• Glass Outliners

    • Use direct from tube on glass and acrylic• 20ml tubes• Set of 6 - 2 each of Black, Silver and Gold• Set of 6

  • Glass Paint&peel-off Outliner Lead

    These outliners are a water-based, semi-transparent paint, ideal for smooth, non-porous surfaces, such as windows, mirrors, acetate, plastics, porcelain etc. The outliners can also be peeled off. • Sold singly

  • Silk Outliners 18 X 20ml

    For producing a resistant outline on silk to prevent colours bleeding.• Use directly from the tube • After fixing, clear outliner washes out• All coloured outliners are washable after fixing • 20ml tubes with fine nozzles• Colours: 6 clear, 6 black, 6 gold• Pack of 18

  • Eat Well Plate Poster

    The poster outlines the current UK dietary recommendations and provides tips for getting more fruits, vegetables, and grains. It also suggests ways to eat less meat and fewer high-fat foods.• Laminated• Size: 610mm(w) x 460mm(h)

  • Health Risk Poster Set

    Three detailed and colourful posters outlining the health risks involved in smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise and alcohol abuse.• Size: A1 - 594mm(w) x 840mm(h)• Set of 3

  • CVC Magnetic Word Strips

    Each CVC Magnet is double sided, with an outline on one side and a template on the other to support decoding and visual strategies for learning the spelling patterns of words. Colour coding corresponds with the Smart Phonics Magnetic Letters Sets 1, 2, 3 and Suffixes (360063, 360064, 360065 and…

  • CCVC & CVCC Magnetic Word Strips

    These magnets introduce consonant digraphs to consonants and vowels for spelling and word building. Double sided with both templates and outlines spelling acquisition, the colour coding corresponds with Smart Phonics Magnetic Letters Sets 1, 2, 3 and Suffixes (360063, 360064, 360065 and…

  • All About Me Mirror Boards

    These dual purpose mirrors feature an outline of a face on the wipe clean side and a mirror on the reverse. Children can study their reflection on one side before flipping the board over to draw their facial features. Perfect for promoting self awareness, observation skills and speech and language…

  • Shape Sorting Presents

    …cardboard. Children study the real life photographs on the cards and sort them into the corresponding shaped box. Reverse sides feature the shape outlines for self checking. Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• 90 cards• Activity guide• Set of 6 boxes (circle, square, oblong, oval, triangle…

  • What's Inside Me Apron

    This child-sized apron gives children an inside view of their bodies. Children can match the organs to the outlines on the double-sided apron to learn where each body part belongs. Set includes an apron, an adjustable “brain” headband and 9 soft, stuffed organs that attach with hook and loop…

  • Puzzles Globe

    …globe will bring fun and engaging group and independent learning to any early years setting. Age: 3 years+. • Includes: 360° rotating Globe, 6 continents, 6 continent labels and customisable labels • Features: raised continent outlines for self-checking• Dimensions: 200mm(dia.)

  • Times Table Activity Mat

    …Players spin the spinners and place their markers or follow the activity cards in a range of kinaesthetic learning opportunities. Activity Guide outlines five games with multiple levels of play. Includes:• Activity Guide• Vinyl mat• Two double-sided spinners• 25 game cards• 30 markers• Activity…

  • Aerial Photograph Poster - Our School

    …clear plastic for durability and will be a perfect record of your school. It is also great for work on road safety or local area studies as outlined in the Curriculum.• Size: A0 - 1190mm(w) x 840mm(h)• Please state the postcode that you require your image to centre on when ordering•…

  • Tricky Words Magnetic Word Strips

    …colour coded part represents phonic regularity while the letters in black represent the tricky part of the word. Each strip is double-sided with an outline on one side and a template on the other. This pack covers almost all of the tricky word examples from the Letters and Sounds programme, and two…

  • Prefixes and Suffixes Resource Pack

    …up your own root words. Pupils will learn that when a prefix or suffix is added to a root word, the meaning or the tense changes. Explanatory cards are also provided which outline exactly what prefixes and suffixes do. Suitable for 7-11 year olds and older students with special educational needs.

  • The Complete Spelling Programme

    …strategies to encourage children to become independent spellers and thinkers. At the beginning of the programme these strategies are clearly outlined using flash cards. The types of questioning used include: Clarifying, Literal, Inferential, Visualising, Predictive, Reflective, Summarising …

  • The Consortium Glass Paint - Glascol

    …designed for use on glass, metal, foil, clear plastics and acetate sheets. The Artform paint (code 006145) can be used for the `Lead Effect' outline. Colours are lightfast and fully inter-mixable and can be diluted with water.• Please note - Glascol is NOT water washable • Complies…