• Class Rock Pack

    This rock pack is ideal for whole class activities when learning about and identifying rocks.• Samples of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks• Set of 55 specimens• Includes laminated identification flow chart

  • Rocks Set

    This set of rock samples is ideal for learning about different rock types and their features. Contains: • Oolitic limestone• Chalk• Marble• Gneiss• Andesite• Basalt• Pumice• Coal• Sandstone• Slate• Granite• Garnet gneiss• Gratnells…

  • Rocks Poster

    This poster vividly displays the formation of the three main rock types; igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.• Size: A1 - 594mm(w) x 840mm(h)• Sold singly

  • Multi-Seater Blocks and Rocks

    Inspire children with interactive learning using these realistic printed fibre filled multi-seater blocks and bean bag rocks. These curriculum resources encourage team work and imaginative play, improving physical and social development. The visual teaching aids can spark discussions on nature, the…

  • Complete Rock Collection

    …fascinating rock and fossil collection! Each individual set includes a selection of hand picked specimens, a colour identification chart, labels, storage tray and Activity Guide.Contains five sets:• 9 x Fossils• 12 x Igneous Rocks• 12 x Metamorphic Rocks• 12 x Minerals•…

  • Geosafari® Sedimentary Rock Collection

    …learning with this fascinating sedimentary rocks collection. Includes samples of 12 different sedimentary rocks (Siltstone, Sandstone, Rock Salt, Coal, Limestone, Arkose, Conglomerate, Fossilferous Limestone, Mudstone, Shale, Travertine and Rock Gypsum), full-colour identification chart, labels…

  • Geosafari® Metamorphic Rock Collection

    Children will dig up some exciting learning with this fascinating metamorphic rocks collection. Includes samples of 12 different fossils (Chlorite Schist, Garnet Schist, Mica Schist, Serpentinite, Amphibolite, Dolomitic Marble, Epidosite, Quartzite, Graphite Schist, Marble, Gneiss and Slate),…

  • Introductory Rock Collection

    This collection provides a primary presentation of the basic rock types. Includes five each of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. The kit comes with activity guide and magnifying glass.• Set of 15 specimens• Includes presentation box

  • Complete Rock Collection

    Dig up some exciting learning fun with these fascinating hand picked rock, mineral and fossil collections! Includes fossils, igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks, minerals and sedimentary rocks.Packs include:• Colour identification chart• Labels• Activity guide• Supplied in storage tray

  • Glass Rock Tumblers

    Classic glass rock tumblers great for daily use. • Capacity: 200ml (7oz) • Pack of 12

  • 25kg White Rock Salt

    Our white marine salt is a certified high quality winter de-icer which leaves no messy residue when trodden into vehicles and buildings.• Conforms to BS3247(1991), suitable for use in salt spreaders• Vital for safety • 25kg bag

  • Mod Rock Plaster Impregnated Gauze

    • Plaster impregnated gauze containing a special resin making it more chip-proof whilst maintaining ease of use, speed of setting and capacity for fine detail. • Immerse in tepid water for 3 seconds, squeeze gently, and 'bandage' onto a wire or wood armature. The surface may be smoothed…

  • Red Rock Sand and Water Unit

    Good value, heavy duty plastic play table with strong steel tubular stand. Two castors on the stand allow for ease of movement. Stand folds together for easy storage and has a nylon reinforced plastic shelf, ideal for storing play items. Age: 3 years+.• Tray size: 560mm(w) x 820mm(l) x…

  • 3-in-1 Rocking Boat

    The 3-in-1 rocking boat can be flipped to make steps and a slide and placed on its side to become an open ended play counter top. It is made from durable birch plywood and is finished with a clear lacquer. It is delivered fully assembled. Age: 2 years+.• Size: 1300mm(w) x 550mm(d) x 550mm(h)

  • Little Tikes® Blue Rocking Horse

    This rocker from Little Tikes® allows children to put their bodies in gear and move to the next level of active play. It's a classic that will enable the children to rock forwards and backwards, getting used to rocking motions. Age: 12 months+.• Size: 825mm(l) x 250mm(d) x 437mm(h)

  • Soils Kit

    Set of samples for investigating types of soil, includes peat-loam, sandy, clay and calcareous.• 2kg bags (approx.)• Set of 4

  • Fossils Collection

    This fascinating fossil collection kit features hand picked specimens, identification chart and more!Set contains 9 specimens:• Ammonite• Brachiopod• Bryozoa• Colony Coral• Crinoid Stem• Fossil Fern/Plant Matter• Gastropod• Petrified Wood • Shark's Tooth.

  • Discovering Fossils Poster

    A poster showing examples of types of fossils and looking at fossil collecting. The poster also covers fossil formation and what we can learn from fossils.• Size: A1

  • Geosafari® Minerals Collection

    Children will dig up some exciting learning with this fascinating minerals collection. Includes samples of 12 different minerals (Talc, Limonite, Selenite, Flurite, Sulfur, Calcite, Pyrite, Magnetite, Vermiculite, Hermatite, Quartz and Mica), full-colour identification chart, labels and useful…

  • Giant Balance Top

    • This giant top is made from strong plastic and is ideal for indoor and outdoor play• The top rocks from side to side, spins and can even be used for den making• Age: 3 years+• Size: 440(h) x 800mm(d)

  • Balance Top

    This giant top is made from strong plastic and is ideal for indoor and outdoor play. The top rocks from side to side, spins and can even be used for den making. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 440mm(h) x 800mm(d)• Sold singly