Silver Paint

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  • Ready Mix Silver 300ml

    …liquid poster paint with a smooth, creamy consistency.• Metallic and Pearlescent Pack: 1 each of bronze, antique gold, silver, pewter, gold and copper and 1 each of pearlescent green, blue, yellow, violet, red and pink• Metallic Pack: 1 each of bronze, antique gold, silver, pewter, gold…

  • Pearlescent Paint

    This paint adds a rich finish to your work. The vibrant, shiny pearlescent colours are safe and non toxic.• Colours: gold, silver, green, red, mauve and blue• 100ml pots• Pack of 6

  • Daler System3 Acrylic Paint Silver

    Highly pigmented, free flowing range of acrylic colours suitable for all types of art, craft and design. Can be used with medium for screen printing.• Fully intermixable • 500ml bottles

  • Giant Stamp Pad Silver

    • Great for festive art projects and safe for using with hands and feet• Size: 150mm diameter• Age: 3 years+• Supplied singly

  • Glitter Paint

    This glitter paint combines vibrant paint colours with high quality bright glitter. It is formulated with a special transparent paint base to enhance every last twinkle of the glitter. Essential for seasonal festivals.• Colours: red, turquoise, green, fairy pink, silver, fairy purple, magenta,…

  • Fabric Paint

    …for fabric painting and also screen printing, stamping and stencilling. Heat fix by ironing on the reverse side for 3-4 mins on a hot iron setting.• Assorted pack: white, black, ultramarine, scarlet, emerald green and lemon• Metallic and Fluorescent pack: metallic gold, metallic silver,

  • Craft Tbl Silver Frm 120x60x76 Alisa

    This chunky 45mm round tube frame gives a bespoke designer feel to your H frame table. It comes with a 10 year guarantee and really will give your classroom both style and practicality in one.• New speckled grey duraform paint frame• 3 table top colour options• Height: 760mm

  • Scola Metallic Paint

    An extremely high quality bright water-based metallic paint which produces outstanding effects.• Colours: 2 x gold and silver, 1 x bronze and copper• 300ml bottles• Pack of 6

  • Reeves Acrylic Metallic Paint

    Reeves acrylic colours have a high pigment concentration to give an excellent strong colour. • Colours: gold, silver, copper and bronze• 75ml tubes• Pack of 4

  • Montana Gold Spray Paint

    …easter yellow, pure orange, purple, raspberry• Fluorescent colours: red, pink, yellow, blue, green, orange• Metallic colours: gold, silver, copper, matt gold, matt silver, varnish gloss• Effect colours: granite light grey and black, marble white and black, crackle white and black• Each set…

  • Sennelier Acrylic Paint Metallic Pk5

    A fantastic set of metallic colours that have a great iridescent quality that will add that extra bit of shine to your painting.• Colours: iridescent pearl, iridescent bronze, iridescent gold, iridescent silver, iridescent copper• 120ml pouches• Pack of 5

  • Metallic and Pearlescent Acrylic Paint

    Good quality water-based liquid acrylic paint with a creamy consistency.• Metallic pack: 2 each of silver, gold and copper• Pearlescent pack: blue, red, pink, yellow, purple and green• 175ml bottles • Pack of 6

  • The Consortium Glitter Gel Paint

    Add a touch of sparkle to your artwork. A true paint with smooth dispersion of glitter particles ensuring no settling problems.• Colours: red, purple, green, blue, gold and silver• 300ml bottles• Pack of 6

  • Reeves Glitter Paint and Glitter Gel Assortment

    …to most surfaces and can be used straight from the bottle. It is easy to clean-up with soap and water.• 7 x glitter paint: light yellow, orange, light pink, raspberry, light green, light blue and purple• 3 x glitter gel: gold, silver and crystal• 250ml bottles• Classpack of 10

  • Metallic Paint Chromacryl 4 X 250ml

    Metallic colours dry to a shiny finish with no hint of grain.• Gold, silver, copper and bronze• 4 x 250ml bottles

  • Graduate Acrylic Set

    • Colours: primary yellow, cadmium red, primary red, ultramarine, primary blue, hookers green, yellow ochre, burnt umber, black, white, silver and gold• 22ml tubes• Pack of 12

  • Giotto Stilnovo Watercolour Pencils

    Stilnovo is an excellent range of watercolour pencils. Intense colours, easy to sharpen, ideal for school use. These pencils have a matching lead/coating and silver-painted edges with new superior watercolour lead.• Assorted colours

  • Marabu Fashion Liner

    Marabu Fashion Liners are deal for embellishments and writing, the perfect finish for all textile designs!• Colours: 2 x Black and 1 each of Black Shimmer, Gold Shimmer, Silver Shimmer and Mother of Pearl Shimmer• 25ml tubes• Pack of 6

  • Giotto Stilnovo Colouring Pencils

    A brilliant new range of hexagonal coloured pencils in intense colours with matching lead colour coating and silver-painted edges. Offering a wide choice of single colour packs and assorted colour packs.• Schoolpack of 192 contains 16 each of the following colours: yellow, red, brown, green,…

  • Metallic and Fluorescent Block Printing Ink

    …excellent transfer properties. The ink works well on all grades of paper and leaves a smooth, even finish. Available in metallic and fluorescent finish.• Metallic: 2 each of silver, gold and copper• Fluorescent: blue, yellow, red, pink, orange and green• 300ml tubes• Pack of 6

  • Marbling Inks - 30Ml Pots

    …to use vivid marbling colours for creating delicate patterns on paper• For use on book liners, wrapping paper, gift boxes or for theme collages• Fluorescent colours: Magenta, Green, Orange, Pink, Red and Yellow• Metallic colours: Gold, Silver, Mauve, Blue, Red and Green• Set of 6