• Kitchen Scales Compact 500g/5g

    page1669This scale is compact and great for portion controlling.• Weighs up to 500g in 5g increments• Scale fits in bowl for easy storage

  • Salter Mechanical Kitchen Scales Pack

    page1011 page1669• Large digits for easy reading• Clock face style scale• Easy to clean• Large weighing pan with 5kg/11lb capacity• Scale fits inside bowl for neat storage• Dishwasher safe bowl• Pack of 4

  • Salter Electronic Disc Scale

    page964 page1669This slimline scale is a great space saver in the kitchen and features an add and weigh function for measurement of multiple ingredients in the same bowl.• Weigh directly onto platform or weigh with a bowl• Add and weigh function• Aquatronic™ function for…

  • Simple Scales

    page893 page964These simple scales are sturdy and easy to use. The large pans hold 1 litre of fluid. Indicators show when the balance is level/not level. The balance can be completely dismantled for storage. • Complete with product guide• Includes 5 x 5g and 5 x 10g weights • Assembled…

  • Dial Kitchen Scales 1kg/25g

    page1669This scale features a classic design with an easy to read dial.• Maximum Measurement: 1kg graduated in 25g increments• Dishwasher safe weighing bowl• Scale fits in bowl for neat storage

  • Aqua-weigh Mechanical Kitchen Scales

    page1669These scales feature the Aqua-Weigh™ function so you can measure liquids in ml or fl. oz. as well as the usual metric and imperial measurement for solids.• Rotating twin dial for solid/fluid measurement• Aqua-Weigh™ function• Add and weigh function• Large bowl with pour…

  • 1024whdr Electronic Kitchen Scales

    page1669This scale is supplied with a mixing bowl for pouring ingredients and features the Aquatronic™ function for measuring liquids in ml or fl.oz.• 2.5 litre mixing bowl• Easy to read LCD display• Add and weigh function• Aquatronic™ function for measuring liquids in ml…

  • Whdr Mechanical Kitchen Scales

    page892 page964 page1669 This scale has large digits for easy reading and a clock face style.• Weighs up to 5kg in 5g increments• Dishwasher safe weighing bowl• Scale fits inside bowl for neat storage

  • SECA 760 Mechanical Scales

    These scales have a chrome-plated safety ring, a platform of skin-friendly grooved natural rubber, the classic scale dial and robust, precise weighing mechanics.• Reset-to-zero function• Capacity: 150 kg• Graduation weight: 1 kg • Weight: 3.5 kg• Dimensions: 303mm(w) x 470…

  • Catering Test Thermometer

    page1674• Range -10°c to +200°c• 125mm stainless steel probe• Max/min memory

  • Wooden Scales

    page565An extremely strong set of beech wood scales with plastic pans. Age: 4 years+.• 4 plastic weights• Pan size: 175mm(dia.)• Scale size: 400mm(w) x 150mm(h)

  • Rocker Scales

    page893Transparent tubs marked with 100ml graduations. Made in a tough washable material. Sensitive enough for 1g to register a positive movement. Tubs are designed to give accurate readings even when products are placed off centre. • Complete with product guide• 1/2 Litre size: 125mm x…

  • Combined Rocker Scales

    Scale has been designed to enable the teacher and/or the pupil to use either 1/2 litre or 1 litre clear containers all of which have 100ml graduated scales for liquid measurement and bevelled lids for platform weighting. The scales are fitted with a liquid leveller for total accuracy. The scales are…

  • 813 Electronic Scales

    These scales easily hold up to 200 kilograms on their extra wide platform. The tough rubber coating takes the heaviest challenges lightly and the flat construction makes stepping on very easy.• Capacity: 200kg• Graduation Weight: 100g• Weight: 2.9kg• Power supply: Batteries•…

  • 769 Electronic Scales

    Versatile, low-maintenance and site-independent with economic battery operation. With its transport castors, the column scale is also easy to move around. The seca 769 is equipped with several intelligent functions.• Capacity: 200kg• Measuring range: measuring rod 60–200cm• Graduation…

  • seca 761 Medical Scales

    The precision weighing of this mechanical personal scale, with circular dial and stainless steel step-on surface, ensures accurate results.• CE approval class IIII• Graduations: 1kg• Size: 303mm(w) x 470mm(l) x 118mm(h)• Maximum user weight: 150kg (23 stone)• Weight: 3.5kg

  • 1/2 Litre Rocker Scales

    Transparent tubs with marked 100ml graduations. Made in a tough washable material. Sensitive enough for 1g to register a positive movement. Tubs are designed to give accurate readings even when objects are placed off-centre.• Complete with product guide• Size: 125mm x 390mm

  • Wall Thermometer C & F Scales 175mm

    page967 page1492Plastic wall thermometer with clear, black printed scale. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.• °C and °F scales • Spirit filled• Range: -10°C to +50°C• Length: 145mm• Sold singly

  • Suma Scale D5.2 2x5l

    An acidic cleaner for the removal of limescale from kitchen equipment, utensils and dishwashing machines, bain maries, boilers, steamers, tea and coffee urns etc.• Brightens dull metal surfaces by removing oxide film • The combination of inorganic acid and nonionic surfactant assures…

  • Coloured Number Rods Cm Scale

    page881Number Rods offer learners another structured image that can enrich number understanding. The rods are not graduated so that they can be seen to represent different numbers in different situations. The possible values of the rods are seen when they are placed in relation to each other.• …

  • Vertical Fridge & Freezer Thermometer

    page1674White vertical fridge or freezer thermometer with blue temperature scale indicating recommended zones.• Range: -30°C to +40°C • Length: 142mm• Sold singly