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  • Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

    page968 page1646Twin display thermometer with indoor and outdoor sensors. • Indoor temperature range: -10°C (14°F) to +50°C (+122°F) • Outdoor temperature range: -50°C (-58°F) to +70°C (+158°F) • Large LCD display• Requires 1 x AAA battery (item…

  • Forehead Thermometer

    page1492• Supplied in a case

  • Low Toxicity Laboratory Thermometer

    page967 page974These thermometers contain an organic filling specially chosen to achieve a wide temperature span and provides the lowest practical levels of hazard - an ideal substitute for mercury thermometers.• Glass tube• Available in two lengths and ranges• 155mm length: -10°C…

  • Catering Test Thermometer

    page1674• Range -10°c to +200°c• 125mm stainless steel probe• Max/min memory

  • Electronic Clinical Ear Thermometer

    page1492An easy-to-use thermometer that provides accurate results. • Supplied in a protective bag with full instructions• 20 ear covers included• Replacement covers available separately• Centigrade and Fahrenheit switchable

  • Digital Thermometer with Buzzer

    page1492Keep track of temperatures easily and quickly with this digital thermometer. Provides safe and professional accuracy every time.• Fast oral read• Last read memory• Audible signal• Auto switch-off• Water resistant• Flexible tip• Battery change…

  • Wall Thermometer

    page967 page1492Plastic wall thermometer with clear, black printed scale. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.• °C and °F scales • Spirit filled• Range: -10°C to +50°C• Length: 145mm• Sold singly

  • Folding Probe Test Thermometer

    page968 page1674Foldable thermometer with stainless steel sensor probe for convenient use and easy storage.• Range: 0°C to 180°C• Battery: 1.5 volt x 1 piece (included)• Size: 120mm(l) x 30mm(w) x 20mm(d)• Sold singly

  • Stirring Rod Thermometer 155mm Pk 10

    page967 page974Glass thermometers with red spirit filling, complete with non-roll cap.• Range: -10°C to +110°C• Available in 3 lengths• Pack of 10

  • Green Spirit Filled Stirring Thermometers

    page967 page974Glass thermometers with green spirit filling, complete with non-roll cap.• Range: -10°C to +110°C• Available in 3 lengths • Pack of 5

  • Breaksafe Thermometer

    page967Encapsulated in PVC to contain any glass or filling material in the event of breakage.• Range: -10°C to +110°C• Length: 200mm• Sold singly

  • Horizontal Fridge/frzr Thermometer

    page1674White horizontal fridge or freezer thermometer with blue temperature scale indicating recommended zones.• Range: -30°C to +40°C• Size: 130mm(w) x 22mm(d) x 40mm(h) • Sold singly

  • Dial Fridge/freezer Thermometer

    Fridge and freezer thermometer combined. Features an ABS case incorporating a plastic hook to hang from a shelf.• Range of -30 to 30°C• Size: 52mm(dia)

  • Window Weather Station

    page954This innovative, clear, flexible and virtually transparent thermometer adheres firmly to windows or glass doors using electrostatic technology. It can be easily removed or repositioned. Large easy-to-read numbers make it possible to see from across the room.• Size: 178mm (7") diameter

  • Science Trolley - Earth & Beyond

    …- Introduction to Space• Microslide Viewer• Earth Science Kit• Inflatable Globe (geopolitical - 600mm dia.)• Tumble 'n Teach - Acts of Nature• Direct Reading Rain Gauge• Water Cycle Cards - Set of 10• Thermometer and Hygrometer• Clever Catch Ball -Recycling

  • Probe Thermometer

    page968• Range: -50°C to +300°C • Electronic battery included 1 x AAA• Quartz• Clear readings in C or F scale • Adjustable sample rate, temperature readings can be taken every second • Programmable alarm sounds when the temperature rises above or falls below set…

  • Digital Thermometer

    page1492A great, easy-to-use digital thermometer.• Safe, fast and professional accuracy• Takes oral and underarm readings• Fahrenheit and Centigrade options• Sold singly

  • Nursery Thermometer

    This bright and colourful thermometer is engaging and won't look out of place in any nursery room. It is important to maintain the correct temperature and the simple to use colour coded design makes this thermometer easy to use at a glance.

  • Maximum-Minimum Thermometer

    page967This maximum-minimum plastic thermometer allows students to easily monitor the highest and lowest temperature during a given time period. • °C and °F scale• Range: -20°C to +50°C• Length: 205mm• Sold singly

  • Giant Thermometer

    This giant wall-mounted thermometer has a tube recessed into a wooden frame. Shows both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. Recessed tubes prevent breakage. Ages 6+. • Temperatures: -40° to 50°C and -40° to 120°F• Sold singly

  • Fridge Freezer Thermometer

    page1674White vertical fridge or freezer thermometer with blue temperature scale indicating recommended zones.• Range: -30°C to +40°C • Length: 142mm• Sold singly