Water Colours

  • Water Colour Tins

    A sturdy metal tin containing ready mixed watercolour blocks. The lids have wells to allow for colour mixing.• In tins of 12, 18 or 24 assorted colours or packs of 10 or 40 tins• In tins of 12, 18 or 24 assorted colours

  • Simply Water Colour 12 Tubes

    Value-for-money watercolour tubes from Daler Rowney.• Use on watercolour pads or heavyweight cartridge pads• Ideal for beginners• 12ml tubes• Pack of 12

  • Premium Watercolour Tin

    Made from durable metal this premium tin contains 12 ready mixed paint tablets and groove for a brush. Made with superior quality pigments for extra vibrant and vivid colours this tin is a great choice for more senior students.• Tin of 12 colours

  • Reeves Watercolour Set

    • Quality watercolours• Ideal for children and adults alike• 12ml assorted tubes• Pack of 12

  • Block Printing Ink

    Water based ink• 300ml tubes• Assorted colours: black, white, blue, red, yellow and green• Sold singly or as an assorted pack of 6• Supplied singly

  • Tinti Bath Water Colours

    These coloured tablets dissolve slowly and colour the water, mesmerising children of all ages! Natural colours are used, made from elderberries, spirulina and gardenia blossoms. These bath water colour tablets can also be mixed to create exciting new colours such as purple, green and orange coloured

  • Block Printing Water Colours

    A highly pigmented opaque watercolour for use with woodcut blocks, lino and quickprint. All colours are intermixable and lightfast.• Pack of 6 x 300ml: Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green

  • Drawing Inks Assorted Colours

    Quality pack of inks which dry to a water resistant film.• Colours: yellow, red, green, blue, black, orange, lemon, crimson, white, violet, turquoise and burnt sienna• 25ml bottles• Pack of 12

  • Permapaque 7 Basic Colours

    …and metal. Permapaque produces fantastic results and is ready for use immediately, so there is no need to pump and/or shake before use.• Water-based ink• Odour-free and light-fast • Quick-drying ink • Ink has permanent covering capacity • Assorted colours• Pack of 7

  • Counting And Colours Set

    …playfulness in your little one, as well as some magical storytelling. Easy to grip for young children and in a mix of colours to encourage early sorting. Age: 12 months+.• Contains: 12 jungle animals, 12 water loving creatures, 12 familiar farm animals• Average animal size: 60mm(l)• Set of 36

  • Chromacryl Individual Colours

    …dry colours as brilliant as it was when wet. It can be painted onto different surfaces including paper, board, canvas, textiles, wood, metal, plastics, glass, celluloid, foil, clay etc. Chromacryl contains pigments that can stain fabric. To clean the stained area, use household soap and cold water

  • Vivid Colours Ink Pads

    …so children can make hand, finger and feet print designs. They are also ideal for use with our palm printers, finger painters, picture rollers and non-absorbent stampers. Age: 3 years+.• Clean and easy to use• Colours: orange, yellow, pink, lime• Size: 150mm dia.• Sold singly

  • Modelair Colours 4 X 250g

    …can play with when dry!Very quickly, coloured ModelAiR can be part blended to get marbling effects or fully blended to obtain new solid colours. Perfect for teaching colour mixing to children. White ModelAiR can be easily decorated with paints or coloured with felt tips. Once dry can be further…

  • Porcelain 50 Ml Set 6 Colours

    …medium and can be used by beginners to obtain great results• Dishwasher-safe without oven fixing• Water-based, odourless and lightfast• For porcelain and glass• 6 colours: Sunshine Yellow, Red, Apple Green, Gentian Blue, White and Black• 50ml bottles• Pack of 6

  • The Consortium Ready Mixed Paint - Single Colours 600ml

    Ready to use water-based liquid paint. This top grade ready mixed paint is rich, vibrant and has a thick texture with good coverage.• 600ml containers

  • The Consortium Ready Mixed Paint - Single Colours 5L

    Economy size container of ready to use water-based liquid paint. This top grade ready mix paint is rich, vibrant and has a thick texture with good coverage.• 5 Litre container

  • The Consortium Standard Colours Ready Mixed Paint Pack

    Ready to use water-based liquid paint. This top grade ready mix paint is rich, vibrant and has a thick texture with good coverage.• One each of black, white, brilliant red, brilliant green, brilliant blue and yellow• 600ml bottles• Pack of 6

  • Ariel Stainbuster Colour 10ltr

    …an advanced technology that allows active stain removal in mild washing conditions. It is designed to help remove stains and keep colours bright.• Helps eliminate stubborn, bleachable food stains• Can be used on white and most coloured textiles• Can be used with all water hardness

  • Water Marbles

    Drop your colourful Water Marbles in a cup of water and watch in shock as they grow over 200 times in size! In a matter of hours, you will have hundreds of beautiful, full-size Water Marbles. The warmer the water, the faster they hydrate. Throw them, roll them, bounce them, and catch them. Age: 3…

  • Colour Coded Stopwatches

    1/1000 second stopwatch with lap facility, time, calendar, alarm and hourly chime. • 7mm LCD display• Water resistant • Size: 60mm x 52mm with neck cord • LR54 battery• Assorted colours• Pack of 4

  • Ariel 3in1 Colour Pods

    …little pod, Cleans, lifts stains and brightens. Ariel 3in1 Pods Colour and Style Washing Capsules provide a super concentrated cleaning power. The innovative film of Ariel washing tablets dissolves completely in contact with water to release the powerful technologies that tackle a broad stain range…