White Board Pens

  • Show-me® Medium Tip Drywipe Pens

    Ideal for students, these pens have a standard size bullet tip with a slim barrel for smaller hands.• Top quality whiteboard pens designed specifically for educational use• 24 hour cap-off time to prevent drying out• Extra-hard nib - will not quickly splay out• Low odour,…

  • Value Drywipe Pens - Medium

    Exceptional value drywipe pens with slim barrels, ideal for small hands.• Bullet tip, 2mm medium width• Ventilated cap• Available in black, blue and an assorted pack of 4• Available in packs of 4, 10, 100 and 200

  • edding 363 Board Marker Chisel Tip

    • High quality drywipe marker• Low odour pigment ink• Assorted pack of 50 contains 10 each of Black and Blue, 5 each of Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown and Purple• Box of 50

  • BIC® Velleda 1701 Drywipe Marker

    Low odour bullet tip markers with a strong tip to prevent bending or retraction under pressure.• Acrylic bullet tip with a line width of 1.5mm• Acrylic chisel tip with a line width of 3.7mm - 5.5mm• Bullet tip and chisel tip available in black • Assorted pack only available in bullet…

  • eQuality Drywipe Whiteboard Markers Classbox

    Premium quality bullet tip whiteboard marker, available with a clear polypropylene box for easy access and storage.• High ink content for longer write out length• Medium 2mm bullet tip• Black• Pack of 36• Size: 240mm(w) x 130mm(d) x 125mm(h)• Sold as set

  • Consortium D/wipe Pen Bt 8astd Pk50

    Superb quality and value drywipe marker pens, excellent on all makes of whiteboard and drywipe surfaces. • Bullet tip 2mm• Low odour, xylene free• Ventilated cap• Available in single colours in packs of 10, black is also available in a box of 50,100 and 200• Assorted pack of 4: 1 each of black,…

  • Value Drywipe Pens - Fine

    Exceptional value drywipe pens with slim barrels, ideal for small hands.• Fine bullet tip, 0.7mm line width• Ventilated cap• Available in black, blue or assorted packs

  • eQuality Drywipe Whiteboard Markers

    Premium quality bullet tip wide barrel whiteboard markers.• High ink content for longer write out length• 2mm bullet tip• Wider barrel shape• Available in black, blue and assorted coloured packs in a variety of pack sizes

  • Berol Drywipe Pens

    Slimmer barreled pens, ideal for use with portable whiteboards.• Black• Available in fine tip 1.0mm line width or broad tip 1.6mm line width• Available in two pack sizes, pack of 12 and new pack size of 192* Please note 2018 Education Catalogue descriptions error. 035203 is Fine Tip and 035204 is…

  • Show-me Drywipe Boards Set A4 Pk100

    • High quality A4 double sided whiteboards in class sets which include the board, a drywipe marker and a foam eraser• Boards are virtually indestructable and are available in a standard 650 micron thickness or supertough 1500 micron thickness• Supplied with a teachers resource booklet

  • Ultramate Mobile Easel White

    …A1 flip chart pads. The board is height adjustable for ease of use.• Large magnetic drywipe surface 680mm(w) x 900mm(h)• Height adjustable between 1750mm and 2000mm• Available in 6 colours; red, blue, black, green, grey and white• Full length flip-up pen ledge to one side

  • Consortium D/wipe Pen C/t Black Pk50

    Superb quality and value chisel tip drywipe marker pens, excellent on all makes of whiteboard and drywipe surfaces.New barrel design.• Line width 2-5mm• Low odour, xylene free• Ventilated cap• Available in single colours in packs of 10, black is also available in a box of…

  • Staedtler Lumocolour Pen Asstd Pk36

    Ideal for classroom and portable whiteboards, can be dry wiped from whiteboards and similar surfaces.• Bullet tip• DRY SAFE ink - can be left uncapped for days without drying up• Available in packs of 36 black and assorted colours or a classpack of 144 in a Gratnells tray•…

  • Consortium Twin Ended D/wipe Pen Pk3

    Super quality and great value twin ended bullet tip drywipe marker pens for use on drywipe whiteboard surfaces. Great for adding a different colour to add emphasis whilst using the whiteboard.• Bullet tip 2mm• Assorted colours: 1 each of black-blue, black-red, black-green• Pack of 3

  • Consortium Teacher Whiteboard Classb

    High quality whiteboard classbox containing drywipe pens, a cleaning kit and a whiteboard eraser, all in a compact, clear polypropylene box. Great for teaching staff where time tabling is not in one location or for providing easy access and storage.• Assorted colours set of 4, The Consortium…

  • Classbox Drywipe Accessory Kit

    …value drywipe classbox, great for easy classroom use, access and storage of resources.Kit includes:• 100 x Value slim barrel black drywipe pens• 20 x Value drywipe erasers• 1 x Value whiteboard spray cleaner, 250ml • 1 x Storage box, 4 litre• Storage box size: 395mm(w) x…

  • The Consortium Slim Barrel Washable Whiteboard Pens

    Pen-style whiteboard marker pen with washable ink.• Washable from skin and most washable fabrics and carpets• Erasable from a whiteboard with a damp cloth• 1.5mm bullet tip with pocket clip• Available in various pack sizes, assorted and black• Assorted pack of 6 includes…

  • V Board Master Whiteboard Markers Classpack

    An excellent value classpack tray of recycled whiteboard markers made with 91% recycled material and refills that are 100% recycled.• Recycled Gratnells tray of 30 markers - 6 of each colour• Bullet tip 2.3mm• Write out distance 700m• Drywipe• Colours include black, blue,…

  • BIC® Velleda Drywipe Pen

    Low odour bullet fine tip marker with blocked tip which will not bend or retract under pressure.• Acrylic tip, line width 1.5mm• Available in black pack of 24 and an assorted colour pack of 72• Assorted colour pack of 72: 12 each of light blue, black, red and green; 6 each of dark…

  • Berol D/wipe Marker B/tip Black Pk12

    Chunky bullet tip drywipe marker for use on most dry wipe boards.• Line width 2mm• Ventilated cap• Available in black in packs of 12 and 48 or assorted packs of 8, 48 and 96• Assorted pack of 8: black, blue, red, green, purple, lime, pink and orange• Assorted pack of 48: 8 black, 5 each of blue,…

  • Value Mini Drywipe Pens

    Super value mini drywipe pens, ideal for small hands using small portable whiteboards.• Bullet tip• Available in black and assorted packs• Assorted pack of 25 contains 10 black, 5 blue, 5 green, 5 red• Assorted pack of 100 contains 40 black, 20 blue, 20 green and 20 red