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  • Roamer Recharger

    The Roamer recharger allows for quick recharging of up to 8 rechargeable batteries at once, even a 30 minute charge can keep your Roamer going for a lesson. The high-capacity rechargeable AA batteries provide the best possible performance for the longest time between charges.• Sold singly or as…

  • Infant Roamer

    The Infant Roamer introduces pressing a key for direction and a number to tell the robot how far to move. It also introduces the Logo function of repeat which helps students develop their pattern recognition skills. Age: 5-7 years.• Children should use numbers beyond counting, so the number of…

  • Roamer Complete Set

    This Roamer robot and keypads set is ideal to cover all ages, at a fantastic bundle price.Contains:• Roamer floor robot• Early Years keypad (3-6 years)• Infant keypad (5-7 years)• Primary keypad (7-9 years)• Junior keypad (9 years+)

  • Primary Roamer

    This Roamer is the next structured step in developing the Logo language. Procedures are introduced, as well as programmable input and output lines. Speed, volume and strength are all variable, which means that this little robot is incredibly flexible. Age: 7-9 years. • Introduces procedures,…

  • Junior Roamer

    The Junior Roamer contains full procedure features, the generalised programming of features and full control features as well as an Input and Output on every base platform. The behaviour also supports the programming of servo motors either directly or through relays. Age: 9 years+.• Size:…

  • Roamer Clear Grid Mat

    Place over a map for easy navigation or create your own Roamer environment using pictures or the children's drawings.• 5 x 5 squares• Size: 1000mm x 1000mm

  • Roamer Behaviour CD

    This CD contains the keypad graphics and behaviour of the Early Years, Infant and Primary Roamers. Simply download the behaviour you want into the keypad using the computer interface, place on the appropriate keypad graphic, and your Roamer is changed.• Requires interface (sold separately)

  • Early Years Roamer

    This is the simplest Roamer using a counting paradigm to move and turn, simply press the control buttons for how you want Roamer to move - each button press is one unit of movement. Age: 3-6 years.• Uses counting for key presses• Turns in 90° units and moves in 200mm steps (equivalent…

  • Roamer Computer Interface

    The computer interface is needed for downloading from the computer to the keypad and vice versa to change behaviour and saving programmes etc. • Sold singly

  • Roamer Multi-Activity Mat

    The multi-activity mat has lots of images, numbers, colours and shapes so you can develop a number of activities with this one resource.• Size: 1000mm(w) x 1000mm(l)