Purple Ready Mix Paint

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  • Consortium R/mixed Paint 600ml Purpl

    Ready to use water-based liquid paint. This top grade ready mix paint is rich, vibrant and has a thick texture with good coverage.• 600ml containers

  • Berol Ready Mix Paint

    Ready to use, convenient water based liquid poster paint giving a rich colour and with a texture that makes it pleasant to use. The paint offers a high degree of control and dries to an opaque finish. Available in a Colour Mixing Set and a Brilliant Colours Set. The Colour Mixing Set will help to…

  • Reeves Ready Mix Paint Set

    • Colours: 4 x white, 2 x black, 2 x brilliant blue, 2 x red, 2 x yellow and 1 each of brilliant green, burnt umber, crimson, leaf green, lemon yellow, orange, purple and cyan• Pack of 20 x 500ml bottles• Set of 20

  • Ready Mixed Paint Classpack

    Ready to use, water based liquid poster paint. This top grade poster paint is rich and vibrant in colour. It has a thick texture with good coverage. • Rich colours with a smooth, creamy consistency • Wheat and gluten free • Colours: 4 x white, 3 x yellow, 3 x red, 3 x blue, 2 x black,…

  • eQuality Ready Mixed Paint

    ready mix is a premium paint with higher pigment loading, superior brushability and excellent coverage. Ideal for use in a wide range of activities.• Colours assorted pack: cadmium red hue, ultramarine blue, mid green, warm yellow, titanium white, carbon black, sienna brown and mid purple•

  • The Consortium Washable Ready Mix Paint

    The perfect paint for the youngest of children who like messy play. A range of bright opaque colours specially formulated to wash off skin and most fabrics easily.• Assorted colours: pink, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, turquoise, green, black, brown, white, magenta• 500ml…

  • The Consortium Ready Mixed Paint Assorted Pack

    Thick, highly concentrated liquid paint suitable to use in a wide range of activities. • One each of lemon, yellow, orange, red, crimson, purple, blue, green, leaf green, black, burnt umber and white• 1 litre bottles• Pack of 12

  • The Consortium Ready Mixed Paint Value Pack

    Thick, highly concentrated liquid paint suitable to use in a wide range of activities.• 4 white, 2 each of black, brilliant blue, brilliant red, brilliant yellow; 1 each of brilliant green, lemon, orange, purple, sky blue, leaf green, burnt umber and crimson• 600ml bottles • Pack of…

  • Poster Paste 500ml Tube Purple

    This poster paste is a highly pigmented paste, which dries to give an opaque, matt finish.• 500ml tubs• Sold singly

  • Washable Paint

    …to achieve consistent colour mixing. This is a unique paint, packaged and designed specifically for children in Early Years settings and onward.• Assorted Colours: pink, peach, burnt sienna, yellow, red, green, blue, black, orange, white, turquoise, purple • 300ml bottles• Pack…

  • Scola Artmix Readymix Paint

    Scola ready mixed paint can be used straight from the bottle or diluted for a wash effect. Try adding a PVA medium for a gloss finish or add a fabric medium to make fabric paint.• Assorted colours: black, white, red, orange, burnt sienna, lemon, yellow, leaf green, bright green, turquoise,…