Sorting Trays

  • Number Pebbles

    …these popular pebbles appeal to children’s natural instinct to explore, investigate, sort and collect. They are durable, so use them indoors and outdoors, bury them in the sand or sink them in a water tray!• Activity Guide• Pebbles are cast from a special resin and stone mix• Jumbo…

  • Super Sorting Set

    Complete sorting kit for your classroom. More than 600 items including Friendly Farm Animals®, Mini Motors® and Fruity Fun™ counters, Link ‘N’ Learn® Links, pattern blocks and transparent counters. Includes six sorting bowls, sorting tray and suggested activities. • Packed in a…

  • Complete First Sorting Set

    A complete sorting set which includes a tray and a variety of counters. Age: 18 months+.• 168 piecesSet includes:• Round sorting tray (325mm)• 40 tropical fish (40mm)• 20 backpack bears in four colours• 12 colour plastic cubes in 6 colours (25mm) • 60 round counters in…

  • All Sorts Unit 12 Deep Trays

    • Size: 1030mm(w) x 453mm(d) x 745mm(h)• Height with castors: 810mm(h)• Supplied with 12 deep Gratnells trays as pictured

  • Toddler Sorting Pots

    Children will love exploring and investigating this beautiful collection of wooden pots and matching lids. Match the lid to the container, stack them, roll them, lift the lids to see what is inside or fit them into their tray.• Suitable for age 10 months and up• Made from wood• H17 x W17 x L55cm

  • Wooden Sorting Table with Lid

    …or inside sorting counters, marbles, dice, buttons or playing with sand. Children experience the tactile feel of this set along with learning about shapes or colours. The table comes complete with a wooden lid that can be attached to clips on the side of the unit when sorting trays are being used,…

  • Mirror Trays

    A beautiful collection of wooden nesting mirror shapes ideal for exploring reflections. The trays are perfect for sorting and collecting. The mirrored base gives these trays an engaging design.• Suitable from birth• Pack of 4

  • Handi Trays

    Ideal for sorting, sharing and mixing pots with a strong, easy to carry Gratnells tray. Fits neatly in the majority of classroom tray storage systems as well as being stacked on shelves.• Complements the Handi Holder storage unit (910086)• Interchangeable pots with Handi Holder…

  • Euro Money Class pack

    • Ideal to help children become familiar working with Euro notes and coins• Set includes: 700 coins, 500 notes, 64 page activity book and handy sorting tray with lid• Age: 5 years+

  • Colour My World Mobile Tray and Shelf Unit

    A colourful tray and shelf unit ideal for storing all sorts of paper and card.• Complete with 8 Gratnells shallow trays in colours shown• Size: 700mm(w) x 453mm(d) x 789mm(h)

  • LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 Core Set

    …space sciences, as well as engineering. Both the software and teaching material can be downloaded for free from View Software RequirementsIncludes: • Sorting Trays• A Smarthub• Medium motor• Motion sensor • Tilt sensor • 280 LEGO Bricks• Supplied in storage bin

  • Mini Muffin Maths Activity Set

    …from a variety of sorting circle inserts to boost colour recognition, sorting, counting and early maths skills. Dice feature colour and numbers allowing for group activities and games. Squeezy tweezers reinforce fine motor skills. Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• 1 muffin tray • 60 mini muffin…

  • Buried Treasure - Letters and Sounds Series

    Decoding has never been so much fun! Work out whether the words on gold coins are real or nonsense. Bury the coins in a sand tray and get the children to dig for them, sorting them into real words that can be placed on the treasure chest and nonsense words that are placed on the dustbin. • Each…

  • Number and Place Value Teaching Essentials Kit

    …Place Value Arrows• One to Hundreds Flip Stand• Foam Magnetic Numbers• Laminated Hundreds Board• Large Vinyl Number Tracks• 117 Number Flash Cards• Number Fans• Number Spinners 6pk• Magnetic Number Lines Level 1• Blueberry Jelly Extra Deep Tray and Lid

  • Early Maths Progress Pack

    …Number Pebbles 1 to 10• Ladybirds Counting Set• Helping Young Children with Numeracy book• Crispin the crow puppet• Sorting Stones• Active Number Cards• Set of six tabards• Maths Outdoors book• Dinosaur Match and Measure Bones• Dinosaur Match and Measure Cards• Supplied in a sturdy Gratnells tray

  • Really Useful Box Storage Units

    …storage range has been designed to hold the popular Really Useful Boxes. These extra strong and perfectly stackable clear boxes with clip on lids are perfect to store all sorts of stuff, from small items of stationery up to lever arch folders. Storage units can be bought with or without the boxes.

  • Discovery Dinosaur Bones

    Guaranteed to inspire and excite, bury them in sand or soil, place them in a water tray or leave them outside to be discovered. They will appeal to children's natural instincts to investigate, sort, order and compare. Age: 2 years+.• 4 different lengths ranging from 60mm-120mm• Set of 12