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  • White Expanded Polystyrene Pack 25

    page993Mixed pack of polyblock (3mm) and model making (4.5mm) foam materials. This product is ideal for modelling by cutting up, painting then gluing the pieces together. Why not build a model house?• White sheets • Suitable for polyprinting• Ozone-friendly• Size: 500mm x…

  • Polystyrene Cups

    page1655White insulated polystyrene cups, suitable for hot or cold drinks.• Expanded polystyrene • Supplied with or without lids• Pack of 1,000

  • Polystyrene Ball

    Suitable for festive decorations, collage work and model making. Can be decorated with a wide range of materials, e.g. paint, markers and glitter. • White • Size: 70mm(dia)• Pack of 10

  • Safeprint Foam Sheets

    page405White expanded polystyrene sheets, a safe alternative to printing with polymer blocks. Impressions can be made in the foam using blunt objects and can also be used in model making. Can be cut, painted and glued.• 3mm thick

  • Plastic Sequin Pins

    page482Ideal for use with our polystyrene spheres. An idea is to use them to pin sequins to a polystyrene ball to make a pretty Christmas tree decoration.• 500 pins approx.

  • Polystyrene Cups

    • Expanded polystyrene • Supplied with lids• Pack of 1000

  • Polystyrene Eggs

    page477Expanded Polystyrene Eggs that can be carved, glued, painted and decorated with a variety of different materials. Also ideal for ink marbling for Easter decorations and a variety of D&T activities.• Mixed pack of 30; 10 of each size 38mm × 28mm, 56mm × 36mm, 78mm × 56mm (sizes may vary…

  • Polystyrene Balls

    page477 page990Suitable for festive decorations, collage work and model making. Can be decorated with a wide range of materials, e.g. paint, markers and glitter.• White• Available in 3 sizes: 35mm and 50mm• Pack of 10

  • Polystyrene Christmas Shapes

    page492Christmas themed polystyrene shapes, approximately 50mm - 90mm. Can be glued or painted - ideal for use as Christmas decorations. • Each pack contains 7 shapes of snowflakes, bells, angels, snowmen, Christmas trees, Santa Claus' and reindeer• Set of 35

  • Polystyrene Balls/eggs Pk 600

    page477A super value pack containing a great assortment of polystyrene balls and eggs suitable for a wide variety of art and craft activities all year round.Contains:• Eggs: 35mm-70pcs / 48mm-30pcs / 57mm-30pcs• Balls: 15mm-200pcs / 20mm-150pcs / 33mm-80pcs / 42mm-40pcs• Pack of 600

  • White Polystyrene Plates

    Perfect for parties and catering events - great value for any occasion. Where numbers are high, these plates are an excellent choice.• Pack of 600

  • 3M Craft Mount Adhesive

    page356Permanent adhesive for use on polystyrene, felt, cork, fabric, wood, paper, card and plastic films.• 400ml can• COSHH: IRRITANT AND FLAMMABLE

  • Festive Compendium

    …Pack of 54 wooden Christmas decorations with golden string• Set of 6 washable Christmas stencils• Set of 4 Christmas foam shapes• Set of 6 double-sided Christmas paint stampers• 10mm x 50mm polystyrene balls• 35 x Polystyrene Christmas Shapes (5 x 7 different shapes)

  • Value Ergo Plus Foot Rest

    page212A fully adjustable ergonomic foot rest that is made from high impact polystyrene, designed to improve posture, comfort and to help ease lower back pain. • Non-slip rubber feet• Sold singly

  • eQuality Glue Sticks

    This premium glue stick is ideal for school and office use. The eQuality glue stick is great for projects working with paper, fabrics, polystyrene and many other collage materials. • Safe and washable• Acid-free and solvent-free• Available in large sticks

  • Marabu Blackboard Paint

    page390Once dry, can be written on with chalk and washed off with water. Suitable for use on wood, MDF, metal, board, canvas, ceramic and polystyrene.• Waterbased• Colour: black• 225ml tub• Sold singly

  • Quilted Bean Cushions

    page1356These Kaleidoscope Cushions will brighten up any room. Made from semi-water-resistant fabric, so could even be used outside during the summer.• Store indoors• Covers can be removed and sponged clean• Filled with fire resistant polystyrene beads• Size: 1000mm(w) x 1000mm(d)

  • Geomirror

    page860Made from polystyrene plastic this is an excellent aid for teaching the basics of geometry including symmetry, line reflections, transformations and congruence. • Designed for either left or right handed students• Size: 150 x 100mm• Sold singly

  • Collage Craft Compendium

    …jewels, beads, coloured and plain matchsticks, coloured craft sticks, pom-poms 25mm dia., wiggly eyes 10mm dia., assorted corrugated shapes, assorted foam shapes, glitter, ribbons, polystyrene shapes, feathers and tissue paper.• Supplied in a 75mm deep Gratnells tray• Contents may vary

  • Wacky Bug Bulk Pack

    page471All you need for your class to create their very own wacky bugs.Pack contains:• 42 polystyrene balls and eggs in assorted sizes, pipe cleaners, sequin waste, pom-poms, barrel beads, goo-goo eyes, buttons, feathers, wool• A3 design leaflet with instructions to make crazy bugs and…

  • Feather Board

    page993Extruded foam polystyrene, sandwiched between white art board top and bottom. This is a very light and very strong thick board for printing display, photographic mounting or strong constructional models.• Ozone-friendly• Size: 360mm(w) x 510mm(d) x 5mm(h)• Pack of 5 sheets