• Weaving Squares

    Strong, versatile and easy to handle, these weaving frames are perfect for indoor and outdoor play. Instructions and ideas included.• Size: 150mm x 150mm• Pack of 10

  • Forest Phones

    These forest phones are designed for indoor and outdoor use and can be wrapped around trees, buried under top soil or weaved in and out of hedgerows. They are designed to promote conversation, so are ideal for language development as well as role play activities. Age: 3 years+.• 2…

  • Weaving Materials

    These weaving materials are ideal for weaving frames. Age:3 years+.• Bright pack contains: ribbons, strips of card and paper, metallic mesh fabric and thread• Natural pack contains: ribbons, strips of card and paper, raffia, wool, string, tape and feathers

  • Mini Glitter Weavings

    This pack contains everything that you need to create these bright glittery weavings. The pack includes pre-cut weaving cards and an exciting/colourful selection of glitter ribbons, glitter paper strips and metallic ribbon along with instructions and ideas.• Size: 110mm x 100mm• Pack of 30

  • Weaving Frames

    These weaving frames are great for use by individuals or small groups of children working collectively to produce fabulous creative murals and designs. The panels can be made to look spectacular using literally anything that can be threaded. Create colour patterns, textural effects, scenes and…

  • Rainbow Weaving Cards

    Brightly coloured rectangular weaving cards to add interest and fun to a favourite weaving activity.• Size: 150mm x 225mm• Pack of 20

  • Wooden Weaving Boards

    Strong, chunky round wooden boards which are easy to hold and wrap for weaving and threading activities. Ideal for indoor/outdoor use. Fully illustrated instructions and ideas included.• Size: 170mm• Pack of 6

  • Round Weaving Cards

    An introduction to basket weaving. Use with raffia, wool or cords.• Size: 152mm dia.• Pack of 30

  • Felt Weaving Pack

    A very straight forward weaving/threading activity in brightly coloured felt.• Size: 165mm x 165mm• Pack of 30

  • Giant Weaving Loom

    Easy-to-use, portable, sturdy wooden loom. Large enough to accommodate 2 to 4 children at once, allowing children to work closely together to encourage social interaction and development of sharing skills. Adult supervision required.• Size: 762mm(h) x 500mm(w) x 300mm(d) approx.

  • Wooden Weaving Shapes

    Next to wooden shapes for weaving this pack includes 10 jumbo laces. However, you can also use fabric, ribbons, yarn, metallic braids and much more.• 10 Jumbo laces provided• Average size: 210mm x 120mm• Pack of 6

  • Weaving/Tapestry Needles

    Suitable for weaving and tapestry.• Pack of 40 steel needles

  • Wooden Threading Fruit

    Brightly coloured wooden fruit in cotton storage bag. Includes apples, oranges, bananas, pears, strawberries, kiwi fruit, leaves, threading needle and lace. Ideal for lacing or role play to develop fine motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination. Age: 18 months+.• Apple size: 56mm(h) x 46mm(w)

  • Learn To Tie Your Shoes

    Colour in the fun designs and lace up the shoes with the provided string. Form the shoe into a three-dimensional model that fits over a real shoe! Children can even take them home to demonstrate for their parents. Age: 3 years+.• Includes: 36 shoes, 36 laces, and teacher guide

  • Yarn

    A fantastic value for money weft yarn pack. A wide array of colours, textures and weights provide a variety of interesting weaving effects.• 10 x 50g spools• Colours may vary

  • Raffia

    Superb value raffia ideal for use in art and craft projects, including collage and weaving.• 12 assorted colours or natural

  • Plastic Needles

    Ideal for children.• Plastic weaving and stitching needles • Size: 78mm(l)• Pack of 25

  • Spotted Feathers

    These brightly coloured spotted feathers are ideal for use in collage, weaving projects and other creative work.• 28g pack

  • Bright Feather Pack

    These brightly coloured feathers are ideal for use in collage, weaving projects and other creative work.• 50g pack

  • Feather Pack

    These brightly coloured feathers are ideal for use in collage, weaving projects and other creative work.• 10g pack

  • Large Ribbon

    Ideal for weaving activities but can be used for a range of craft projects.• Assorted colours• Size: 50mm(w) x 90m(l)• Pack of 6 spools