Sentence Strips

  • Sentence Strips

    Printed guidelines to show upper and lower case letter sizes. • 38mm rule and 19mm mid-line • Size: 76mm x 609mm • Pack of 100 assorted colour cards

  • Standard Pocket Chart

    Allows easy display of information/teaching displays. Made of nylon cloth with clear pockets perfect for sentence strips. 10 extra wide pockets easily hold a sentence strip, plus a picture.• Includes 16-page Teaching Guide with blackline masters• Cards displayed not included • Size:…

  • White Lined Sentence Strips

    These lined, white sentence strips have 3 thin lines on the back and 1 on the front. They are a great addition to any classroom for use in pocket charts, on a bulletin board, or just as a writing exercise. • Size: 75mm x 600mm• Pack of 100

  • Sentence Substitution Phase 3

    …words in sentences. Pupils are invited to substitute words to change the meaning of the sentence. Each sentence and the matching substitute words are colour-coded for easy sorting. A 'silly' substitute word is also included to ensure children follow the meaning of the sentence, and also allows…

  • Verbs at Work

    …are asked to match a related sentence that happened yesterday, is happening today or will happen tomorrow.Set contains: • 10 x magnetic pictures• 10 x magnetic verbs• 4 x magnetic work boards• 30 x magnetic self-correcting sentence strips• 40 x photocopiable worksheets

  • Phase 3 Phonics Class Pack

    …their phonics screening test with resources from phase 2 to 6 of Systematic Synthetic Phonics.Kit contains: •30 x Question Strips Ph 3 •10 x Sentence Strips Ph 3 •30 x Synthetic Letter Fans Stage 1•30 x Synthetic Letter Fans Stage 2•30 x Synthetic Letter Fans Stage 3•30…