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  • Multicoloured Tug of War Rope

    A soft easy grip tug of war cotton rope with a 60cm centre point. Ideal for all sports days. • Size: 10m• Weight: 4.5kg• Sold singly

  • First-Play® Jumping Sacks

    • Heavy duty canvas sacks with grab handles are the ideal addition for sports days• Develop childrens balance and movement skills• Supplied singly

  • K4p Sports Day Pack Primary

    • Contains: 50 x marker saucers, 3 x pairs of three legged race straps, 12 x cotton beanbags, 6 x plastic batons, 1 x Aeroball, 6 x egg 'n' spoons, 1 x stopwatch, 1 x pair of Dunlop wellies and 6 x plastic skipping ropes

  • Caterpillar Run Mat

    Caterpillar run mats are great for partner activity and team building. Encourages co-ordination together amongst children.• Can be used by two or three children dependant on child's height• Size: 7m(l) x 0.5m(w)• Sold singly

  • PLAYM8 5-A-Day Character Cards

    With the help of the 5-A-Day friends the PLAYM8 5-A-Day Activity Cards will help reinforce the message of healthy eating, build literacy and numeracy skills while having fun.• Each card contains 3 fun activities• Ideal for use with the 5-A-Day Benabags• Size: A5• Set of 9 cards;…

  • Sports Day Medals

    Sports day medals available in Gold, Silver and Bronze.• Ribbons sold separately• Size of medals: 50mm(dia)

  • Sports Day Medals

    • Encourage children's participation in sports day• Size: 50mm diameter• Supplied singly

  • Sports Day Pack

    Ideal for helping children to develop basic throwing and catching skills and improve hand eye co-ordination. Comes complete with a clear crystal box and lid for easy storage.Contains:• 1 x Egg 'n' Spoon race set• 4 x Three legged race straps• 4 x Jump sacks Assorted colours• 1 x…

  • Sports Day Stickers

    Ideal for rewarding all sorts of competitions.• Available in 4 designs: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Great Competitor• Supplied on 5 sheets• Size: 38mm(dia.)• 75 stickers

  • Fibreglass Tape Measure

    • Ideal for sports days and fieldwork• Metric/imperial

  • Value Relay Batons

    Durable plastic batons, perfect for any sports day relay event.• Colours: red and yellow• Pack of 4

  • Egg 'n' Spoon Race Set

    • A classic sports day favourite!• Egg colours: red, blue, green, yellow, purple and orange• Pack of 6

  • Air Horn

    This pump action air horn is ideal as a warning or starting system, great for sports days.• Never needs to be refilled• Sold singly

  • Skimming Stars

    Add interest to ordinary bean bag activities with these soft, lightweight stars. Use for developing throwing and catching with younger children, or as a new addition to sports day and PE activities. Handy carry/storage bag included.• Pack of 60

  • Chart Badges

    Reward students with this chart badge, ideal for team activities and sports days. • Badge size: 55mm(dia.)• Can fit up to 19 x 10mm stickers• Assorted colours - red, blue, green and yellow

  • Rainbow Space Hoppers

    A clever, fun way for your children to exercise a range of major muscle groups in the playground. A closed handle really improves grip! Why not use the Space Hoppers in sports day races, playground races or as part of a fitness course? Excellent fun for all ages. • Size: 550mm(dia.)

  • Gratnells Step-Up Stages

    …range allows for setting up in much smaller spaces than our larger stage sets. From a classroom corner or the school hall to outdoors on sports day.• Mini Stage: 1 x 750mm x 750mm panel complete with birch trim panels and one set of steps.• Quad Mini Stage: 4 x 750mm x 750mm panels (1.5m…

  • PLAYM8 5-A-Day Active Cube

    …in physical education lesson. Playground leaders can also use them to organise fun activities during breaktimes and lunchtimes.• Designed in conjunction with Youth Sport Direct• Can be used with any of the 5-A-Day products• Cube size: 250mm(w) x 250mm(d) x 250mm(h)• Sold singly

  • Foam Javelins

    • Ideal way to introduce beginners to the sport• Designed to help develop a good throwing technique• Supplied singly

  • Red, White and Blue Plastic Bunting

    Plastic bunting ideal for use indoors or outside use. • 20 flags - overall length 10m• Flags - 320mm x 200mm

  • ABS Plastic Relay Batons

    • Assorted colours• Pack of 6