Team Bands

  • Nylon Team Bands Pack

    Very strong nylon-webbing team bands. A great solution for identifying teams and encouraging team spirit. • Colours: red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple• Pack of 6

  • School Team Bands

    • Quick and easy way to differentiate team members• 520mm in length• Sold singly or in pack of 24

  • Cut-to-Length Team Bands

    A 38mm wide polyester roll which is great for cutting your team bands to the required length. • Length: 11m• Available in 4 colours• Sold singly

  • First-Play® Multi-Coloured Team Kit

    A range of equipment to encourage skill development, in four team colours. Age: 4 years+.Contains:• 8 x team bands• 8 x 75mm plastic balls• 8 x gameflow balls• 24 x markers• 4 x 500mm flat hoops• 4 x 200mm soft touch balls• 4 x 160mm soft touch balls• 4 x…

  • Team Colours PE Packs

    …any team based activity. Contains:• 1 x jump sack• 12 x plastic skipping ropes• 6 x 450mm hoops• 6 x Junior plastic playbats• 12 x 90mm coated foam balls• 6 x plastic table tennis bats• 12 x 64mm gamester balls• 6 x rubber quoits• 12 x team bands• 6…

  • First Play Multi-Coloured Team Kits

    A range of equipment to encourage skill development, in four team colours. Age: 4 years+.Contains:• 8 x team bands• 8 x 75mm plastic balls• 8 x gameflow balls• 24 x markers• 4 x 500mm hoops• 4 x 200mm soft touch balls• 4 x 160mm soft touch balls• 4 x Eurohoc…

  • Burst the Bubble Game

    …beanbags into the hoops for their team colours. Increase the skill level by having children throw their beanbags into the hoops furthest away. Contains:• 6 x red hoops (450mm)• 6 x blue hoops (450mm)• 4 x red team bands• 4 x blue team bands• 20 x red beanbags• 20 x blue…

  • Wrist Bells

    • Colours may vary• Pack of 2

  • Three Legged Race Straps

    These three legged race straps are padded and attach quickly with a hook and loop fastening. • Size: 50mm(w)• Suitable for children and adults• Colours may vary• Sold as a pair

  • Playball Relay

    …Repeat until all children have completed a set or if playing in pairs, set a number of sets for them to complete and see who wins.Contains:• 12 x 460mm red hoops• 12 x 460mm blue hoops• 12 x red team bands• 12 x blue team bands• 6 x red playballs• 6 x blue playballs

  • Weighted Wristbands

    Soft wrist bands fasten with hook and loop and provide a discreet sensory aid to increase body awareness for fine motor skills. The weight is enough to provide additional sensation but allows free movement. Made from velour and filled with PVC grains.• Pack of 2• Size: 30mm(w) x 230mm(l) •…

  • Numbered Mesh Training Vests

    High quality fluorescent micro mesh bibs, ideal for team sports.• Available in 3 sizes• Available in 3 colours• Pack of 15 (numbered 1-15)

  • Mitre® Pro Reversible Bibs

    Pro-level bib made from 100% polyester mesh, delivering lightweight and breathable performance. Fully reversible to enable easier team change.• Available in 2 colours• Available in 2 sizes• Sold singly

  • Mitre® Reversible Netball Bibs

    • Reversible bibs with team positions displayed on the front and back• 100% polyester micro mesh with an elasticated strap and sticky hook and loop fasteners• Set of 7

  • Claves

    Instruments for exploring rhythmic sounds made by striking, beating or shaking. The wrist bells have hook-and-loop fastening so they can be played when dancing.•Pack of 2•Size: 165mm x 126mm x 50mm

  • Auditory Sensory Tub

    This Auditory Tub contains many carefully selected items offering different auditory sounds and musical rewards, which will encourage participation, movement, hand/eye co-ordination and communication skills. Comes with a 'Suggested Ideas of Use' manual. • 1 x sturdy wheeled tub • 1 x sound…

  • Sports Day Pack

    Ideal for helping children to develop basic throwing and catching skills and improve hand eye co-ordination. Comes complete with a clear crystal box and lid for easy storage.Contains:• 1 x Egg 'n' Spoon race set• 4 x Three legged race straps• 4 x Jump sacks Assorted colours• 1 x…

  • Jordan Coloured Neoprene Covered Kettlebell and Rack Set

    Jordan Kettlebells have been designed and refined to ensure the perfect use. The handles are exactly the right length and distance from the bell to ensure it sits on the forearm and not the wrist, ensuring pain-free training and optimal technique.These Kettlebells are colour-coded for easy weight…

  • Kit for Purpose Sports Day Ideas Pack

    • Contains: 50 x marker saucers, 3 x pairs of three legged race straps, 12 x cotton beanbags, 6 x plastic batons, 1 x Aeroball, 6 x egg 'n' spoons, 1 x stopwatch, 1 x pair of Dunlop wellies and 6 x plastic skipping ropes

  • Early Years Music Frame

    This easy to move, lightweight frame includes a set of instruments to hang up and create different sounds. The frame can be left outside in your music area...just remember to bring the instruments indoors! Instruments may vary.• Suitable for 4 to 11 years• Self-Assembly• Made from…

  • Music Set 2

    This unique set of complementary instruments creates a wealth of sound and colour and are designed to lead children from the first discovery of noise and sounds into the world of creative music. Age: 3 years+. Set contains: • Wave Drum• Tom Tom• Xylophone• 4 x bendy bells, for…