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  • Decanting Pump

    A 30ml hand pump suitable for decanting from most 5 litre containers into smaller bottles. • Sold singly

  • Mitre® Electric Pump

    This super-fast, electric pump is ideal if you have a number of balls to pump up in one go. • Inflates a ball in approximately 30 seconds• Includes a pressure gauge for correct inflation• Safety switch prevents overheating by switching the unit off for 20 minutes• 13amp, 240V…

  • Value Plastic Hand Pump

    Plastic barrelled inflater complete with hose, suitable for use with 2mm and 3mm needles.• Barrel size: 305mm(l)• Sold singly • Needles sold separately

  • Stirrup Pump

    A great value, heavy-duty stirrup pump.• Complete with 3mm needle• Sold singly

  • Value Stirrup Pump

    A great value pump with a fold down foot plate, barrel is made from durable metal.• Needles sold separately• Sold singly

  • Rapid Hand Pump

    Brilliant rapid hand pump, comes with assorted adaptors and flexible tubing.• Sold singly

  • Water Pump Station

    …fantastic water trough complete with its own pump. The water pump is designed specifically for children to independently access the water. A great unit for introducing water flow. Water travels along a flexible tube so children can not only pump into the water tray, but also to containers outside…

  • AquaPlay® Water Pump

    AquaPlay’s water pump allows children to have fun inside or outdoors. It can also be used as a spare part to your Aquaplay canal system. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 290mm(h) x 175mm(l) x 30mm(w)• Sold singly

  • Replacement Hand Pump

    …a trail of disaster from art area to sink, but not if you can take your sink to where it's needed. This neat, compact unit with its hand-operated pump unit and integral 10 litre water supply and waste container, means the mess can be cleaned up on site. Bring the wash room to the child and sticky…

  • Little Tikes Petrol Pump

    …Cozy Coupe™ running low on fuel? Then fill her up with the Cozy Pumper™. Children will love filling up with this friendly-faced fuel pump. Three weatherproof electronic fuel buttons; glugging, beeping horn and engine noises. Comes with hose, pretend nozzle and credit card swipe.…

  • Pump Action Flasks

    These flasks are ideal for keeping liquids hot for many hours.• Stainless steel inner and outer lined airpots• Hygienic and easy to clean with removable cap• Vacuum insulated to ensure great heat retention• Rotary base• Sold singly

  • Water Wall With Pump

    The Water Wall is a great developmental and sensory play resource, challenging analytical thinking and introducing some basic scientific ideas – and of course, it’s a lot of wet, splashy fun! Water is channelled from a tank through a series of adjustable channels, tubes and wheels on a freestanding…

  • Mitre® Double Action Hand Pump

    A great value, compact, double action hand pump.• Supplied with a 2mm needle• Sold singly

  • Outdoor Kitchen with Water Pump

    …play. The table features stainless steel sink (real kitchen sink) allowing children to play with water coming from the water pump that looks like a real water tap. The pump will bring water from a bucket into the sink. The kitchen table is made from solid eucalyptus and is suitable for use outdoors.…

  • Purell 60ml Personal Spray Pump

    Specially formulated with moisturisers to leave hands feeling soft and refreshed.• Alcohol based formula• Conforms to EN1500, EN1040 and EN12054• Yeasticidal according to EN1275• Reel clips onto a pocket or belt• Available in 3 bottle sizes

  • Hand Pump For 5 Litre Container

    Super value for money, anti-bacterial handwash with glycerine to leave hands sanitised and soft. • Choice of two fragrances• Alcohol free• Available in 12 x 400ml (6 with pump and 6 refills) or 5 litres

  • Hand Pump For 5 Litre Container

    …alcohol hand gel which provides basic protection, suitable for everyday environments only.• Effective against bacteria• Contact time 30 seconds • No water required• Not suitable for high risk environments• Pack of 12 x 600ml contains 6 bottles with pump and 6 refills

  • Cutan Foam Hand Sanitiser 400ml Pump

    Alcohol based formula for the rapid disinfection of clean hands. • Conforms to EN1500, EN1275 and EN1276• Kills 99.999% of many common germs in 15 seconds• Foam sanitiser includes added skin conditioners • Added emollients to minimise the drying effects usually associated with…

  • Hand Pump For 5 Litre Container

    Comparable to the leading brand this well priced concentrated disinfectant cleaner is great for use on removing mould, mildew, fungi, dirt and bacteria.• Concentrate• Dilution: General 140, Heavy soiling 110• Contact time: 30 seconds• Kills 99.9 of germs and bacteria•…

  • Hand Pump For 5 Litre Container

    Comparable to the leading brand, this well priced concentrated cleaner is suitable for use on all hard surfaces.• Conforms to BS EN 1276• 1:1 to 5:1 dilution - Heavy-Duty• 50:1 dilution - Light-Duty• Dries quickly leaving a non-greasy finish

  • Hand Pump For 5 Litre Container

    Removes dirt and grime in seconds.• 'No rinse' formula• The 6 pack of 750ml includes 2 trigger heads to reduce environmental impact