• Hexagram Weights 4 Coloured Pack 54

    All pieces are printed with weight.• 20 x red 1g, 20 x blue 5g, 10 x green 10g, 4 x yellow 20g • Set of 54

  • Mixed Weight Turbo Javelin Pak

    Superb for developing a good throwing technique, injection moulded with ribbed grip and durable tail fin. • Ideal for training and junior competition • Pack of 10: 5 x 300gm and 5 x 400gm

  • Masses - Weighing Set On Tray

    A combined set of accurate steel and brass weights that are housed in a sturdy blue moulded tray. Provides for weighing objects from 10g to 1990g in 10g increments. 3 steel weights and 6 brass weights.Contains:• 1 x 1kg, 1 x 500g, 1 x 200g, 1 x 50g, 1 x 20g, 2 x 100g, 2 x 10g• 1 moulded…

  • Harrod Counter Balance Weights

    Freestanding weights each weighing 17kg with a chain, carbine clip and a 'U' type bracket to fit up to 34mm diameter back tubes. • Sold singly

  • Strapped Ankle and Wrist Weights

    Nylon weighted pouches fitted with sticky hook and loop straps for easy fastening. Designed to build up strength, muscle and stamina.• Weight: 1kg• Sold as a pair

  • Wooden Scales And Plastic Weights

    An extremely strong set of beech wood scales with plastic pans. Age: 4 years+.• 4 plastic weights• Pan size: 175mm(dia.)• Scale size: 400mm(w) x 150mm(h)

  • Caterpillar Shoulder Weight 1.36kg

    Give weight and deep pressure therapy for re-assurance, grounding, focus and promote relaxation. Made in a soft, plush material, these weights can also be useful for children who like fidgeting to help them sit still.• Available in two different weights

  • Medium Weight Gym Mats

    Medium weight mat for PE activities often preferred by Infant and Primary schools because of the reduced weight compared to the Standard Mat.• 8lb density chipfoam centre with PVC cover• Anti-slip base• Available in 4 sizes• Available in 3 colours• Sold singly

  • Colourful Multi Weight Scales

    Empower children with the skills to investigate, measure and compare. Using this set, children will need to determine which will be the most appropriate scale and dial to use.• Made from plastic

  • Louis the Ladybird Lap Weight

    Ideal for providing a deep, calming pressure for children who are anxious or need help with sensory processing. Made in a soft, plush material, these weights can also be useful for children who like fidgeting to help them sit still.• Available in two different weights• Size: 500mm(dia.)

  • eQuality Medium Weight Gym Mats

    The eQuality medium weight gym mats are a fantastic quality all purpose mat.Made from 50% recycled foam and 50% lightweight foam making it lightweight whilst still offering a high level of protection for the user.This mat also features a waffle anti-slip backing which greatly reduces movement during…

  • Mixed Weight Turbo Javelin Pak

    …moulded junior model with ribbed grip and durable tail fin. Ideal for training and junior competition. Helps to develop a good throwing technique. • Available in 2 lengths: 695mm and 1100mm• Available in 3 weights: 300gm, 400gm and 600gm• Available as pack of 8 and as pack of 10

  • Telescopic Light Weight Hand Truck

    Lightweight aluminium hand truck with a steel toeplate. Design allows for the truck to be reduced in overall size by means of a telescopic handle and folding footplate.• Maximum load: 90kg• 150mm rubber cushion wheels• Toeplate size: 355mm(w) x 240mm(d)• Size collapsed: 400mm(w)…

  • Heavy Weight Oven Cloth 76x48cm

    A heavyweight, large oven cloth suitable for general kitchen use.• High cotton content, 90%+• Size: 914mm(l) x 559mm(w)

  • The Consortium A2 Medium weight Sugar Paper

    • Medium weight, 100gsm sugar paper• 100% recycled• 25 sheets each of Red, Orange, White, Lilac, Buff, Blue, Green, Grey, Pink and Yellow• Pack of 250

  • 9v9 Hvy Weight Socketed Fball Net

    These socketed steel football goals are ideal for schools and junior club use.• Uprights and crossbars made from 60mm diameter steel• Sockets with 65.9mm internal diameter allowing uprights to sit 310mm deep into socket• Polyester powder coated white• Available in 2 sizes•…

  • Weighted Wristbands

    …bands fasten with hook and loop and provide a discreet sensory aid to increase body awareness for fine motor skills. The weight is enough to provide additional sensation but allows free movement. Made from velour and filled with PVC grains.• Pack of 2• Size: 30mm(w) x 230mm(l) • Weight: 113g

  • Weighted Fidget

    …Some fidgets can be a visual distraction but these material ones, offer all the positives without causing attention to be focused inappropriately. They are addictive to fiddle with as you push and manipulate the contents from one end to the other.• Pack of 3• Size: 30mm(w) x 170mm(l)• Weight: 113g

  • Calming Weighted Blanket

    Ideal for children who need help calming down, relaxing and sleeping. Made in a soft, breathable material to reduce potential overheating for the child. All blankets are red on one side with a complimentary colour on the reverse.• Made from polyester• Available in three different weights

  • 3g Integral Weighted Goals

    …freestanding aluminium goals have a unique roller system and Hi-Raise wheels for easy transportation on synthetic and 3G surfaces. The integrated weight means these goals are completely safe at all times without the need for separate anchorage.• Uprights, crossbars and sidebars made from 102mm…

  • Weighted Lap Buddy

    …friendly lap buddy makes it easy to introduce the concept of weighted equipment for calming without the focus being on the therapeutic benefits. Children will enjoy holding, stroking and carrying the pet. It comes with a small weighted blanket to provide additional deep pressure input for the child…