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  • Cardboard Wheels

    page989Cardboard wheels ideal for lightweight constructions.• Available in 5 diameters• 4mm diameter hole • Pack of 100

  • MDF Wheels

    page989Selection of MDF wheels in a variety of diameters.• Available in 5 diameters• Pack of 100

  • Wooden Wheels

    page989Solid wooden wheels.• 4mm diameter hole• Available in 2 diameters• Pack of 10

  • Wooden Cams

    page989Ideal for adding simple mechanisms to models.• Max. diameter approx. 65mm• 5mm diameter hole• 10 x single rise • 10 x double rise • 10 x snail cams• Pack of 30

  • Pulley Wheels Classpack

    page988This great value pulley classpack consists of reducers and black and red pulleys. Pack consists of:• Black pulleys 5 of each 10mm, 12mm, 25mm, 30mm(dia.)• Red pulleys 5 of each 18mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm(dia.)• Plus 10 reducers from 4mm to 2mm(dia.)

  • Polypropylene Wheels

    page989Lightweight polypropylene wheels in assorted colours.• 40mm diameter • 4mm diameter hole• Assorted colours• Pack of 100

  • Harrod Flipover Wheels Pk8

    Cellular rubber wheels complete with fixings for use with the Heavyweight Freestanding goals.• Puncture proof• Set of 8

  • Dough Cutting Pattern Wheels

    page466These cutting wheels make cutting dough and clay easier and quicker - they also help children to keep to a straight line. These cutting wheels produce a frilled edge design. Made from plastic, the cutting wheels are durable. The chunky, shaped handles have been specially designed for young…

  • Lots of Wheels

    What is the total number of wheels 2 carriages with 5 wheels have? Find out the answer by connecting 2 lots of ‘5-carriages’ on the specially sized number track- the last wheel of the last carriage will reveal the answer. A new and highly visual way to learn to multiply that also contains ideas for…

  • Snow Pusher with Wheels

    page1648Excellent when clearing large surfaces of snow. Wide handle which makes it suitable for use by two people.• Integral wheels• Easy to use• Size: 785mm(w) x 420mm(d) x 1400mm(l)

  • Storage Box on Wheels

    This great storage box features a clip-on lid and its wheels lock into the lid for easy stacking.• Capacity: 150 litres• Size: 890mm(w) x 445mm(d) x 600mm(h)• Colours may vary

  • Easi-Grip Modelling Wheels

    page419 page464Use the fun Modelling Wheels in dough, ready-mix paint and paint pads to create exciting and fun patterns. Ideal for little hands due to the soft grip handle.• Set of 4

  • LEGO® Wheels Set

    …let children build all sorts of vehicles and add mobility to their constructions. The set includes tyres in four different sizes along with plates, axles and wheel hubs to make sets of wheels and vehicle chassis for up to 12 different vehicles at the same time. Age: 4 years+.• Set of 286 pieces

  • My Wheels Puzzle

    page585Children are fascinated by vehicles and the job roles of the people around them. My wheels feeds that curiosity with fire engines, ambulances, buses and diggers and children have to learn which driver is correct for each one. The puzzles can be mixed up and matched so that the fireman may…

  • Bar Box With Wheels 1070mm

    These Bar Boxes are sturdy yet light, with high quality hide tops and built in platforms for additional versatility. • Available with or without wheels• Available in 2 and 3 sections • 3 section box available in 2 sizes• Sold singly

  • Pizza Wheel

    page1666• 4" pizza wheel• ABS handles and stainless steel blades• Tough and durable• Sold singly

  • Trundle Wheel

    …for calculating distances, shapes, areas and angles. Incorporates a clicker that can be adjusted from every 100mm to every metre. The pointer on the wheel helps children to measure intermediate distances. • Overall assembled length: 830mm• Size when stored: 370mm x 450mm• Sold singly

  • Trundle Wheel

    page966Designed for durability, with a rubber tyre to maintain accuracy. The pointer on the wheel helps children to measure intermediate distances. Ideal for calculating distances, shapes, areas and angles. Incorporates a clicker that can be adjusted from every 100mm to every metre. • Overall…

  • Colour Wheel

    page428A useful tool that explains the theory and practice of colour mixing. Age: 4 years+.• 130mm diameter

  • Banding Wheel

    page458Economical introduction to clay spinning. Grooves for easy centring and the ball bearing ensures smooth and precise rotation. This heavy construction ensures stability in use.• Tools and materials not included• Size: 115mm(h) x 200mm(dia.)• Weight: 2.2kg

  • Harrod Flip-Over Wheel Kit

    260mm diameter puncture resistant rubber wheels.• Wide wheels allow for better weight distribution • To be used with the Harrod freestanding steel and premier hockey goals• Weight: 17kg