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  • Giant 9 Bubble Convex Mirror

    page531 page655 page662 An exciting mirror that duplicates images and changes shape and size. Suitable for all ages, including adults, this mirror is popular with therapists as well as play specialists. The moulded mirror is made from hammer tough, non shatter EN71 safety plastic. The 50mm x 50mm…

  • Hand Held Foam Mirror

    page660Children will enjoy this vivid purple hand held mirror with easy handles and the large mirror surface. Use for observation of reflection, self observation, role play and reflection and symmetry. Children under 3 years should be supervised when using this product.• Size: 455mm(w) x…

  • Tweezers

    page563 page712 page714 These tweezers are just right for little hands and are a great tool to help in developing the pincer grasp.• 6 colours• Set of 12• Primary Science™ Jumbo Tweezers size: 150mm(l)• Gator Grabber Tweezers™ size: 100mm(l)

  • Sensory Centre

    page521The sensory centre is ideal for use in any multi-sensory room or darkened environment. It comes complete with three sensory items of equipment which are activated by pressing their own colourful switches. Acrylic mirrors enhance the sensory effects and the black carpet platform is tactile and…

  • Sensory Bag

    page508 page669Delight all of a child's senses with this amazing combination of textures, smells, shapes and sounds. Each sensory bag comes complete with a number of activity ideas and have been designed to appeal to both boys and girls. To be used under adult supervision. Age: 3 years+.• Set…

  • Visual Sensory Tub

    This visual tub contains a whole range of bright and attractive toys and effects which encourage participation, movement, vocalisation, hand/eye co-ordination, tracking skills and visual attention. Age: 3 years+.• 'Suggested Ideas of Use' • Supplied in a sturdy wheeled tub• Size of…

  • Spider Balls

    page518• Brightly coloured ball gives a great sensory feel with their tentacles• Adding extra dimension to throwing and catching games• 65mm tentacles• Pack of 6

  • Sensory Blocks

    page530A beautiful set of 16 building blocks with natural hardwood surrounds and a variety of different centres that will excite the senses. Some are filled with liquid, others with glitter, beads and sand. Each block in the set is unique. The blocks can be used for building, for creating patterns…

  • Little Ball Set

    …4 x 100mm porcupine balls• 2 x 70mm reaction balls• 2 x 100mm reaction balls• 4 x engraving balls• 12 x foam balls• 2 x swirly balls• 10 x perforated balls• 5 x sports neon balls• 5 x face neon balls • 2 x sensory touch balls• 1 x storage bag

  • Touch and Feel Puzzles

    page513• Different textures for young children to touch and explore• Encourages matching and sorting• Age: 12 months+• Supplied singly

  • Black Out Sensory Den

    page507 page522This black out sensory den has a unique hexagonal shape, is very simple to install and light weight while being stable and safe for children to use. The sealable entrance and windows and 98% light proof fabric means that inside the black out sensory den remains dark even in daylight,…

  • Sensory Stones

    page514Eight tactile stones with different designs. Set includes four raised/bumpy tactile stones, circles, waves, dots and a grid and four indented stones, zigzag, lines, circles and a spiral. Introduce the stones to the children and encourage them to look at and to feel. Age: 3 years+.•…

  • Sensory Ball Pack

    page519A selection of 20 balls with different textures, colours, density and bounce properties. Selected by primary and pre-school specialists. The balls are supplied in a black feely bag. Age: 3 years+.• Largest ball diameter 75mm• Smallest ball diameter 50mm• Pack of 20

  • Small Sensory Ball Set

    page519This set of 43 sensory balls are ideal for developing fine motor skills, hand/eye co-ordination, language development and much more. Age: 3 years+.Children should be supervised when playing with the items within this set.Contains:• 6 x 100mm sensy balls• 2 x 200mm sensy balls•…

  • Textured Sensory Light Balls

    page526Children will love to play with these balls, that light up and flash when bounced. Each ball has a different surface texture to explore. Great for catch games or a sensory area. • Size: 100mm(dia)• Set of 4

  • Plastic Mirrors

    page931These small, hand-held mirrors enable children to look at everyday objects from unusual perspectives.• Available in flat or convex/concave versions• Single sided mirrors

  • Playscope Treasure Basket Starter Set

    page508A large treasure basket of 25 carefully selected sensory-rich treasures, hand stitched gingham cover and guidance. The set complies with EN71 safety standards and features a basket cover. Age: 10 months+.• Includes: 25 treasures and guidance booklet• Contents may vary

  • Touch and Feel Animal Boards

    page323These boards have a wonderful tactile and sensory quality that children adore. The animal fur designs add further fascination and when children “stroke” them they have been seen to have a calming/soothing effect. Especially good for children with special needs.• Patterns: tiger, leopard,…

  • UV Sensory Bag

    page520The UV Sensory Bag is a fantastic resource to brighten up your Sensory Room. Make lessons fun using UV reactive resources. This Sensory Bag is an ideal way to introduce UV into any darkened environment.Contents (may vary):• 1 x pump bag• 6 x bangles• 1 x UV velvet slime…

  • Light Ball

    page526Rubbery bouncy light-filled ball, every time it's squeezed it changes colour. This ball demonstrates cause and effect and is a great visual item with the flashing colour lights.• Size: 80mm(dia)• Sold singly

  • Sensory Sponges

    page512Colours, textures and shapes abound with this sensory sponge set. Every texture is thought of to provide the ultimate sensory experience. Suitable for all ages.• Packed in a drawstring bag• Set of 15 pieces