White Border Roll

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  • Straight Cut Fadeless® Card Border Rolls

    • 25m long• Standard assortment: Flame, Canary, Nile Green, Bright Blue, Black and Violet• Festive assortment: White, Flame, Emerald Green, Rich Blue, Metallic Silver and Metallic Gold• Pack of 6

  • Bordette Border Roll-canary-1 Roll

    …unique pre-cut border trim made from scalloped corrugated paper in easy to use roll made from Fadeless® paper. The unique fade resistant material means that your decorations will stay bright throughout the seasons.• Cool colour pack: azure, bright blue, rich blue, white, nile green,…

  • Scalloped Border Rolls - Metallic Colours

    Card scalloped border rolls great for classroom displays.• Assorted metallic colours: gold, silver, old gold, white gold• Size: 57mm(w) x 15m(l) roll• Pack of 4

  • Scalloped Border Rolls

    Superb quality. Made from colour paper these borders are white on one side and coloured on the other.• Metallic colours pack: 2 x silver and 2 x gold • Bright colours pack: red, yellow, green, blue, orange and black• Size: 57mm(w) x 50m(l) roll

  • Value Assorted Border Rolls

    Theses value classpacks of corrugated border rolls are fantastic for all kinds of displays.• Pack of 20 contains: 2 each of yellow, red, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, magenta, violet, black and white• Pack of 36 contains: 3 each of yellow, orange, red, light green, dark…

  • Fadeless® Card Border Rolls

    This pack of Fadeless® card border rolls are printed with Fadeless® ink.• 270gsm card• Assorted colours: flame, canary, orange, Nile Green, apple green, emerald, azure, bright blue, rich blue, violet, black and white• Size: 57mm(w) x 15m(l) roll• Pack of 12 rolls

  • Fadeless® Card Scalloped Border Assortment Rolls

    …pack of Fadeless® Card Scalloped Border rolls includes 3 rolls each of 12 colours.• 270gsm card• Assorted colours: white, flame, canary, orange, Nile green, apple green, emerald, azure blue, bright blue, rich blue, black, violet• Size: 57mm(w) x 15m(l) roll• Pack of 36 rolls

  • Bordette® 12 Roll Assortment

    This super value pack of 12 corrugated borders in assorted colours offers a great choice for a variety of displays.• Assorted colours: magenta, white, brown, black, violet, royal blue, bright blue, emerald green, Nile green, canary yellow, orange, flame red• Size: 57mm(w) x 15m(l)• Pack of…

  • Corrugated Board Rolls

    • Size: 500mm x 700mm rolls• Pack of 15 rolls: Brown, green, orange, pink, yellow, blue, black, light blue, red, cerise, light green, grey, white, burgundy and lilac

  • Winter Bordette® Assortment

    A unique combination of metallic and icicle Bordette®. Excellent for festive displays.• Contains: 2 rolls of white Icicles Bordette® and 1 roll each of metallic red, blue, silver and gold• Size: 57mm(w) 7.5m(l) roll• Pack of 6 rolls

  • Icicles Bordette® Assortment

    • Each pack contains 2 White, 2 Metallic Silver and 2 Metallic Gold • 7.5m rolls• Pack of 6

  • Classroom Display Pack

    border rolls: 2 each of flame red, canary yellow, emerald green, bright blue, black and white • Size: Fadeless® display paper: 1218mm(w) x 15m(l) roll• Size Bordette® border: 57mm(w) x 15mm(l) roll• Pack contains 4 Fadeless® display paper rolls and 12 Bordette® border