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  • Stranded Cotton - Assorted Pack

    page444 page982Assorted pack of stranded cotton.• Best selling bright shades• 100% cotton• 8m(l) per skein• Pack of 25

  • Pearl Cotton No. 8 Assortment

    page444 page982With a unique silky touch this 100% cotton mercerised thread is perfect for all embroidery techniques and even crochet.This set contains 30 shades of every hue including pinks, purples, greens, blues, yellows, oranges, browns, reds, black and white. Colours may vary.• Pack of 10…

  • Economy Threads

    page444 page982• Excellent value economy range • Assorted colours• 100m spools• 100% polyester• Box of 36

  • Matching and Threading

    page713Children will enjoy selecting and threading coloured pieces to complete either a house, frog, car or train. An interesting resource for identification and co-ordination skills. Age: 3 years+.• Size: ranges from 140mm-190mm• Set of 4

  • Stranded Multicoloured Cotton

    page444A wonderful thread to create incredible effects in creative embroidery pieces. The threads are randomly dyed in different colours so that when stitching, the colours change without having to change thread colours.• Pack of 12 skeins

  • Pearl Cotton Multicolour No. 5 Assortment

    page444Made with an extra long staple 100% Egyptian Cotton these multicolour skeins produce marvellous colour effects without the need to change threads. Pearl Cotton No.5 is thick and easy to work with allowing children and beginners to achieve great effects. • 12 x 5g skeins in varying…

  • Anchor Stranded Cotton

    Anchor Stranded Cotton is the most versatile embroidery thread, it is divisible into separate strands and can be used for freestyle and counted thread embroidery.• Pack of 72

  • Wooden Threading Beads

    page569 page713A selection of colourful wooden threading beads containing different shapes and a threading string. Make patterns and encourage fine motor and co-ordination skills. Age: 3 years+.• Made from beech wood• Approx. bead size: 20mm• Set of 72 wooden beads

  • Thread

    page444 page982• 100m spools• 100% polyester• Bag of 12

  • Beads Sequencing Kit

    …Excellent for learning about patterns and sequences as well as developing early number skills such as counting. For additional play value a lace is included for threading activities that will improve hand/eye co-ordination. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 72 beads, 10 sticks and 10 matching colour cards

  • Threading Animals

    page713A set of two threading animals, a bear and a butterfly. Both come with laces. An ideal lacing resource which is great for developing fine motor skills and hand/eye development. Age: 4 years+.• Butterfly size: 260mm x 195mm x 160mm• Bear size: 190mm x 140mm x 130mm• Set of 2,…

  • Threading Shapes

    page713A set of three solid wooden 3D shapes; cube, octagon and cylinder. Each one has a different configuration of holes through which you can lace with the wooden ferrule. An ideal lacing resource to help develop manipulative skills. Age: 3 years+.• Each shape is approx 60mm-65mm(h)• Set…

  • Wooden Threading Fruit

    page713Brightly coloured wooden fruit in cotton storage bag. Includes apples, oranges, bananas, pears, strawberries, kiwi fruit, leaves, threading needle and lace. Ideal for lacing or role play to develop fine motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination. Age: 18 months+.• Apple size: 56mm(h) x…

  • Phonics Threading Beads

    page809 page821There are five Phonics Threading beads sets available. • CVC set contains all the letters and sounds from phase 2. The set has 90 beads, 30 double-sided cards (120mm x 100mm) and 30 x 170mm strings.• CVCC and CCVC set contains all the words in the bank of suggested words in…

  • Circle Sewing Cards

    These circle sewing cards provide great opportunities for learning and practising the simplest of stitching, counting and threading techniques.• Size: 150mm(dia)• Pack of 30

  • First Sewing Classpack

    …designed to present the stitching process to young children in its simplest form! By combining chunky yarn, pre cut felt fish shaped blanks and easy thread plastic needles. The pack is a great starting point to encourage creativity and achievement in early crafts.• Size: 120mm x 90mm• Pack…

  • Necchi Millepunti Professionale Sewing Machine

    …clutch mechanism • Smooth and designer style • Free arm with built in accessory compartment • Simple easy glide follows the arrows threading • Automatic needle threader• 27 Stitch selection• Built in tension control • Horizontal spool pin • Independent stitch…

  • Necchi Rosso 200 Sewing Machine

    …Stop / Start Button• Adjustable Foot Pressure• Twin Needle Capability• Quick Snap On Feet• Soft / Dust Cover• Thread Cutter• Width: 35cm• Sewing Speed - 1100• Built in carry handle• Extra Wide Stitches - up to 40mm• Adjustable Tension•…

  • Coloured Craft Cotton

    page444Top quality craft cotton/acrylic mix yarn in 10 gloriously rich colours. Soft lustrous texture which is perfect for knitting, threading, creative crafts and textile projects.• 50g each• Pack of 10

  • Sparkle Ribbon

    page448Velvet touch ribbon with a shiny metallic surface in assorted colours. Superb for collage, applique and textile trimming, threading and adding some extra sparkle to weavings and creative projects.• 10mm(w) x 1m lengths• Pack of 20 assorted colours

  • Learn To Tie Your Shoes

    page718Colour in the fun designs and lace up the shoes with the provided string. Form the shoe into a three-dimensional model that fits over a real shoe! Children can even take them home to demonstrate for their parents. Age: 3 years+.• Includes: 36 shoes, 36 laces, and teacher guide