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  • Wedge Whiteboards

    Double sided whiteboard facilitates interaction, engages students and aids in development of learning and communication skills. Premium quality and of robust construction, this is a durable quality product manufactured in the UK.The folding whiteboards are extremely portable thanks to the integrated…

  • Contact Wedge

    An ideal mini and junior rugby training hit shield for schools and mini rugby to start contact training. • Heavy-duty PVC cover with foam inner• Colour: green• Sold singly

  • Curved Wedge

    Curved training hit shield, develop clearing out techniques at junior and school level. • Heavy-duty PVC cover with foam inner• Colour: green• Sold singly

  • Wedge Table

    A modular table which provides ultimate flexibility. The rounded triangular top can be positioned in numerous shapes and configurations, which all provide versatile space solutions for any classroom, project or library area. The table is finished with a light grey PU edge which enhances the look and…

  • Sensory Touchtag Posture Wedge

    Ideal item for soft play the wedge is designed to be used as a supportive, posture-improving accessory that can also keep fidgety fingers occupied. The versatility of the wedge means it can be used for tummy time with babies, as a soft play seat on the floor in a nursery or as a posture cushion on a…

  • Wedge Table With Castors

    The Wedge tables provide an exciting solution for any environment whilst achieving ultimate flexibility.Wedge tables have a rounded triangular top which can be positioned in numerous shapes and configurations, whilst providing versatile space solutions for any classroom, project or library…

  • Wedge Fun Stool

    • Size: 350-550mm(w) x 480mm(d) x 480mm(h)• Glide base

  • Gilbert Wedge Senior

    Manufactured from water resistant fabric with high density interior foam to reduce impact shock. • Junior: 800mm(h) x 340mm(w) x 240mm(d) - 3kg• Senior: 940mm(h) x 400mm(w) x 300mm(d) - 4kg• Sold singly

  • Gilbert Technique Wedge

    Designed specifically to improve correct tackling technique, training players to improve their body position when making contact. It helps to develop a solid platform, head position, footwork and clearing out techniques.• Heavy-duty PVC cover with foam inner• Colour: green• Sold singly

  • Consortium Metal Wedge Pencil Sharpener

    Metal wedge-shaped pencil sharpener.• Single hole for pencils up to 6mm in diameter• Double hole for pencils up to 8mm in diameter• Box of 20

  • New Age Bowls Foam Scoring Wedge

    Designed for use indoors, the idea is to aim the bowls into the 12 holes in the wedge and accumulate points for each successful shot, the winner is the participant with the total highest points. • Size: 1000mm(w) x 750mm(h) • Sold singly• Bowls sold separately

  • Soft Play Set

    This set combines functionality and creativity, with 19 cleverly designed soft play pieces allowing pupils to create a variety of role play and circuit course constructions. Stack neatly together for ease of storage and movement. Age: 3 years+.• Holdall approx: 690mm(w) x 690mm(d) x…

  • Soft Play Sit Ons

    With huggable heads and back supports these play friends are specially sized to accommodate little children. Put on their side they make great seats too. Age: birth-2 years.• Seat: 200mm(h) x 200mm(w)• Back rest: 350mm(h) head 450mm(h)• Set of 4 includes: rocket, dinosaur, under the…

  • Soft Play Slide

    • Size: 500mm(w) x 500mm(l) x 250mm(h)

  • Soft Play Slide

    • Size: 500mm(w) x 500mm(d) x 250mm(h)• Sold singly

  • Soft rocker play box

    Encourages interaction, confidence and coordination as the children rock, slide, balance and jump with this unique soft rocker box. Comprises of 14 soft play shapes and 5 mats which connect with heavy duty velcro to form a study storage box. The shapes include 2 slides, 2 steps, 4 triangle prisms…

  • Soft Tunnel Play

    A great product for encouraging team work and problem solving. Strong dense foam core resists bending and twisting. Brightly coloured covers can be removed and are fire resistant, durable and easy to clean. Age: 3 years+.• Size of small tube: 600mm(w) x 600mm(d) x 600mm(h)• Size of pipe tube:…

  • Sensory Soft Play Den

    The sensory soft play den has soft padded walls and roof. It is fitted internally with acrylic mirrors and equipped with an interior plinth supporting a portable bubble tube, 1m fibre optic sideglow and LED technology. Age: birth+.• Size: 1000mm(w) x 1000mm(d) x 1000mm(h)• With adult…

  • Soft Play Activity Set 1

    A versatile, portable and compact set of 16 pieces with an assortment of soft play shapes. Age: 3 years+.• Holdall size: 450mm(w) x 450mm(d) x 900mm(h)• Made from soft touch durable vinyl• Set of 16 pieces

  • Funtime Soft Play Set Two

    This set includes:• 1 x soft hill• 1 x soft humps• 1 x stepping stone mat• 1 x cylinder bridge• 1 x double ramp• 2 x mountains

  • Soft Play Activity Set 4

    A giant set of 15 large climb-on pieces allowing pupils to construct obstacle courses with climb over, under, through shapes and build up/knock down blocks, for a fun play time. Age: 3 years+.• Holdall size: 750mm(w) x 900mm(d) x 1000mm(h)• Made from soft touch durable vinyl• Set of 15…