• Sellotape® Original Golden Tape

    page121Britain's no.1 original golden tape.• Strong and extra sticky• Clear when applied• Easy to unwind• Easy to tear - no need for scissors• Anti-tangle for better control• Available in 75mm core, 66m length and widths of 18mm and 24mm• Available in 25mm core,…

  • Value Tape Dispenser

    page120Great value, robust plastic dispenser for adhesive tapes with 75mm core, up to 25mm(w) x 99m(l).• Supplied in black• Sold singly

  • Sellotape Large Chrome Dispenser

    page120Stylish dispenser with a mirror finish.• Non-slip base for easy taping• Large dispenser for small rolls of tape up to 25mm wide and 66m long and for large rolls• Small dispenser for small rolls of tape up to 19mm wide and 33m long

  • Scotch Easy Tear Clear Adhesive Tape

    page121High quality, high performance clear adhesive tape.• Will not yellow, stain or telescope • Easy to tear • Very strong • Excellent adhesive properties• 75mm core, 66 metre rolls in 2 width sizes• Boxed quantity varies depending on roll width

  • Value Adhesive Tape 25mm and 75mm Core

    page121Clear, self-adhesive polypropylene tape. • 75mm core size available in 66m rolls with 18mm, 24mm and 48mm widths• 75mm core size is also available in 99m rolls, 24mm width - and fits the standard desk dispenser 015350• 25mm core available in 33m rolls with 18mm and 24mm…

  • Sellotape Hook Strip 12m

    page352 page447Great for general mounting and display. For use with loop fasteners.• Size spots: 22mm(dia.)• Size strip: 25mm(w) x 12m(l)

  • Sellotape Loop Strip 12m

    page352 page447Great for general mounting and display. For use with hook fasteners.• Size spots: 22mm(dia.)• Size strip: 25mm(w) x 12m(l)

  • Sellotape Double-Sided Tape

    page353• Versatile tape coated both sides with a strong adhesive• Ideal for display, mounting and exhibition work• Tissues tape is easy to tear by hand for ease of use• "Easy to remove" backing

  • Sellotape Sticky Fixers

    page353Double-sided adhesive pads for permanent mounting.• Solvent free• Safe and easy for children to use• Pad size; 12mm x 25mm• 140 pads

  • Post-it® Canary Yellow Value Packs

    page126The Modern Classic. The easy choice for your everyday communication needs in a handy value pack. • Cost effective for high volume note users• 100 sheets per pad• Perfect for cupboard storage• Available in 3 sizes• Pack of 20 pads

  • The Consortium White Tack

    page353Clean, safe and easy to use. An ideal alternative to drawing pins and sticky tape with hundreds of uses. White tack performs best on non-porous surfaces, e.g. vinyl wallpapers, painted surfaces, glass, plastics, ceramics, metals etc.• 70g per sheet

  • Plastic Safety Wall Mirrors

    page661 page679These mirrors are made from Styrene, a high impact material that is less brittle than acrylic and will withstand a 'direct hit' more readily. Age: birth+.• Lighter than acrylic so are much easier to mount on a wall• All mirrors have rounded edges for safety• Supplied in…

  • Silly Straws Challenge

    Student design and prototype a silly straws holder for Frothy Fruit's travelling drinks stalls. Age: 9+.• 1 teacher guide including• Photocopiable worksheets,• Homework activity and• Assessment tool• 6 student activity books• 100 pipe cleaners• 50 straight straws• 1 roll of foil• 100 index cards• 1…

  • Hook and Loop Pads

    page352 page447Ideal for classroom projects.• Includes 24 pads • Size: 20mm x 20mm

  • Hook and Loop Strip Combi Box

    page352 page447Ideal for school projects.• 6m combi hook and loop strip• Size: 20mm(w) x 6m(l)

  • Sticky Hook & Loop Strips

    page352 page447Sellotape Hook and Loop permanent self adhesive strips. Cut to length and re-usable without loss of grip. • 450mm hook and loop strip• Size: 20mm(w) x 450mm(l)