Purple Paint

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  • Consortium R/mix Paint Purple 6x568

    18 popular colours of thick, highly concentrated liquid tempra paint suitable for use in a wide range of activities. Can be used with art mediums and PVA glues to produce textured effects. For colour mixing the manufacturer recommends the primary colours should be sky blue, lemon yellow and crimson.…

  • Consortium R/mixed Paint 600ml Purpl

    Ready to use water-based liquid paint. This top grade ready mix paint is rich, vibrant and has a thick texture with good coverage.• 600ml containers

  • Reeves Ready Mix Paint Set

    • Colours: 4 x white, 2 x black, 2 x brilliant blue, 2 x red, 2 x yellow and 1 each of brilliant green, burnt umber, crimson, leaf green, lemon yellow, orange, purple and cyan• Pack of 20 x 500ml bottles• Set of 20

  • Powder Paint Purple 9kg

    Powder paint is made from top quality pigments finely ground and evenly dispersed to produce brilliance and strength of colour. The powder mixes readily with water to the required creamy consistency.• 9kg tub

  • Consortium Acrylic 500ml Purple

    The Consortium Acrylic paint is a good quality water-based liquid acrylic paint with a creamy consistency that dries to flexible, opaque, silk finish. This liquid acrylic is an excellent all round performer, producing fabulous results and is suitable for students, hobbyists and more experienced…

  • System 3 Original 500ml Purple

    Highly pigmented, free flowing range of acrylic colours suitable for all types of art, craft and design. Can be used with medium for screen printing.• Fully intermixable • 500ml bottles

  • Washable Paint

    …to achieve consistent colour mixing. This is a unique paint, packaged and designed specifically for children in Early Years settings and onward.• Assorted Colours: pink, peach, burnt sienna, yellow, red, green, blue, black, orange, white, turquoise, purple • 300ml bottles• Pack of 12

  • Glitter Paint

    This glitter paint combines vibrant paint colours with high quality bright glitter. It is formulated with a special transparent paint base to enhance every last twinkle of the glitter. Essential for seasonal festivals.• Colours: red, turquoise, green, fairy pink, silver, fairy purple, magenta,…

  • Artform Paint

    A versatile polymer-based paint suitable for a wide range of craft projects. Can be used on virtually any rigid or flexible surface such as wood, stone, glass, plastic and paper. Mix with sand or stones to create interesting textures. Dries to a waterproof, scratch-resistant finish. Apply thickly to…

  • Equality Drawing Ink 600ml Purple Ea

    Water resistant once dry, our high quality drawing inks are a fantastic way of using colour and perfect for both beginners and advanced users. The colours are all fully intermixable, offering a wealth of potential shades. • Assorted pack includes 1 each of Black, White, Green, Red, Blue and…

  • E-series Chr Poly Std 355mm Purple

    …a durable and cost effective seating solution in the most testing environments. Frames are constructed of high quality steel and are painted with leatherette paint for the ultimate durability. Only the highest grade of polypropylene is used in the manufacturing of these shells and is available in…

  • Np Chr Size3 350mm Gy Frm Purple

    …Conforms to BSEN1729 parts 1 & 2• Stackable up to 6 high• Sizes 1 and 2 overall width: 380mm• Sizes 3 and 4 overall width: 330mm• Sizes 5 and 6 overall width: 4460mm• Available with either a black or a speckled grey duraform paint frame• 10 shell colour options

  • Chair 2000 Slvr Flk Frm 260mm Purple

    …British made• Conforms to BSEN 1729 parts 1 and 2• Stackable up to 6 high• Heights 260, 310 and 350mm overall width: 370mm• Heights 380, 430 and 460mm overall width: 465mm• 2 frame colour options: black and speckled grey duraform paint • Available in 10 colour options

  • St Chair Size 6 460mm Purple

    …and 2• Stackable up to 10 high• Heights 260 and 310mm overall width: 360mm• Heights 350 and 380mm overall width: 410mm• Heights 430 and 460mm overall width: 465mm• Oval steel tube legs available in speckled grey duraform paint as standard• Available in 10 colour options

  • Scola Artmix Readymix Paint

    …or diluted for a wash effect. Try adding a PVA medium for a gloss finish or add a fabric medium to make fabric paint.• Assorted colours: black, white, red, orange, burnt sienna, lemon, yellow, leaf green, bright green, turquoise, brilliant blue and purple• 600ml bottles• Pack of 12

  • Ready Mixed Paint Classpack

    …poster paint is rich and vibrant in colour. It has a thick texture with good coverage. • Rich colours with a smooth, creamy consistency • Wheat and gluten free • Colours: 4 x white, 3 x yellow, 3 x red, 3 x blue, 2 x black, 2 x green, 1 x umber, 1 x sky blue, 1 x orange, 1 x purple, 1…

  • Berol Ready Mix Paint

    Ready to use, convenient water based liquid poster paint giving a rich colour and with a texture that makes it pleasant to use. The paint offers a high degree of control and dries to an opaque finish. Available in a Colour Mixing Set and a Brilliant Colours Set. The Colour Mixing Set will help to…

  • Reeves Tempera Powder Paint

    • 1 each of Brilliant Yellow, Brilliant Red, Crimson, Purple, Brilliant Blue, Cyan, Brilliant Green, Leaf Green, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Black and White• 500g bottles• Pack of 12

  • Montana Gold Spray Paint

    Montana GOLD spray paint is a superior quality, high-covering and quick-drying NC-Acrylic lacquer. Provides artists with the perfect tool for creative work. The specially developed low-pressure system guarantees maximum accuracy to meet the highest requirements while giving professional results!…

  • eQuality Ready Mixed Paint

    …premium paint with higher pigment loading, superior brushability and excellent coverage. Ideal for use in a wide range of activities.• Colours assorted pack: cadmium red hue, ultramarine blue, mid green, warm yellow, titanium white, carbon black, sienna brown and mid purple• 500ml bottles

  • Metallic and Pearlescent Acrylic Paint

    Good quality water-based liquid acrylic paint with a creamy consistency.• Metallic pack: 2 each of silver, gold and copper• Pearlescent pack: blue, red, pink, yellow, purple and green• 175ml bottles • Pack of 6