Porcelain Pens

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  • Marabu-Porcelain Paint Pens

    …painter, the most beautiful porcelain designs turn out to be a success for geniuses of any age. Age: 6 years+• Dishwasher-safe without oven fixing (maximum 50°C) • Water based, odourless, lightfast• 1-2mm tip painters• Colours: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green and Black• Pack of 5 pens

  • Marabu Porcelain Pens for Kids

    …love these great porcelain painters. They are water-based and odourless and ideal for use by children. The painted porcelain is dishwasher-safe at a maximum temperature of 50°C when baked at 160°C for 30 mins. Age: 3 years+. • Colours: red, yellow, blue, green and black• Pack of 5 pens

  • Table Coaster Set & Pens Pk30

    A set of white porcelain coasters in removable wooden or cork frames to decorate with glass painting and porcelain markers (dry a day and fix borderless in ordinary oven at 160°C for 40 min). Decorated these make a great take home gift. • Includes glass and porcelain markers in 12 assorted…