Plastic Whistles

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  • Small Plastic Whistle Pk12

    Great value whistles with cork 'pea.'• Available in 2 sizes: small and large• Available in 2 materials: metal and plastic• Sold singly or as a pack of 12

  • Whistles

    • Available in plastic or metal as singles or pack of 12

  • First-Play® Team Building Pack

    …Contains:• 1 x 3 person jump along• 1 x ball balancer• 1 x 4m caterpillar run mat• 1 x 3 person evasion belt• 1 x non-sting netball/volleyball• 2 x 3-legged ties• 1 x stopwatch• 1 x team building activity cards• 1 x plastic whistle• 1 x mesh sack

  • Sports Day Pack

    …Egg 'n' Spoon race set• 4 x Three legged race straps• 4 x Jump sacks Assorted colours• 1 x Pack of 12 Assorted colour pyramid bean bags• 1 x Pack of 50 Assorted colour marker saucers• 2 x Value Stopwatch• 2 x Large plastic whistle• 1 x Value 35l Crystal box and lid

  • Junior Athletics Pack

    …or pentathlons!Contains:• 4 x 178mm plastic hurdles• 4 x 305mm plastic hurdles• 6 x foam discuses• 6 x 900mm foam javelins• 6 x foam shots• 6 x plastic relay batons• 1 x 30m measuring tape• 2 x whistles• 2 x stopwatches• 12 x marker saucers•…

  • Eveque Run PAK

    …(rubber circles)• 20 x 9" cones: red, yellow, green and blue• 1 x coloured plastic relay batons (set of 4)• 8 x hurdles - 500mm and 400mm wide• 1 x hi-stepper• 1 x Eveque whistle and lanyard • 2 x Eveque stopwatch• 1 x orienteering • 1 x pacesetter book•…

  • Music Sensory Tub

    …instruments can be used, not only for exploring the sounds they make, but also for their feel. The items are made from different materials; wood, plastic, metal, fabric, etc. A fantastic set to be used with individuals or within a group. Age: 3 years+.Contains:• Apple, banana and orange…