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  • Wooden Numbers

    This pack contains 3 each of numbers 0-9 and one each of the mathematical signs. Age: 3 years+.• Number size: 45mm high x 4mm thick• Set of 34 pieces• Pack of 30

  • Counting Caterpillars Number Game

    A fun colour matching game that encourages number recognition and sequencing. Collect 1-10 in this first colour and number game. Teaches number sequencing with friendly caterpillar characters. Age: 3 years+.• 2-4 players• Box Size: 190mm x 140mm x 50mm

  • 0-100 Number Beads

    Brightly coloured beads printed on one side only to enable the teacher to hide a number for the child to identify. Develops fine motor skills, maths and sorting and counting abilities. Age: 3 years+.• 101 beads, 10 x 600mm strings• Beads measure 25mm square

  • Feely Fabric Numbers

    These tactile numbers and letters are made to touch, sort and have fun with. They are ideal to enhance awareness and recognition, to support children’s early steps with numbers, phonics and alphabet activities. For group activities and for simple number or word building games and they are just…

  • Squidgy Sparkles Numbers Set 0-9

    Empower children with early number recognition. Great hands on resource for teaching early counting, number formation and the order of numbers.• Pack of 10• Size: 150mm(h)

  • Mirror Numbers

    Made from tough double sided acrylic mirror and using a clear font, these numbers are perfect to handle, draw around and play with. A tiny hole enables them to be fixed to a display or strung as a mobile. Age: 3 years+.• Contains numbers 0-10• Two sizes available• Set of 14

  • Let's Sew Numbers

    Get number formation all sewn up! Children will love to lace these durable plastic lacing cards numbered 0 to 9. By following the starting arrow they will learn the correct way to form a number and improve their hand/eye co-ordination skills along the way! Age: 3 years+.• Set of 10 cards and 10…

  • Rainbow Numbers and Letters

    Colourful acrylic letters and numbers ideal for use on a light box to make letter and number recognition interesting and exciting. Numbers and letters come with a hole at the top balance point so they can be strung up or pinned to a notice board. Age: 3 years+.• Numbers set of 14• Letters…

  • Number Cones

    These yellow cones have clear red numbers for easy visibility. Can be used as a teaching aid for a number of different number-based activity games. Suitable for outdoor use.• Contains numbers 0-9• Size: 230mm• Set of 10

  • Foam Magnetic Numbers

    Foam magnetic numbers containing 12 complete sets of numbers 0 to 9 in each pack (120 numbers in total) plus Maths symbols +, -, x and =. Age: 3 years+.• Presented in four colours: red, yellow, blue and green• Easy to use and durable• Numbers size approx 32mm x 20mm

  • Lacing Numbers

    …tub of bright, colourful lacing numbers provide a great tool for practising number recognition, patterning and sorting. This also encourages the development of hand/eye co-ordination. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 260 pieces• 10 different colours• Number size: 25mm high• Set of 15…

  • Lacing Numbers

    Practise number recognition, patterning, sorting and more with this colourful lacing set. Children develop their hand-eye coordination as they string along the numbers or letters.Includes:• 260 numbers • 15 coloured laces• Activity Guide• Supplied in storage tub

  • Weaving Numbers

    Woven seagrass numbers with holes for lacing, decorating and hanging. A natural resource for developing number awareness and recognition.• Available in two sizes• Suitable for age 3 years and up• Pack of 10• Standard (20cm) or Giant (40cm)

  • Glitter Numbers

    Add some sparkle, glitter and colour to your number work and numeracy displays with these fabulous glitter numbers!• Size: 70mm approx.• Pack of 250

  • 1-20 Lacing Numbers

    These 1-20 number beads are brightly coloured and will help children to understand the basic principles of numeracy and to recognise and position numbers 1-20. The beads are brightly coloured in yellow, green, red and blue. This set is perfect for reinforcing the early learning goals for counting…

  • Plastic Magnetic Numbers

    Tub containing high quality plastic numbers and maths symbols in assorted colours. Age: 3 years+.• Supplied in a storage tub• Number size: approximately 35mm• Set of 286 pieces

  • Foam Letters & Numbers

    An assorted pack of coloured foam upper and lower case letters and numbers 0-9. A great introduction for literacy and numeracy.• Shapes are approximately 1” thick• Fine foam for excellent water retention• Colours may vary• Pack of 62

  • Numbers And Patterns Kit

    …revolutionary Number Smart Programme.Set contains:• Numeral Flip Stand• Magnetic Place Value Arrows• One to Hundreds Flip Stand• Foam Magnetic Numbers• Laminated Hundreds Board• Large Vinyl Number Tracks• 117 Number Flash Cards• Number Fans• Number

  • Numbers and Bugs Dominoes

    This chunky pack of 28 number bug dominoes is perfect for teaching young children to recognise numerals, count, order, estimate and add. • 100mm(w) x 50mm(d) x 5mm(h)

  • Numbers Crunchers To 20

    This simple to use and yet incredibly versatile set includes 100 large plastic crunchers with sliders to conceal any part of the addition and subtraction calculations to 20. This set does not include number bonds to 10.• Pack of 100 crunchers

  • Numbers Crunchers To 10

    Each cruncher is printed with a calculation and has a plastic slider which can be moved to conceal the result, the first or second part of the sum or even the symbol.• Pack of 100 crunchers