• Goal Outdoor Learning Board

    …comes complete with goal framework (7 strips - 90mm x 100mm) and 12 learning board balls, which can be positioned in the goal for tasks such as target practice. The balls are also colour coded for bonds to ten, for example, 8 and 2 are yellow, 9 and 1 are blue. The goal can be permanently fixed and…

  • Target Chute

    A great multi-coloured parachute that can double up as a throwing target by simply placing the chute flat on the floor. • Diameter: 6m• Sold singly

  • New Age House Target Mat

    The House Target mat has been specially designed for indoor use enabling a traditional style of kurling; the player closest to the centre is the winner.• Sold singly

  • Catchall Target

    This height adjustable plastic target has a built-in net to catch saucers, flying discs, quoits, bean bags etc. • Height adjustable: 880mm-1350mm• Size of target mouth: 900mm(w) x 300mm(l)• Base can be stabilised with sand or water fill

  • Movement Activity Pack

    This great set can achieve a wide range of layouts to suit various age ranges. It can also be used to develop movement and set targets for throwing activities. Contains:• 12 x bean bags • 8 x 300mm cones• 3 x 500mm flat hoops • 2 x 600mm flat hoops• 4 x 300mm flat hoops…

  • Target Net

    • Ideal for throwing skills• Can be used to create a target for scoring games• 508mm diameter• Sold singly

  • Target Throw

    A game of skill and accuracy with easy measurement using the mat provided.Contains:• 4 sets of five coloured beanbags• 4 x plastic targets• 1 x measuring mat• 1 x laminated activity card• 1 x carry bag

  • Target Basket

    This pop-up net is ideal for beginners to practice their game.• Diameter: 508mm• Sold singly

  • Shortgolf Grabba! Target

    The ShortGolf grabba! Target is a double-sided hook material target for putting and chipping games, the ShortGolf ballz! stick to the target. Featuring a large target area with scoring zones and a crosshair aiming point for shot alignment, it is manufactured from durable shatterproof construction.…

  • Beanbag Target Game Set

    • This set is a fun interactive game for children of all ages• Contains: 8 x bean bags and 1 x target mat (1000mm x 1000mm)

  • Freestanding Target Games Set

    …with two target game attachments; one allows throwing darts to stick to the hook and loop scoring sections, the second is for shape recognition with five shaped sections. Great for developing hand/eye co-ordination, and a bit of number and shape recognition 'thrown in'! Contains:• Target frame…

  • Velcro Target Balls 10pk

    Soft and sticky foam balls prevent accidents and can be used for a range of fun target games. Each ball has six hook and loop spots on them. Their soft foam make them perfect for 'sticky' targets and safe for basic throwing games. Colours may vary.• Made from foam• Pack of 10• Size: 70mm(dia.)

  • Target Catch Set

    This great activity allows students to develop their hand-eye co-ordination skills. Increase the challenge by positioning the baskets at different distances.Contains:• 12 x pyramid beanbags• 3 x target baskets

  • Shortgolf Stikka! Target Yellow

    The ShortGolf stikka! Target (with a material centre that the ShortGolf ballz! stick to) is manufactured from durable shatterproof plastic. The sloping ring surrounding the material centre demands correct shot strength and is usable on any surface. Includes flag and base.• Fully waterproof•…

  • New Age Bowls Horseshoe Target

    This horseshoe target has been specially designed for indoor New Age Bowls as a unique scoring target; points are awarded for successfully placing the bowl into the horseshoe. • Colour: yellow• Sold singly

  • New Age Bowls Sliders Target

    This target has been designed to be used on any flat surface, with scoring zones from 1 point to 5 points.• For use with New Age Kurling and New Age Bowls• Colour: red and white• Sold singly

  • New Age Kounters Target Mat

    This Kounters target mat has been specially designed for a number of indoor activities such as highest points, counting down from 101 and Pontoon to name just a few.• Sold singly

  • New Age Numbered Target Mat

    The numbered target mat has been specially designed for two easy to play activities; closest to the middle and highest number of points. • Size: 1200mm(w) x 1200mm(h)• For use with New Age Bowls Set• Sold singly

  • New Age Kurling Golf Target

    The Kurling Golf Targets have been specially designed for indoor activities to enable a unique and interesting style of kurling. This pack of mats can be played in the style of a round of golf, playing from Hole 1 and Hole 9. The winner is the participant that reaches hole 9 in the fewest number of…

  • Mo-t-vate Stamp - Target Met

    Motivational stamps can make education more rewarding. Ideal for recognising and rewarding children's good work and achievements.• Pre-inked and re-inkable• Selection of motivational messages• Sold singly or in packs of 12

  • 3-in-1 Targets

    …or bean bags, these will help you promote accuracy rather than power and will suit all sorts of games and activities.• Each set contains 4 coloured targets, each with 3 sides• Made from nylon• Small target hole sizes: 600mm, 270mm and 130mm• Large target hole sizes: 700mm, 400mm and 25mm