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  • Twintec Mains TT4045

    …chassis. This scrubber dryer is an ideal package where you need to clean and dry a floor in one easy pass. • Brush motor power: 1500W• Vacuum motor power: 1000W• Brush diameter: 450mm • Speed: 150rpm• Capacity: 40L• Cleaning range: 42m• Weight: 57kg• Size:…

  • Loline Floor Machine NLL332

    page1597Small in size, light in weight, compact and convenient in storage whilst being quick and easy to use without the loss of performance• Motor: 400W• Speed: 150rpm• Pad: 330mm• Range: 32m • Comes complete with drive board and tank• Supplied without pad• Size:…

  • Vacuum Cleaner Nilco 1118

    page1595Upright vacuum cleaner that is ideal for smaller carpeted areas.• 310mm cleaning path• Twin Motors: 1200W • Energy Efficiency D• With on-board tools• Lays flat for cleaning under furniture• Annual Energy Consumption 41.5 kWh/annum• 6 litre dustbags come in…

  • Nilco 275 and 276 Vacuum Cleaner Bags

    • Replacement dustbags are available for both the Combi range and the Nilco 276 (supplied in packs of 10) and the Nilco 275 (supplied in packs of 40)

  • Henry Xtra HVX 200

    page1593Henry Xtra has all the standard features and also comes with AiroBrush ideal for carpet care, hard floor brush, and an additional brush nozzle.• Complete with accessory kit XS1: Full 32mm Airo Brush Combo Kit • Energy Efficiency A• Carpet / Hard Floor C/C• Dust…

  • Henry Vacuum Cleaner

    page605A replica of the much loved multi-purpose vacuum, Henry. This Little Henry really works, picking up small bits of paper waste or small poly beads. The waste is then sucked up into a removable drawer, which is quick and simple to empty. Supplied with hose and ‘T’ shaped nozzle, all accessories…

  • Numatic Hepaflo Dustbags (NVM-1CH)

    Hepaflo Dustbags for use with:• Henry HVR200 (item code: 040046)• Hetty HET200 (item code: 810293)• Henry Xtra HVX 200 (item code: NUMP0015)• James JVP180A (item code: 810294)• Prosave PSP 370-11 (item code: 810589)• Provac PPT 390-12 (item code: 810588)• Hazardous…

  • Vacuum Cleaner - Mastervac Mv12s

    Heavy duty tub vac ideal for classrooms, featuring a 25 litre stainless steel canister that will not rust or mark.• 1200W, 25 litre ABS/stainless steel canister for long hours of use in schools• Detachable cable for simple repair• Dustbags come in packs of 10• 4 year motor…

  • Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

    page1596Large area shampooer perfect for deep cleaning medium to large carpeted areas.• Power: 1000W• Capacity: 13 litre clean, 12 litre dirty water tank• 330mm cleaning path• Weight: 17kg• Comes with a 2 year warranty

  • Samba Vacuum Jugs

    These vacuum jugs keep drinks hot or cold for hours. The double lip prevents drips and is 100% leak proof.• Capacity: 1 litre / 34 fl.oz. • Quick press closure• Robust polypropylene • Available in two colours• Sold singly

  • Electrolux 550 Vacuum Cleaner

    page605With opening dust bag lid and mechanical simulated noise. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 620mm(h)

  • SEBO BS36 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    page1595Robust commercial upright vacuum cleaner for efficient cleaning of corridors with two powerful motors for brush and suction. Includes electronic height guidance and can lay flat for cleaning under furniture.• Power: 1450W• On board tool storage • Comfortable and light weight…

  • Vacuum Cleaner - Mastervac Mv12s

    page1595• 21 litre ABS canister for long hours of use• 1200W• 4 year motor warranty

  • DR75C Steam Cleaner with Vacuum

    page1596Multi-purpose, continuous fill, 5 bar, 140°C steam cleaner with vacuum capacity to suck up all of the residue generated. Ideal for all cleaning tasks including safety floors, kitchens, toilets, tiles, glass and cookers.• Also available with a trolley to carry tools and raise the…

  • Vacuum Bags Vcc-02 10 Pack

    • VCC Series Dustbags: Double skinned disposable paper bags in pack of 10• Vax hard floor tool: compatible with a 32mm fitment• Vax Turbobrush: Rotating brush bar great for removing embedded dirt and grooms carpet pile

  • Commercial Wet or Dry Vacuum Cleaner WV470

    page1598In dry mode the machine performs as well as a dry-only vacuum cleaner, and a quick change enables professional performance in wet mode. A folding handle allows easy movement and compact storage.• Complete with kit accessory AA12 (wet and dry tools)• Power: 1060W• Capacity: Dry…

  • Nilco Combi 1418E Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    page1595Ideal for large areas such as dining rooms and corridors.• Great productivity due to extra wide 460mm cleaning path• Twin motors: 1200W• Energy Efficiency D• Blockage/Overload indicator lights• With on-board tools • Lays flat for cleaning under furniture•…

  • Nilco Combi 1218E Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    page1595• 360mm cleaning path• Twin motors: 1200W• Energy Efficiency D• With on-board tools• Lays flat for cleaning under furniture• Annual Energy Consumption 41.5 kWh/annum• 6 litre dustbags come in packs of 10

  • Hzq 250-2 Vacuum Cleaner + Kit Bb17

    page159399.97% filtration efficiency ideal for workshop and pottery dust. The HEPA filter unit is mounted in an all-steel secure module with a separate primary pre-filter in the container itself.• Complete with kit AA17• Power: 960W• Capacity: 8L• Weight: 11.5kg

  • Mastervac MV12 & MV12s Dustbags

    Fits Mastervac range of dry vacuum cleaners (item codes: DRCL0065, DRCL0001 & 810304)• Pack of 10

  • Numatic Hepaflo Dustbags (NVM-3AH)

    For use with Commercial WV470 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner (item code: CLM20030)• Pack of 10