• Value Adhesive Tape 25mm and 75mm Core

    page121Clear, self-adhesive polypropylene tape. • 75mm core size available in 66m rolls with 18mm, 24mm and 48mm widths• 75mm core size is also available in 99m rolls, 24mm width - and fits the standard desk dispenser 015350• 25mm core available in 33m rolls with 18mm and 24mm…

  • Value Invisible Tape

    page121Great value invisible tape.• Easy tear• Size: 19mm x 33m• Sold singly

  • Value Heavy Duty Tape

    page64 page120Heavy duty buff packing tape. • Size: 50mm(w) x 50m(l) • Pack of 6

  • Scotch Easy Tear Clear Adhesive Tape

    page121High quality, high performance clear adhesive tape.• Will not yellow, stain or telescope • Easy to tear • Very strong • Excellent adhesive properties• 75mm core, 66 metre rolls in 2 width sizes• Boxed quantity varies depending on roll width

  • Value Masking Tape

    page117 page120 page979 A general purpose tape for masking applications.• 50m length• Available in two widths

  • Scotch Magic Tape

    page121High quality, invisible tape which can be written or typed on.• Unaffected by sunlight, moisture and temperature change• 19mm x 33M• Sold singly

  • Reflective Tape 50mmx1m Strip Bk/yl

    page1498 page1623• Diagonally striped tape• 1 metre length• Supplied in strips not on a roll as illustrated• Sold singly

  • Value Double-Sided Tape

    page120Double sided white tape.• Available in 2 widths: 12mm or 25mm• 50m long• Sold singly or as a pack of 5

  • Microporous Tape

    page1487• For general first aid use• Non-woven, hypoallergenic and easy tear for quick application• Low allergenic adhesive • Size: 25mm x 5m• Box of 12

  • Duck Tape Christmas Pack

    page488Pack of 6 Duck Tapes in festive colours ideal for a variety of crafts.• Colours: red, green, white, black, silver and gold• Size: 48mm(w) x 9.1m• Pack of 6

  • Unibond Electrical Tape

    page1615• Soft flexible PVC electrical insulating tape• Insulates up to 600V and 60°c • Conforms to BS3929• Size: 19mm(w) x 3.5m(l)• Pack of 6

  • Cloth Tape

    Waterproof self adhesive tape• Size: 50mm(w) x 50m(l)• Available in Black• Sold in single rolls of 50m

  • Cloth Tape 50mm Blue Each

    Waterproof self adhesive tape• Size: 50mm(w) x 50m(l)• Available in 3 colours: Green, Blue and Red• Sold in single rolls of 50m

  • Value Tape Dispenser

    page120Great value, robust plastic dispenser for adhesive tapes with 75mm core, up to 25mm(w) x 99m(l).• Supplied in black• Sold singly

  • Craft Tape Super Pack

    page473This craft tape applies easily to paper and wood objects. Ideal for decorating greeting cards, posters or even 3-D objects.• Includes 2 each of: black, blue, gold, lavender, neon green, neon orange, neon pink, neon yellow, red and silver• Pack of 20

  • Washproof Tape

    page1487• Washproof tape with secure, low allergenic adhesion• Size: 25mm x 5m• Supplied singly

  • Tape Measure

    page892 page966A tough, nylon-reinforced plastic tape measure which is 1m(l) x 30mm(w). Chunky and easy to hold, with bold 1cm markings and 10cm increments. This handy tape is made from a flexible, non stretch and washable material. • Bold 1cm markings and 10cm increments• Size: 1000mm(l)…

  • Road Tape

    page646PlayTape Classic Road Series has been specifically designed to bring hours of imaginative entertainment at minimal cost and maximal convenience. Use the toy cars you already have to drive on the track. With a single roll of PlayTape you can create a road or a whole city, the possibilities are…

  • Sellotape Double-Sided Tape

    page353• Versatile tape coated both sides with a strong adhesive• Ideal for display, mounting and exhibition work• Tissues tape is easy to tear by hand for ease of use• "Easy to remove" backing

  • Number Line Desk Tape

    page883Each pack of this helpful, self-adhesive tape, includes 36 tapes on a roll that are perfect for students to reference when learning number recognition and relationships. Each tape comes in a self-dispensing box. • Size: 50cm x 2.5cm

  • 20mmx10m Plain Photoluminescent Tape

    page1509 page1623Plain tape for general warning.• Available in 2 sizes• 10 metre length• Sold singly