• Whiteboards

    • Satin silver anodised aluminium frame• Rounded safety corners with concealed fixing• 300mm penledge and fixings included• Whiteboard surface guaranteed for 5 years • Feint gridguide of 25mm squares

  • Value Mini Whiteboard Pk30

    Great value, durable, smooth, rigid, mini whiteboards allowing easy writing and easy wiping. Ideal for peer and teacher classroom assessment.• Finished in high quality lacquer• Plain, double-sided• Size: 210mm(w) x 3mm(d) x 300mm(l)• Available in packs of 10, 30 and 100

  • Whiteboard 900x600 Magn Rev

    Coated steel magnetic whiteboard with aluminium frame, single-sided and plain.• White surface for use with dry-marker pens• Satin silver anodised aluminium frame• Rounded safety corners with concealed fixing• 300mm pen ledge and fixings included

  • Value Mini Magnetic Whiteboard Kit

    Great value complete magnetic whiteboard kit. An ideal learning tool for children allowing them to draw and write on a smooth surface. Age: 3 years+.Kit includes:• Value magnetic portable whiteboards• Value magnetic drywipe erasers • Value slim barrel black drywipe pens• Board…

  • Value Whiteboard Classbox Kit

    …value whiteboard classbox combines a class set of plain double-sided whiteboards, and all the necessary accessories all in a compact clear polypropylene box. Great for easy classroom use, access and storage of resources.Kit includes:• 30 x Value plain double-sided mini whiteboards• 30 x…

  • A2 Wedge Whiteboard Red

    Double sided whiteboard facilitates interaction, engages students and aids in development of learning and communication skills. Premium quality and of robust construction, this is a durable quality product manufactured in the UK.The folding whiteboards are extremely portable thanks to the integrated…

  • Ultramate Mobile Easel

    Ultramate mobile easel is perfect for effective display and presentation. This easel has a magnetic, dry wipe surface and flip chart clamp for standard A1 flip chart pads. The board is height adjustable for ease of use.• Large magnetic drywipe surface 680mm(w) x 900mm(h)• Height adjustable…

  • Value Mini Handwriting Whiteboard Kit

    Great value handwriting whiteboard kit to encourage neat handwriting and straight lines.Kit includes:• Value mini, rigid, handwriting whiteboards, Value drywipe erasers and Value slim barrel black drywipe pens; the quantities matching the pack size• One side printed light purple lines at…

  • Value Handwriting Whiteboard Pk30

    Great value, rigid, mini handwriting whiteboards, smooth and durable allowing easy writing and wiping.• Printed on one side light purple lines at 20mm intervals with dotted lines in between• Top of board printed with alphabet in upper and lower text• Encourages neat handwriting and…

  • Value Mini Drywipe Felt Erasers

    Great value drywipe erasers made from EVA material with a foam surface for cleaning the whiteboard. Ideal for small hands.• Size: 30mm(w) x 60mm(l) x 10mm(h)• Blue and yellow eraser with felt• Available in packs of 10, 20 and 30

  • Show Me Rigid Plain Whiteboard Pk10

    High quality A4 plain, double sided rigid whiteboards.

  • Value Mini Whiteboard Kit

    Great value complete whiteboard kit.Kit includes:• Value double-sided portable rigid whiteboards• Value drywipe erasers • Value slim barrel black drywipe pens• Board size: 210mm(w) x 3mm(d) x 300mm(l)• Eraser size: 50mm(w) x 20mm(d) x 70mm(l)• Available in packs of 10…

  • Value Flexi Mini Whiteboard A4 Pk30

    …value, superlight A4 whiteboard. Hardwearing, robust, water resistant and ideal for outdoors use. Ideal for peer and teacher classroom assessment.• A4 size• Superlight, 67% lighter than the standard Value mini whiteboard• 750 micron, flexible whiteboard• Plain, double sided•…

  • Mobile Tilt 'N' Teach Whiteboards

    Rotating double sided whiteboard that can lock in any position. The full length ledge is ideal for displaying big books.• Magnetic and non-magnetic versions available• Non-magnetic boards are plain one side, feint grid on the other• Magnetic boards are plain on both sides• Delivered flat…

  • Express Whiteboard Economy Pack Offer

    • Double sided• Packs of 3

  • Show-me® SUPERTOUGH Boards With Lines

    • High quality A4 double sided whiteboards• One side printed with 20mm lines, reverse plain• Available in standard 650 micron thickness or supertough 1500 micron thickness• Set consists of board, drywipe pen and foam eraser

  • Value Mobile Whiteboard

    A double-sided smooth magnetic wipe-board on an aluminium stand with 4 lockable castors. The Board can revolve 360°.• Board size: 1200m(w) x 900mm(h)• Overall height: 1770mm• Supplied flat packed

  • Whiteboard 1200x1200 Magn Rev H/v

    …side or cross supports, allowing the whiteboard to rotate through the vertical or horizontal axis to suit application.• Drywipe laminate surface or magnetic costed steel• One side feint under-surface grid and one side plain (Non-magnetic whiteboard)• Locking castors and stability bar

  • Mobile Magnetic Display / Storage Easel

    This mobile magnetic easel has been designed to encourage group project work with a big book shelf.• 2 locking castors• 5 year guarantee on magnetic surface• 2 storage trays included - red trays with blue frame and blue trays with red frame• Board size 900mm(w) x 900mm(h)

  • Big A Frame Mobile Easel

    …school. This extremely popular easel has been specially designed with four quick and easy height adjustments to suit all age groups. The spacious whiteboard simply clicks on and off at the required height, nothing could be easier. A truly must have product and to top it all it comes complete with a…

  • Show-me Magnetic Whiteboard Class Pk

    Ideal for use in group work. Good quality writing and magnetic surfaces on both sides of the boards. The boards have a grid on one side and plain reverse.This superb 610 piece pack consists of:• 10 x A4 magnetic drywipe boards• 1 x A3 magnetic drywipe board, ideal for teachers• 12 x…