Vocabulary Books

  • Vocabulary Book

    Ideal for spelling or as a language vocabulary book.• Size: 203 x 102mm (8 x 4") • 75gsm white paper, 8mm feint with centre line• 32 pages• 225gsm high strength quality cover• Stapled on long side• Pack of 50*Please note this product does not include a centre ruling as…

  • Vocabulary Slips

    A brilliant tool to help understanding and revision of key vocabulary of any subject.• Easy and simple to use, non adhesive slips• Conveniently sized for easy storage• Size: 76mm x 180mm, 150 slips per pad• Pack of 5

  • Loto Francais Vocabulary Book

    A child-friendly and enjoyable way for children to learn French vocabulary. Topics include numbers, food, animals and clothes. Three photocopiable versions of each board enable differentiation. Age: 5-11 years.

  • Music Vocabulary Poster

    Colourful chart with graphic illustrations and clear definitions of 16 terms of musical vocabulary including forte, diminuendo, allegro and adagio.• Size: 1000mm(w) x 700mm(h)• Key Stage 1 and 2• Sold singly

  • Collins Mapstart Books

    …awareness• Extend understanding and use of vocabulary and graphic concepts• Encourages children to observe features in oblique and vertical photos and maps Mapstart 2 - age: 7-11 years:• Extend understanding of mapping and spatial vocabulary• Extend use of map skills, including…

  • Reading Intervention Books

    This series will help struggling readers to make sense of text. The main aim of the series is to develop three key strategies, in making meaning and decoding by applying personal experiences, using phonics and sight vocabulary and applying known grammatical structures.• A4• 54 pages• Paperback

  • French Flip Books

    Revise vocabulary by matching the correct word to the relevant illustration. Ideal for practising sentence construction and basic grammar exercises. Flipbooks are made of cardboard with hardback cover. • Available in two subject options• Size: 90mm(h) x 360mm(l) x 90mm(w)• Sold singly

  • High Frequency Word Flip Book

    All the words in this flip book are taken from the first 200 high frequency words that students learn. On one side, sentences start with singular pronouns e.g. he, she, it, I, Dad, Gran. On the other side, sentences start with plural nouns and pronouns e.g. you, they, we, people, cats, boys. This is…

  • Sats Book 2 (level 6)

    …of the STATs spelling, punctuation and grammar test covered, with teacher pages and pupil worksheets on all elements of grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and spelling, sentence structure and standard English. At the end of each section, a comprehensive test is provided. The tests are designed so…

  • Mi Vocabulario Espanol

    Vocabulary books featuring an illustrated page for each letter of the alphabet, with space for pupils to record new words they have learned. Ideal for individual use and homework tasks. • Set of 5

  • Spanish Words Booklet

    A4 book with colourful images illustrating basic Spanish vocabulary from a large number of topics including the alphabet, numbers, colours, days of the week, family, weather fruit and vegetables, school subjects and much more!• Set of 5

  • Islam Photopack

    Set of laminated photographs showing images of key aspects of Islam as well as a teacher's book containing pupil activities, vocabulary and background information.• Topics include the 99 names of the Gods, a compass showing the direction of Makkah, prayer beads, the Qur'an, inside mosques,…

  • Homophones Flipbooks

    This handy flip book teaches that homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. Three word examples are given (e.g. buy, bye, by) for each homophone. Three sentences containing the homophones are also generated at the bottom when the correct words are matched.

  • Homographs Flipbooks

    This useful and fun flip book teaches that homographs are words with the same spelling but different meanings. It uses examples of homographs in noun form on the left page (e.g. wave from the sea) and in verb form on the right page (e.g. to wave goodbye), with the common word form in the centre.

  • Collins Very First French Dictionary

    Collins Very First French Dictionary is packed full of fun and useful vocabulary to give you and your child a head start in learning French. Based on the popular Collins First Time French Dictionary, this book is designed to introduce your child to the world of dictionaries in a fun and accessible…

  • Grammar Springboards

    …with confidence and make vocabulary, grammar and punctuation a stimulating and fun learning experience for all learners. It comprises three books with CDs covering; Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Sentences and Punctuation. The activities in the books are differentiated, to enable…