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  • Whistle

    page760A great product for getting children's attention!• Metal whistle• Sold singly

  • Whistles

    • Available in plastic or metal as singles or pack of 12

  • Watch/Whistle Lanyards

    • Nylon lanyards designed for whistles and watches• Length: 483mm• Assorted colours• Pack of 12

  • Squeeze Whistle

    • No need to use by mouth as the bulb generates enough air for a shrill whistle simply by squeezing

  • Whistles

    page1162 page1168A brilliant selection of great value whistles.• Available in 2 sizes: small and large• Available in 2 materials: metal and plastic• Sold singly or as a pack of 12

  • Albion Coaching Pack

    …and pop up cones for marking training areas and hurdles to work on the mechanics of running to help improve technique. Kit contains: • 6 x 6" plastic hurdles• 2 x 4m speed ladders (flat rung)• 40 x space markers • 12 x pop up cones• 1 x whistle with lanyard • 1 x stopwatch • 1 x team holdall

  • Colour Coded Stopwatches

    1/1000 second stopwatch with lap facility, time, calendar, alarm and hourly chime. • 7mm LCD display• Water resistant • Size: 60mm x 52mm with neck cord • LR54 battery• Assorted colours• Pack of 4

  • Fastime 28 Stopwatch

    A professional, rugged water-resistant and shock resistant case stopwatch with extra large digits.• Start, stop, (time out) resume and reset function• Cumulative split time function• 1/100th second for first 30 minutes• Split function for fastest finish• Alarm function•…

  • Fastime 5 Stopwatch

    A simple to use stopwatch.• Dual display stopwatch with cumulative or lap split timing • 8 lap memory• Shows fastest lap, slowest lap and average lap times• Countdown timer facility• Water and shock resistant• Sold singly

  • Jumbo Pedometer

    This pedometer measures in either miles or kilometres, calories or number of steps. Light and easy to use with Jumbo digital LCD display.• Sold singly

  • Large Display Stopwatch

    page1168A fantastic stopwatch with a large display.• 24 hour timer • 6 functions • 1/100th second• Sold singly

  • Megaphone

    This great value megaphone has a range of 500/700m depending on location and comes complete with siren and foghorn device. • Battery life 8 hours approx (batteries not included, requires 8 x C)• Pistol grip• Sold singly

  • Value Stopwatch

    page965 page1148 page1162 page1168A great value stopwatch.• 1/100 second timing • Lap facility • Time with calendar and alarm• LR1130 battery • Styles may vary• Sold singly

  • Value Stopwatch Big Deal

    page1148A great value stopwatch.• 1/100 second timing • Lap facility • With neck cord • Set of 3 + 1 Free

  • Air Horn

    This pump action air horn is ideal as a warning or starting system, great for sports days.• Never needs to be refilled• Sold singly

  • Global Sounds Pack

    page1103• Rainstick, Panpipes, Bird Whistle, Ocarina, Thai Frog

  • Junior Athletics Pack

    …plastic hurdles• 4 x 305mm plastic hurdles• 6 x foam discuses• 6 x 900mm foam javelins• 6 x foam shots• 6 x plastic relay batons• 1 x 30m measuring tape• 2 x whistles• 2 x stopwatches• 12 x marker saucers• 6 x collapsible cones• 1 x holdall

  • Auditory Sensory Tub

    …bells• 2 x wooden frogs • 1 x musical five bells• 1 x clatterpillar • 10 x kazoos• 4 x tootflute • 3 x train whistles• 1 x Mini Rainbow Maker • 1 x Tambourine• 5 x talking buttons • 1 x echo bot1 x Cage Bell 1 x Crocoglock 1 x Rainbow Talking Pegs1…

  • Indoor Sounds

    …ten, this set includes forty commonly heard sounds. New cards and sounds include: coughing, word processing, door bell. Contents include: people (whistling, snoring, crying); being busy (drying hair, drilling, vacuuming); everyday (phone, kettle, shower); having fun (computer game, pouring drink,…

  • Forest Schools Kit

    …All items are to be used under adult supervision. Set includes:• 1 x pack of 6 jumbo magnifiers• 2 x secateurs• 1 x metal whistle• 2 x 4oz pin hammers• 5 x pairs of children's gloves• 2 x potato peelers• 2 x tarpaulins 1800mm x 2400mm• Set of 20 pieces

  • Victorian Toy Collection

    …similar though the materials they are made of may have changed.Contains:• Wooden Yo-Yo• Wooden Diablo• Wooden Whipping Top• Wooden Slide Whistle• Metal Spinning Top• Wooden Cup and Ball• Wooden Skittles• Retro Snap• Coloured Chalks• Nursery Rhyme Game• Slate and Pencil• Pocket Book of Marbles