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  • Instant Snow Jar 100g

    Insta-Snow is an amazing super absorbent powder that looks like real snow when you add water. Insta-Snow expands up to 100 times its original volume. Age: 3 years+.• 100g tubSN610800

  • Metallic & Snow Craft Sprays

    Ideal for festive decorations.• Contains solvents; to be used under adult supervision only• 150ml can* PLEASE NOTE: Not available for sale to under 18's - To be used under adult supervision

  • Snow Pusher with Wheels

    Excellent when clearing large surfaces of snow. Wide handle which makes it suitable for use by two people.• Integral wheels• Easy to use• Size: 785mm(w) x 420mm(d) x 1400mm(l)

  • Bulk Value Resource Pack - Snow World

    …this fantastic Snow World resource pack.Pack contains:• 2 x snow stencil sheets featuring 6 shapes• 2 x snow blankets 900mm x 2.44m(l)• 3 x icicle garlands• 2 x bags of glitter snow polystyrene balls 30g• 3 x cans of snow spray 150ml• 1 x bags of fluffy snow 200g•…

  • Snow Shovel

    A flexible and strong snow shovel, ideal for clearing paths and walkways.• Blue polypropylene blade• Hardwood handle• Blade: 368mm (w) x 445mm (l)• Size: 368mm (w) x 1359mm (l)

  • Snow Stencils

    These re-usable stencils are great for adding a snowy scene for windows and glass.• Size: 220mm(w) x 360mm(l)

  • Multi-Purpose Snow Pusher

    This multi-purpose snow shovel is ideal for use on a variety of surfaces and snow applications.• It can be used as a snow shovel, snow pusher, ice breaker and the foot rest can be used to give better purchase when moving packed snow• Blade made of strong polypropylene and aluminium…

  • Ice and Snow Shakers

    Create beautiful frosty collages with these snow and ice shakers.• One each of 150g snow shaker and 200g clear plastic ice chips shaker• Pack of 2

  • Rainbow Snow Set

    Explore texture with this incredible powder that looks and feels like real snow. Colours are a mix of blue, red, white and green. Age: 3 years+.• Tub includes: 10 x 50g of snow in a mix of colours

  • Terrifictrimmers Snow Flurries 12x1m

    • Fantastic for festive displays• 12 x 1m, 4 themes available

  • Snow Man Puppets

    A simple stitching class pack with everything you need to make 30 of these cheeky snowman puppets.• Pack contains: fleecy blanks, yarn, easy to thread plastic needles, face templates along with full instructions and ideas• Size: 160mm x 140mm• Pack of 30

  • Transparent Star and Snow Cellophane

    Transparent foil rolls decorated with gold stars, silver stars and snow suitable for craft projects, collage, display or even gift wrapping.• Size: 700mm(w) x 2m(l) roll• Pack of 3 rolls

  • Cotton Wool

    Create snow effects by adding cotton wool to your festive display.• Non-sterile cotton wool

  • Sparkling Festive Collage Classpack

    …sequin shaker, classpack of mosaic shapes in assorted colours, metallic tinsel stems in assorted colours, fluffy snow, jar of glitter shavings in assorted colours, curling ribbon in assorted colours 20m, festive ribbon, foil shreds, snow spray, gold spray, silver spray• Contents may vary

  • A4 Weather Signs

    A set of 9 real image A4 boards / posters including rain, sun, cloud, ice, fog, thunder and lightning, rainbow, cloud and snow..• Size: A4, 210mm(w) x 297mm(h)• Set of 9

  • Magic Ice Melt SSP-100

    Six times more effective than de-icing salt - the professional way to clear ice and snow.• A light sprinkling clears ice fast and stops refreezing for up to 36 hours• Effective up to -25°C• No rust or concrete corrosion• No damage to carpets and floors • Completely…

  • Glacier Bricks

    Make a winter wonderland scene with these transparent, shiny bricks. Children will love stacking these bricks to make houses, towers, castles, or even an igloo. Imagine building with these bricks in real or pretend snow.• Made from plastic• H7 x W10 x L21cm

  • Weather Photopack

    A photopack featuring a variety of images showing snow, rain, fog, wind and different cloud formations. It also shows and describes the various instruments used for measuring and recording different aspects of the weather from anemometers to rain gauges. The effects of adverse weather such as…