Playing Cards

  • Playing Cards

    These excellent quality cards provide you with a multitude of different games in one box. • Plastic coated

  • Large Graphic Playing Cards

    Even if your residents' sight isn't quite what it used to be, they can still enjoy a good game of Whist, Rummy or any other card game for that matter with these large, easy-to-read playing cards.• Standard size playing cards with large graphics

  • Nosh Card Game

    Be the first to collect your 5-a-day fruit and vegetables in this memory game that includes healthy, every day foods. Age: 4 years+.• 56 playing cards• Rules leaflet• 2-6 players

  • Play -Doh Numbers & Counting

    …feature friendly sea animals that make it fun to discover counting. With activities using these stampers and the double-sided playmats and number cards, you can help reinforce children's sense of number identification, comparing and contrasting, and counting. All of this hands-on exploration can…

  • Digit Playing Cards

    Number cards 0 to 10 with patterned backs.• Size: 58mm x 87mm• 10 sets of 0 to 10 cards

  • Figuro® Mental Maths Card Game

    Self-checking game style ensures children learn and reinforce immediately during play. This fun filled game reinforces a variety of numeracy skills such as number recognition, division and mental recall. Game play is language free.Includes:• 88 game cards• Game cards measure: 100mm(h) x 65mm(w)

  • 0-100 Playing Cards

    This pack of playing cards is numbered from 0-100 and is ideal for number recognition.• Teacher's notes included • Pack of 101 cards

  • Mammoth Playing Cards

    cards face down onto a display board (not included in this pack), 3 rows of four cards, and the first card is turned over. The player then has to guess whether the next card is higher or lower. If they are successful in predicting correctly to the last card on the board they win the game.• Card

  • 0-30 Playing Cards

    Cards numbered 0 to 30• Teacher's notes included• Pack of 31

  • Blank Playing Cards

    Use your imagination to create countless games.• Pack of 200

  • Opposites Cards

    This pack of cards teaches words with opposite meanings and allows children to predict them. Ideal for Year 1 and up.• Can be used with Smart Chute (item code: 240336)• Contains 52 playing cards• Size: 85mm x 55mm

  • Initial Sounds Chute Cards

    Use these cards to teach and consolidate the letters of the alphabet and their initial sounds. There are 2 cards for each sound with a picture on one side and the initial sound on the other. • Can be used with Smart Chute (item code: 240336)• Contains 52 playing cards• Size: 85mm x…

  • Spelling Mnemonic Chute Cards

    …Chute Cards. Each card asks pupils to identify a 3, 4, 5 or 6 letter word formed around highlighted letters within a larger word. This encourages independent learning through self-correction.• Can be used with Smart Chute (item code: 240336)• Contains 52 playing cards• Size: 85mm…

  • Letters and Sounds Chute Cards

    cards reinforce words learnt at Phases 2-5 of Letters and Sounds. A picture and sound buttons are shown on one side with the word and sound buttons on the other. Over 50 cards for use at each Phase. • Can be used with Smart Chute (item code 240336)• Contains 52 playing cards• Size:…

  • Premium TalkTime® Cards

    Record and play back in high audio quality with these fantastic cards. Key features: 60 seconds recording with record locking feature, replaceable batteries and quality dry wipe fascia. Available in three sizes with a magnetic back.• Pack of 10• Available in A4, A5 and A6

  • Story Talk Cards

    …packs include eight double-sided plastic story cards featuring the original illustrations from the book on one side and engaging language activities on the reverse. Ideas include story mapping, role play and personal reflection. These cards are ideal for introducing the story to a group and…

  • Picture Word Recognition Smart Chute Cards

    cards to assist students' recognition of pictures and their associated word. One side of the card has a common object, the reverse side its name. Ideal for Pre-school and for students where English is a second language.• Can be used with Smart Chute (item code: 240336)• Contains 52 playing

  • Things That Go Together Smart Chute Cards

    …these cards to promote students' recognition of the relationship between common objects, e.g: brush - shovel, shoes - socks. Ideal for Pre-school, Reception, Year 1 and English as a second Language students.• Can be used with Smart Chute (item code: 240336)• Contains 52 playing cards•

  • Dinosaur Measure Activity Cards

    …PVC the cards are tough enough to use in an outdoor area. A playful way for children to take their first steps into measurement. Age: 3 years+.Dinosaur Bones:• Set of 16 two of each size: 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 140mm, 160mm, 180mm and 200mmActivity Cards:• Set of 16 Cards measure:…

  • Uno Card Game

    • Easy to play card game is appropriate for 2-10 players of all ages• The cards are bright coloured and easy to play with• Instructions included

  • History Timeline Cards - Romans in Britain

    …your own timeline using the timeline cards and display; then answer a range of topic based questions. This engaging game can be used as a ‘living’ reference display or can be played again and again.• Contents: 11 x A5 Timeline Cards, 18 x A5 Question Cards, Game Instructions and Scorecard and…