Sack Truck

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  • Heavy Duty Sack Truck

    Fully welded construction with a fixed footplate 160mm deep.• Maximum load: 250kg• 250mm diameter pneumatic tyres ideal for uneven or rough terrain.• Weight: 13kg• Toeplate size: 400mm(w) x 300mm(d)• Size: 560mm(w) x 600mm(d) x 1120mm(h)

  • Sack Truck

    Light yet strong folding sack truck ideal for delivering goods in an office or school environment. Choose between a cranked fixed handle or a telescopic handle with 3 positional heights.Telescopic handle option:• Maximum load: 100kg• 150mm rubber plain bearing wheels• Weight:…

  • Telescopic Lightweight Hand Truck

    Lightweight aluminium hand truck with a steel toeplate. Design allows for the truck to be reduced in overall size by means of a telescopic handle and folding footplate.• Maximum load: 90kg• 150mm rubber cushion wheels• Toeplate size: 355mm(w) x 240mm(d)• Size collapsed: 400mm(w)…

  • Pneumatic Tyre Sack Truck

    Concaved frame pneumatic tyre sack truck fitted with a solid toeplate. Durable frame powder coated in red and includes wheel guards.• Delivered semi-assembled• Maximum load: 150kg• 260mm wheels• Toeplate size: 350mm(w) x 200mm(d)• Size: 550mm(w) x 450mm(d) x 1155mm(h)

  • Platform Truck

    A single ended base only trolley suitable for heavy work loads.• Plywood deck• Angled handles designed for manoeuvring trolley• Frame powder coated in blue• Maximum load: 400kg• 200mm rubber wheels• Size: 500mm(w) x 900mm(d) x 900mm(h)• Platform height: 285mm

  • Three Positioned Hand Truck

    Can be used as a conventional hand truck, as a 45 degree barrow, for ease of loading/unloading, as there is less bending and no load bearing on the user, and as a platform truck.• Maximum load: 250kg• 2 x 200mm diameter rubber tyred wheels and 2 x 125mm diameter rubber tyred swivel…

  • P Handled Sack Truck

    A P handled truck designed for one handed operation, when moving lighter/taller loads.• Maximum load: 200kg• Steel concave frame• Pneumatic wheels• Powder coated in red• Toeplate size: 350mm(w) x 220mm(d)• Size: 540mm(w) x 475mm(d) x 1310mm(h)

  • Mesh Sided Platform Truck

    Platform truck with 150mm mesh drop down side panels for ease of loading directly onto a platform. This truck is powder coated in green and has large pneumatic wheels to cope easily with rough terrain.• Capacity: 250kg• Pneumatic wheels 260mm diameter• External size: 515mm(w) x…

  • Mobile Step-a-Truck

    …is simple and easy to convert from a step ladder into a sack truck. • Maximum load: Sack truck - 60kg, Step Unit - 150kg• Complies to EN-131 Standard• 100mm wheels• Size folded: 470mm(w) x 90mm(d) x 1265mm(h)• Sack truck size: 490mm(w) x 450mm(d) x 1190mm(h)• Step unit…

  • NX1001 Laundry Trolley - Small

    This trolley is ideal where space is at a premium. The laundry bags themselves can be removed, incorporating drag handles and a top closure system. • Foldable for easy storage• Capacity: 100 litres• Size: 460mm(w) x 390mm(d) x 960mm(h)

  • Mobile Janitorial Trolley

    A compact, lightweight multi-functional housekeeping unit with robust tyres to offer durability and a sturdy frame and chassis.• Detachable laundry bag• Contents not included• Size: 440mm(w) x 1150mm(d) x 970mm(h)

  • LLM 2100 Laundry Trolley

    This fully lidded, mobile laundry system incorporates 2 x 100 litre linen bags. All linen bags are fully washable with drawstrings at the top. The flexible lid and bag holder design allows the use of 700mm/1100mm poly bag liners within the cloth bags.• 2 x 100 litre linen bags• 4 x 200mm…

  • NKL-15HF Housekeeping Trolley

    Numatic VersaCare NuKeeper NKL15/HF is the perfect option with its hard front doors and sides to hide contents of trolley.• Size: 1110mm(w) x 665mm(d) x 1115mm(h)

  • NKT-22HF Housekeeping Trolley

    Hi-mobility AT chassis, incorporating heavy duty 200mm soft ride castors and all round bump protection with hard front doors to hide contents of the trolley.• Size: 1870mm(w) x 665mm(d) x 1435mm(h)

  • VersaClean Janitorial Trolley

    The VersaClean Mini 1404 janitorial trolley system comes as a standard with a universal lidded waste facility allowing for single 120 litre or twin 70 litre poly bag systems and the unique swing pail design provides added convenience during use. Available to purchase as a fully equipped trolley…

  • Numatic XC1 Compact Janitorial Trolley

    The ideal choice of service trolley where space is at a premium. The universal dual waste system gives the choice of a 120 litre or twin 70 litre waste units, allowing for simple onboard waste separation.• Contents not included• Size: 570mm(w) x 1060mm(d) x 840mm(h)

  • NKS-12HF Housekeeping Trolley

    Specifically designed for environments which are tight on space. With its hard front doors to hide contents of the trolley and 200mm soft ride casters makes it perfect for care homes and health facilities.• Size: 1490mm(w) x 665mm(d) x 1435mm(h)

  • Folding Trolleys

    Flat steel based trolley with an easy folding mechanism and available in a choice of 2 sizes:• Maximum load: 150kg, 470mm(w) x 730mm(d) x 810mm(h); wheels 100mm; weight 14kg • Maximum load: 300kg, 608mm(w) x 907mm(d) x 870mm(h); wheels 120mm; weight 25kg• Non-marking wheels

  • Clever Folding Trolley

    Lightweight durable unit that can be collapsed quickly and easily at the push of a button.• Maximum load: 60kg• Complete with folding box (46 litre)• 2 large platforms• Removable wheels for space saving storage• Approved to European GS Standard• Size extended: 550mm(w)…

  • Multi Position Trolley

    Lightweight aluminium expandable trolley ideal for a multitude of uses.• Maximum load: 100kg• Telescopic handle and an expanding/contracting base• 100mm wheels• Size extended: 430mm(w) x 710mm(d) x 825mm(h)• Size folded: 430mm(w) x 510mm(d) x 235mm(h)

  • Chrome Plated Wire Tray Trolley

    Easily manoeuvrable trolley with adjustable trays with 90mm sides to help contain its contents.• Maximum load: 150kg• Protective bumpers on uprights• 120mm wheels• Size: 915mm(w) x 460mm(d) x 1005mm(h)• Items shown on trolley for illustrations purposes only