• Stickers Classpack

    An excellent value pack of motivational stickers with a variety of designs and messages; super star, well done, monster effort, out of this world, excellent, brilliant, hard worker and beautiful work.• Supplied on 20 x A5 sheets• Size: 38mm(dia.)• 300 stickers

  • Sparkly Gold Star Stickers

    Star shaped smiley stickers with a sparkly gold effect.• Supplied on 10 sheets• Size: 22mm(dia.)• 320 stickers

  • Sparkly Stickers Bumper Pack

    These stickers are a great motivator with a variety of coloured sparkly designs and rewarding captions.• Designs: super star, well done, very good, terrific, fantastic, excellent effort, brilliant behaviour and ask me why I got this sticker.• Supplied on 20 sheets• 360 stickers: 28mm(dia.)

  • Budget Stickers

    Great value, single colour designs.• 8 sheets of each design• Total of 40 sheets• Size: 38mm(dia.)• 600 stickers

  • Motivational Stickers Bumper Pack

    Bumper selection of smaller motivational stickers, great for use with reward charts, with different captions such as excellent, well done, good and bright idea.• Supplied on 5 x A4 sheets• Size: 10mm(dia.)• 750 stickers

  • A5 Star Words Stickers

    Colourful star burst designs with motivational captions including: well done, very good, good work, good effort, neat work and super star. • Supplied on 5 x A5 sheets• Size: 10mm(dia.)• 750 stickers

  • Personalised Logo Coloured School Stickers - Large

    Personalise the front of your exercise books with colour stickers complete with your school crest/logo along with the school name.• Dimensions: 135mm(w) x 70mm(h)• Logo school stickers which neatly cover over the ‘writing area’ on A4+, A4, and 9" x 7" exercise books•…

  • Sparkly Star Stickers

    Clear vinyl stickers with sparkly metallic star design.• Available in 10mm(dia.) and 24mm(dia.)• Available in metallic gold and sparkly silver

  • Mini Sparkly Star Stickers

    These sparkly stars are very versatile, ideal for paper based marking, reward charts, reading records and much more. • Supplied on 2 sheets• Size: 12mm(dia.)• 208 stickers

  • Bulk Pack of Stickers

    Great value bulk pack of stickers.• 10 sheets of assorted designs• 400 stickers approx.

  • Minibeast Stickers

    Minibeast themed stickers, ideal for bringing nature into the classroom - each with well done.• Supplied on 5 x A5 sheets• Size: 15mm(dia.)• 440 stickers

  • A4 Stickers Bumper Pack

    Selection pack of motivational stickers with different captions. • Designs: well done, fantastic, on target, super star, brilliant and terrific.• Supplied on 10 x A4 sheets• 992 stickers: 560 x 24mm(dia.) and 432 x 10mm(dia.)

  • A5 Star Stickers

    Assorted colour smiley star stickers.• Supplied on 5 x A5 sheets• 236 stickers: 140 x 24mm(dia.) and 96 x 10mm(dia.)

  • Collins Children's World Map

    This highly illustrated pictorial map is designed to take children on a journey of discovery around the countries of the world. The mapping is clear colourful and highly informative. Names countries and capital cities.• Including 70 FREE stickers• Size: 600mm x 900mm

  • A5 Reward Stickers

    Variety of smaller stickers, ideal for use on reward charts. Includes captioned stickers (well done, very good, good and excellent), stars and smiley face stickers.• Supplied on 5 x A5 sheets• Size: 10mm(dia.)• 750 stickers• Pack of 750

  • A5 Stickers Bumper Pack

    Multipack of motivational stickers including smiley faces, stars and captioned stickers.• Includes: 6 x captioned sheets, 3 x smiley sheets and 3 x star sheets• 708 stickers: 420 x 24mm(dia.) and 288 x 10mm(dia.)

  • A5 Motivational Stickers

    Selection of motivational stickers with captions including well done, fantastic, very good, excellent, super star and good work.• Supplied on 4 x A5 sheets• 236 stickers: 140 x 24mm(dia.) and 96 x 10mm(dia.)

  • Praise Sparkly Stickers 12mm Pk78

    Selection of sparkly motivational stickers with captions including well done, super star, excellent, brilliant and fantastic as well as smaller assorted colours smiley star stickers.• Supplied on 2 x A5 sheets• 78 stickers: 48 x 28mm(dia.) and 30 x 10mm(dia.)

  • Reward Sticker Bus

    Bright and colourful motivational stickers that are stored inside a bus-shaped box.• Size: 31mm(w) x 24mm(h) • 800 stickers

  • A5 Team Colour Stickers

    A pack of smiley stickers in four team colours; red, blue, green and yellow.• Supplied on 5 x A5 sheets• Size: 15mm(dia.)• 440 stickers

  • Sporting Values Stickers

    Super sports stickers with seven really positive messages; courage, determination, equality, excellence, friendship, inspiration and respect. • Supplied on 4 sheets• Size: 38mm(dia.)• 140 stickers