike

    This beautifully crafted wooden balance bike will have toddlers racing to get outside. The bike will help children to improve their balance while having fun! The chunky tyres not only mean a safe ride but also give the bike a real grown-up feel - perfect for when they move up to a proper bike! Age:…

  • Wooden Pebbles

    Beautifully crafted wooden pebbles that can be stacked, rolled and sorted. This open-ended resource will spark imagination and provide lots of possibilities for play. 20 pebbles (5 x 4.5cm, 5 x 6cm 5 x 8cm 5 x 15cm).• Suitable for age 10 months and up• Pack of 20

  • Wooden Spoons

    • Size: 355mm (14")• Pack of 5

  • Wooden Stirrers

    • 140mm• Pack of 1000

  • Wooden Rulers

    Hardwood ruler marked on both edges; one edge labelled left to right, the other in reverse.• Marked in cm and mm• Available in 2 lengths• Sold singly

  • Wooden Claves

    Constructed from durable wood and finished in bright, attractive colours.• Assorted colours• Size: 275mm(l)• Pack of 3 pairs

  • Wooden Maracas

    Maracas are ideal to add to any musical occasion and always encourage group and individual participation.• Painted bowl with pattern• Overall length 270mm• Colours and patterns may vary• Pack of 2

  • Wooden Numbers

    This pack contains 3 each of numbers 0-9 and one each of the mathematical signs. Age: 3 years+.• Number size: 45mm high x 4mm thick• Set of 34 pieces• Pack of 30

  • Wooden Balls

    • Size: 50mm diameter• Pack of 10

  • Wooden Spools

    • Size: 35mm• Pack of 10