Whiteboard Pens Blk

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  • Consortium D/wipe Pen B/t Blk Pk50

    Superb quality and value drywipe marker pens, excellent on all makes of whiteboard and drywipe surfaces. • Bullet tip 2mm• Low odour, xylene free• Ventilated cap• Available in single colours in packs of 10, black is also available in a box of 50,100 and 200• Assorted pack of 4: 1 each of black,…

  • Edding 366 Whiteboard Pen Blk Pk100

    Mini whiteboard marker ideal for small hands.• Bullet tip 1mm fine width• Wipeable from virtually all non-porous surfaces• Quick drying, low odour ink• Refillable • Available in black and assorted colours • Assorted colours: 60 black, 20 blue, 10 red and 10 green•…

  • Tc Slim Drywipe Pen Blk Pk200

    …lid• Strong durable nib to reduce splaying • Nib stop to prevent nib from being pushed in• Black• Available in packs of 10, 50, 100, 200 and a classbox of 200• Classbox of 200 contains: 200 slim barrel drywipe pens, 10 whiteboard erasers and a 4 litre Really Useful Box

  • Berol D/wipe Pen Fine Tip Blk Pk192

    Slimmer barreled pens, ideal for use with portable whiteboards.• Black• Available in fine tip 1.0mm line width or broad tip 1.6mm line width• Available in two pack sizes, pack of 12 and new pack size of 192

  • Consortium Slim D/wipe Pen Blk Pk36

    Slim barrel drywipe pens ideal for small hands.• Bullet tip 2mm• Textured grip for comfort• Available in single colour packs of 10 and assorted colour packs• Assorted pack of 36 contains 12 each of blue, red and green• Assorted pack of 144 supplied in a Gratnells tray,…

  • Bic 1721 D/wipe Pen B/t Blk Pk24

    Low odour bullet fine tip marker with blocked tip which will not bend or retract under pressure.• Acrylic tip, line width 1.5mm• Available in black pack of 24 and an assorted colour pack of 72• Assorted colour pack of 72 in 8 colours, complete with tray comprising of 12 sections (see…

  • Value Drywipe Markers Fine Pk10 Blk

    Exceptional value drywipe pens with slim barrels, ideal for small hands.• Fine bullet tip, 0.7mm line width• Ventilated cap• Available in black, blue or assorted packs

  • Consort Washable W/b Marker Pk12 Blk

    High quality, washable, whiteboard marker pens which give excellent results on most boards. Ideal for classroom or office use.• Washable from skin and most washable fabrics and carpets• Erasable from a whiteboard with a damp cloth• 2mm bullet tip• Available in black or assorted…